Down the Stretch (Warner Bros.) (1936)

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; E _ DENNIS MOOR WILLIAM BEST conDON HAR GORDON BELIOTD JOSEPH CRERAR MARY 7 ; ; : O85 CLEWRE : Gk HRT RACIAL INSERT CARD 1-SHEET MIDGET WINDOW CARD WINDOW CARD 6-SHEET @ “SHAKE MR. SHAKESPEARE (Broadway Brevities Series). A riotous burlesque of Shakespeare, well seasoned with music and plenty of comedy. A producer of belly-laughs if there ever was one. (20 minutes—No. 1023) “PORKY THE RAINMAKER”’ (Looney Tunes Series). Quickly becoming cartoonland’s most popular star, Porky is at his best in this one... his cleverest. (7 minutes—No. 1712) “PUNCH AND BEAUTY” (Vitaphone Comedies Series). Another punch-packed Joe Palooka adventure. This knockout comedy is surefire with any type of audience. It’s got everything. (20 minutes—No. 1120) VITAPHONE SHORTS ARE VITAL TO AWELL BALANCED PROGRAM “THE PEARL-OF THE PACIFIC” (Our Own United States Series). The beauty of Hawaii brought to the screen by E. M. Newman in his popular colortone adventures. The best of the series. (7 minutes—N 0. 2301) “AT YOUR SERVICE MADAME” (Merrie Melody Series). All-color cartoon with more than its share of situations sure to produce guffaws and hearty laughs. (7 minutes—No. 1412) “CLYDE LUCAS AND HIS ORCHESTRA” (Melody Master Series). This well known stage and radio band demonstrate their versatility in a group of well chosen hit tunes. (10 minutes—No. 2501) 3-SHEET PRES 6-SHEETS MOS Bcivasaccctanccesattesscecsuaestceeseescreteeteites 75c each each each each each each each each each each each each 25 each 50 each LOO atid | OV Or reiiiescise<sccscccarnspatsaretnanccse 18¢ each HERALDS DIME sto BMD ssicicsdececseeseaecssabeticazecsssesscses $3.00 per M SMe and OVER... scscsccsstestGitccesivesacoseose 2.75 per M LOBBY DISPLAYS VY iE PRO tO Bie cisesccessssaccetssvsssaccasscnteouse Tice a set (8 in set—colored) 22x 28 PROCS cesscss cscascenpectechrevecesceseovas 80c a set (2 in set—colored) Slides .... Reset ied aveto beh oseatas sanosecteteasesed 15c each SEMAS ...ccdecssereteatecctssdaseess .10c each Midget Window Card5b............ccccccccescceees 4c each (These prices apply to the U.S. only) THE GREATEST SLIDE STORY Pat Barrington (Patricia Ellis) and her husband, Cliff (Dennis Moore), are_visiting night court when Snapper Sinclair (Mickey Rooney) is sentenced to the ‘reformatory. Pat recognizes him as the son of a famous jockey who rode for her father but who became involved in a racing scandal. She intercedes with the judge and has the boy committed to her custody to work in their racing stables. Because of his father’s unsavory reputation, no one has confidence in Snapper, especially after he knocks down a jockey who makes disparaging remarks. Snapper believes that ‘‘Faithful,” a horse of fine lineage but mean disposition, is the best racer of the stables. When he hears that the horse is to be sold, he and Noah, a negro stable boy (Willie Best), run him at midnight. Snapper is fired by Tex Reardon (Charles Wilson), the stable manager as a consequence. Pat gives him another chance and Snapper races “Faithful” against “Blue Boy” the stable’s hope for the Derby. ‘‘Blue Boy” is hurt so Pat lets Snapper ride “Faithful” in the Derby. The horse wins. Snapper, his last name changed to “St. Clair’? because of his father’s record, becomes a famous jockey in the year that follows. Celebrating at a night club, Snapper loses at roulette and signs an I.0.U. to the owner, who is in with a syndicate of bookmakers. To framé him at the race the next day, they give Noah tickets on another horse jn the race to deliver to snapper. An official spots the bewildered servant and hales him before the Turf Association, which suspends Snapper. Pat loses confidence in the boy and he goes to England to ride, where he wins a big reputation. Meanwhile Cliff Barrington’s business has failed and the couple have lost the estate and stables. Pat’s Aunt Julia (Virginia Brissac) buys ‘Faithful’ back for them and they come to England to enter him in the Gold Cup to recoup their losses. Snapper is to ride the Marajah’s horse in the big race but because of his devotion to Pat, he goes to Cliff and offers to ride ‘Faithful.’ When he doesn’t hear from her, he is heartbroken and agrees to ride the other horse. Before race time, he sees Pat and finds she wasn’t told of his visit. He sacrifices himself and collides with another horse so ‘Faithful’? can win. Anoher scandal ensues and Snapper, in the hospital recuperating from hi$ injuries, is barred from English tracks. But Pat, who knows that he did it because of his loyalty to her visits him. She believes now that he did nothing crooked in America and asks him to ride for her again in the States when his suspension is finished. When she kisses him goodbye, Snapper is completely happy. Length 6054: ft. Running Time 66 min, THE CAST Snapper Sinclair 2. Mickey Rooney Patricia Barrington __.......--Patrica Ellis Cliff Barrington __.... WOU? tee noe neon _..Dennis Moore nies William Best Judze PAdamsues eon sre ed: Gordon Hart Robert. Doles ee a Gordon Elliott Aunt Julia _ Tex Reardon _— Secretary Burch _. -Virginia Brissac _Charles Wilson ..Joseph Crehan BIOGRAPHIES Mickey Rooney Mickey Rooney, famous boy actor, was born in Brooklyn, New York, and has been on the stage or playing in pictures practically all his life. His parents, Joe Yale and Nell Brown, noted vaudeville team, took him on the stage in arms at the age of eleven. At two years of age he became a permanent member of the team. His edueation is being gained through private Narsetr ae .. Mary Treen Fred Yates __....Edward Keane Col. Carter -Raymond Brown tes CORBET” ware weer ec Andre Beranger 4 Te E Bob Tansill Ben the Bookie .....--..---.---. Frank Faylen Gk i hs Robert Emmett Keane Nic Arnold Roach Sir, Oliver. -._-.. bas tM ey Charles Foy _ Crawford Kent SUI ee net eee eee Jimmy Eagles Official Billing “DOWN THE STRETCH” with 100% Patricia Ellis and Mickey Rooney 75% He has appeared in a large number ofi screen plays, his most famous probably being ‘‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream,”’ in which he played the role of Puck. Other pictures are “Riffraff,”’ “Ah Wilderness,” ‘‘The Healer,” ‘‘County Chairman,” “Death on the Diamond,” “Blind Date,’’ ‘“‘Upper World’’ and “Half a Sinner.” His current production is ‘Down the Stretch,” which comes to the PRODUCTION STAFF Patricia Ellis The daughter of Alexander Leftwich, one of New York’s most noted stage directors and producers, Patricia Ellis, was born in that city in the shadow of the theatre. She has always been on the stage and has appeared in such Broadway productions as ‘‘The Royal Family,” “Once In a Lifetime” and ‘Elizabeth the Queen.”’ Signed to a contract by Warner Bros., Miss Ellis has played important roles in ‘‘Love Begins at Twenty,” “Snowed Under,’ ‘‘Boulder Dam.” Her current picture is “Down the Stretch,’”’ which comes to the................ Dennis Moore Born on his father’s ranch near Ft. Worth, Tex., January 26, 1908, Dennis Moore was educated at the grammar school in that city, in high school at El Paso, Tex., and at Vanderbilt University where he distinguished himself in athletics. His first theatrical work was for the Howard Johnson Stock Company, playing juvenile while thé company was id in Dallas, bey Later he toured the Dennis Moore 15% state in stock. William Best 60% Director —. William Clemens Then he went to Los Angeles where Gordon Hart—Gordon Elliott Story and Screen Play by William Jacobs € Was given a role in “‘Louder Please, Joseph Crehan—Mary Treen 40% Photography by Arthur Todd, A.S.C. at the Belasco Theatre. Later Warner Directed by William Clemens 20% Film Editor Lew Hesse Bros. gave him a film contract and A First National 10% Dialogue Director -..............--------Gus Shy the leading juvenile role opposite Miss Productions Corporation 10% Art Director —..... _...Ted Smith Ellis in his first picture, ‘‘Down the Picture 10% Gowns: ove se ee Milo Anderson Stretch,’”’ which comes to the...............0 ants e' in oe asm