Down the Stretch (Warner Bros.) (1936)

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with PATRICIA ELLIS MICKEY ROONEY DENNIS MOORE William BestGordon Hart Gordon Elliott Joseph Crehan Directed by William Cleme A Fiest National Picture Page Four THE KING OF SPORTS! THE SPORT OF KINGS! If ‘The Preakness’ is your weakness, you'll thrill to this heartwarming story You Can Bet Your Bottom DollarER/ @ of an outcast boy and an outlaw horse iNN who rose from nowhere to win the biggest sporting event in the world! Here they come!—inthe greatest racing drama since ‘Broadway Bill’... a story of courage, of loyalty, of heartbreak, of unsurpassed thrills! _ with PATRICIA ELLIS: MICKEY ; ROONEY » DENNIS MOORE William Best-Gordon Hart-Gordon Elliott Joseph Crehan Mary Treen Directed by Wm. Clemens « A First National Picture Warner Bros.” | Trackful of Thoroughbred Thrills, with... BP PATRICIA ELLIS MICKEY ROONEY DENNIS MOORE William Best» Gordon Hart Gordon Elliott» Joseph Crehan* Mary Treen Directed by William Clemens A First National Picture THEATRE 162 Lines Mat No. 205—20c 138 Lines Mat No. 203—20c Ss Two thoroughbreds..a boy and a horse... fighting disgrace to win back the self-respect they value more than any prize! DOWNZ STRETGH Warner Bros.’ Trackful of Thoroughbred Thrills, with PATRICIA ELLIS » MICKEY ROONEY DENNIS MOORE WILLIAM BEST-GORDON HART-GORDON ELLIOTT JOSEPH CREHAN>MARY TREEN Directed by Wm. Clemens A First National Picture Mary Treen 150 Lines Mat No. 208—20c Paes PON ee