Dive Bomber (Warner Bros.) (1941)

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DEALER CO-OP TIE-UP STILLS No campaign is complete without local dealer tie-ups ... and here are the right stills to plant with town merchants. EVENING GOW N— RONSON LIGHTER, still Alexis Smith 67 VOLUTPE CIGARETTE CASE—still Errol Flynn 376 DAZOR FLOATING LAMP—still DB 146 BELL & HOWELL PROJECTOR—still DB 139 ~~ ke Kok KCL Story Inspires VOLUPTE Cigarette Case & Compact _—— STREET DRESS— still Alexis Smith 69 Volupte promotion features special BY ER-ROLNICK HAT— still Errol Flynn 386 cigarette case with matching compact, used extensively in “Dive Bomber” scenes and carrying picture credit line inside. Window and counter cards are being sent to over 1,000 department and specialty stores. Here’s a ready-made tie-up that will hitch your showing to this widely-advertised product. Can be used as gifts to critics, navy and civic officials, as prizes, etc. For information concerning special prices if used as gifts or prizes and for local dealer names, contact Mr. J. J. Pollock, Volupte, Inc., 347 Fifth Avenue, N. Y. C. * * * * * * * * OR CHEE still Alexis Smith 73 RCA PERSONAL PORTABLE RADIO— ‘ still Errol Flynn RCA 37 a LL U a ign Byer-Rolnick continues its national promotion of Resistol Hats with distribution of the illustrated still, featuring Regis Toomey and large credit for picture, to all its accounts. Here’s SALSBURY MOTOR GLIDE—still Alexis Smith your follow-up to the tremendous Dae ae Resistol campaign launched with “Manpower.” Contact your local Resistol dealer and get your tie-up plans set now. For dealer names, write Mr. Harry Rolnick, Byer-Rol nick, Garland, Texas. DT cnc KPYERRERE 309. , = aS YDIVE BOMBER" PIPE—still Errol Flynn 381 ee Sees RESISTOR “WINGRACK® HAT borhtertemanannnnnnnnnmemeoremmnnen ZIPPO LIGHT ER— (Fred MacMurray) still DB Pub A115 SALSBURY MOTOR GLIDE—( Errol Flynn) still DB 601 FO RE FE 20 nPa obs it ott Miran ON ee ROG te od he Order “Dive Bomber Tie-up ieee BOMBER’ CIGARETTE Stills’’—$1.25 for complete CASE—still DB 52 set of 14, 10c individually— from the Warner Bros. Campaign Plan Editor, 321 West 44th Street, New York City.