Down the Stretch (Warner Bros.) (1936)

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120 Lines Mat No. 204—20c YOU CAN BET YOUR | BOTTOM DOLLAR —IT’S A WINNER! mani DOWN the ’ | ls Warner Bros.’ Trackful of Thoroughbred Thrills, with PATRICIA ELLIS MICKEY ROONEYDENNIS MOORE William Best* Gordon Hart* Gordon Elliott» Joseph Crehane Mary Treen Directed by Wm Clemens A First National Picture 40 Lines Mat No. 107—10c — ‘ THE BIGGEST THRILL SINCE ‘BROADWAY BILL’! h Crehan Mary Elliott JoseP ry Directed by Wm. Clemenr A aa National Picture 27 Lines . Mat No.*109—1 0c HERE THEY COME!.: PATRICIA ELLIS * MICKEY * DENNIS MOORE t Gordon Hart + Géerden oseph Crehan + Mary Trees First National Putere 15 Lines Mat No. 106—10c iN NECK-AND-NECK! hearts breakgallant jockey t with Hoofs beating, ing =§O0 that a : can square his deb i ’ a double-crossing world A boy and a horse... outcasts...ride to glory in the greatest sporting thrill since ‘Broadway Bill’! . . DOWN; STRETCH Warner Bros.’ Trackful of Thoroughbred Thrills, with PATRICIA ELLIS * MICKEY ROONEY « DENNIS MOORE William Best * Gordon Hart « Gordon Elliott * Joseph Crehan * Mary Treen Directed by Wm. Clemens « A First Nat'l Picture THEATRE 110 Lines Mat No. 105—10c 116 Lines Mat No. 104—10c THE TRAILER Copy below should give you an idea of how the Trailer will put this one “in the money.” Next time you’re down at the exchange ask the boys to run it for you. All the World is "Off to the Races." "DOWN THE STRETCH" Brings You the Inside "INFO" On the Sport of Kings ! Tells Why the Best Horse Doesn't Always Win! Why a Certain Jockey Was Barred From the Track! "DOWN THE STRETCH" The Story of a Girl's Faith ina Jockey And a Jockey's Faith in a Horse With Patricia Ellis Mickey Rooney Dennis Moore Willie Best, the Newest Dark Cloud of Comedy "DOWN THE STRETCH" A First National & Vitaphone Picture It's a Winner! Page Five