Down the Stretch (Warner Bros.) (1936)

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pate a Luploitati 12 STUNTS TO SELL YOUR SHOW Here’s How You Can SPONSOR TOWN'S ‘SOAP BOX DERBY’ Racing film like this brings to mind the annual ‘Soap Box Derby’ held in Cleveland and New York, and we think it might be a good stunt to pull off on this film. Here’s how you might go about it: NEWSPAPER CO-OPERATES First thing you’ll want to do is sound out local newspaper editor about tying-in with you. If he likes stunt, he could go to town with publicity stories, entrance blanks, photo breaks, etc. CONTEST REGULATIONS Most stringent rule should be that ‘Soap Box’ cars must be home-made and that operators cannot be more than thirteen years of age. GETTING CONTESTANTS Kids can be invited to enter via publicity stories, entrance blanks and notices tacked up on bulletin boards, in schools and play centers. MERCHANTS SPONSOR It might be possible to lineup several merchants to sponsor each contestant during the race. Of course, it'll be a floating plug for them and thzy might decide to bally event, as well as show, in windows or prominent spot in stores. And naturally, you’ll think of hitting ’°em up for prizes which can be in nature of clothes, money, etc. CONTEST RUN-OFF Race can be held in large play or school ground. You may be able to induce some of town’s big shots to act as officials. They map out running rules for the event. ACCLAIMING WINNER Winner can be brought to your stage to receive prize with fitting ceremonies, such as newslads and photogs down to get his story and picture. Other contestants might be invited to ceremonies as well as see pic as your guests. SPORT BROADCAST TIE-UP Possibly some important sports event will be broadcast just before your opening. If so, why not try to tie in a few plugs for your film, which should appeal to all sports fans. And don’t overlook the daily sports announcements, which is a natural for your pic plug, if you can swing it. ANIMATION FOR FRONT As a bit of animation for your front, you might be able to lay your hands on some race horse models which could be attached to a revolving drum above box office or under marquee. Powered by small motor, moving horses should attract attention. TICKER RESULTS IN LOBBY Try borrowing ticker with wire service from friendly paper. Place it in your lobby spotting card reading “LATEST RACING RESULTS.” Folks who read ticker tape see plug for film. Station usher nearby to see that machine runs smoothly. This might be elaborated a bit by placing a blackboard above ticker and every few minutes have usher scrawl racing results and then a few lines of picture copy on board, as illustrated. Page Two CO-OP AD DISPLAY a Tip on PATRICIA ELLIS, glamorous star of |: “DOWN THE How to Be STRETCH,” now i i showing at the i STRAND THEATRE :): Permanent-ly favr il . . Glorious hair is the basis of i real charm. Our expert hair stylists will give you a natural looking permanent that will be easy to manage . .. and lovely to iE look at. 315 313 A 3/2 ssvaanccssaceassasscsesoessossarsons Beauty shop manager might want to use this still in his ad. Suggest it to him, and if he goes for it, order still No. P. E. 903—10c from Campaign Plan Editor, 321 West 44th Street, New York City. ADS IN SPORT SECTION Boys who follow the nags should be a ready made audience for this film. Why not slip a few teaser ads into sport pages near the race results? Might also try to induce sports ed to break a good action shot from pic, tying in title in photo’s caption. If okay, plant blow-up in lobby. Benvcecoevececocoecesseoernesesooveoeneoseeoeoent: SCREEN FOR SPORTS ED. = If you want to go to the trouble of inviting prominent gents of the sporting fraternity to special screening of pic, it might result in some favorable comment—’specially if you tip off sports ed to send newshawk down to cover. May even make feature on sports page. TRAILER IN NEWSREEL You might be fortunate enough to have some good racing shots included among your newsreel clips. Why not spot your trailer immediately following scenes of a current race? It may help put the folks in the right mood, if you used a few shots of exciting finishes to well known races as a prelude to flashing of trailer. DISPLAY RACE HORSE PIX Think you can borrow a number of famous race horse pictures? Paper’s morgue should have ’em or you might try a few well known horsemen. Pictures of champion thoroughbreds, revered by the sporting fraternity, displayed with pictures and copy, should appeal to the racing gentry. Posters on this picture lend themselves to cutouts, which, properly mounted and spotted in good locations in the lobby should lend the proper atmosphere. SELL IT TO TRACK FANS If your town should have a race track nearby, don’t overlook plastering the vicinity with paper. Perhaps you could arrange a parade of some of the better known steeds and jockeys through the main spots of the town. And of course your bally brigade marches along fore and aft with placards, banners and even distributing heralds to paradewatchers. PLUG ON PHONE SERVICE If your “in” is strong with places having telephone sports news flashes, they might be willing to plug film between intervals as_ results come to ’em. And since only ones who make use of this service are the sports fans, you have a receptive, ready-made audience waiting to absorb spiel. HORSE GAME IN LOBBY Y \\, Fick es aa DOWN THE STRETCH If you can lay your hands on a race horse game (there are number of types) arrange to have it work without coins in lobby. Local nickel machine operator might lend you one. Placard machine with title copy and station an usher nearby to explain operation. Players with high scores nab ducats. Races can be run off at intervals of one hour just so you keep the ‘Annie Oakley’ list down. A First National Picture @ Country of origin U. S. A. Copyright 1936 Vitag raph, Inc. All rights reserved. Copyright is waived to magazines and newspapers.