Dr. Socrates (Warner Bros.) (1935)

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EXP LOLTALEON®s Intelligence=-Testing For Five Days Object of contest is to give ten questions daily to test intelligence of contestants. Questions cover every possible phase of general information. Remember that many of the answers are correct at the present writing, but might be different when contest is used, such as time records and record holders for races, etc. Five contest illustrations available in one unit. Order mat No. 301—30c. (ist Day) What You Know May Win Free Theatre Tickets DO YOU KNOW— l. In what country is the Nile River? Who killed Abraham Lincoln? Who wrote “A Midsummer Night’s Dream? How. many home runs did Babe Ruth hit in his record year? What famous Hollywood actress longs to return to her native Sweden? What is the longest day of the year? Who first designed the American Flag? Who was President of the Confederate States? Who discovered the Pacific Ocean? Who is Poet Laureate of England? What do you know? That’s what everyone in Hollywood is asking everyone else, since Paul Muni, Ann Dvorak and others in the cast of ‘‘Dr. Soecrates’’ started a new intelligence test game that has swept the film capitol like a storm. And that’s what the: .i........4....< (newspaper) is asking its readers in this new ‘‘intelligence quiz’? contest which starts today. What you know may win you two tickets to see the screen’s greatest actor Paul Muni, the star of ‘‘Black Fury’? and ‘‘I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang,’’ in his latest and most exciting picture ‘‘Dr. Socrates,’’ at the Wee ie See ee IBRGALECE ON: toceens. Sone During the filming of the picture, Ann Dvorak who has the leading feminine role opposite Muni, handed him a list of 10 questions, giving him two minutes in which to answer them all. ‘“Dr. Socrates’? Muni passed 100 percent. Ann Dvorak also passed perfectly, but that started it. Oday: the: cms (newspaper) presents the questions Muni answered. Each day for five days a list of questions asked on the Hollywood lot will be published. Two contestants who submit the first 50 nearly correct lists of ananswers will win the tickets. Hold the answers until the entire series of five has been published and then rush them to the Dr. Socrates Contest Editor of WB ches cusps (newspaper). (2nd Day) Theatre Tickets Free If You Can Pass Quiz Tests Ann Dvorak is a very erudite young lady. In addition to being one of Hollywood’s most talented film stars, she is really responsible for the new intelligence quiz fad which has swept all over the country from Hollywood. Above are the questions she herself was called upon to answer during the filming of the Warner Bros. picture ‘‘ Dr. Socrates.’’ DG fist sitter geese ss (news DO YOU KNOW— 1. What was the first battle of the Civil War? What football player was known as the “Galloping Ghost’’? Who is Vice President of the U. S.? In what book of Charles Dickens is the character of Uriah Heep? Who led the ‘G-Men’ who got John Dillinger? What was Al Jolson’s first talking picture? What is the first name of Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt? What is Paul Muni’s real name? Has anyone been able to reach the moon by plane or rocket? Who wrote “An Ameriean Tragedy”? paper) readers who send the most nearly correct answers to the entire series of questions—five in all —to the Dr. Socrates Contest EdiSOP GE -UhOsc... caens (newspaper) will each receive two tickets to the Seo ene Theatre where ‘‘ Dr, Socrates’? will open on ...........0.04 Hold the answers until the entire series of five has been published. Then rush them in. SECOND DAY: 1. Bull Run; 2. Red Grange; 3. Garner; 4. David Copperfield; 5. Purvis; Eleanor; 8. Muni Weisenfreud: 9. No; 10. Dreiser. THIRD DAY: 1. Eli Whitney; 2. May, 1927; 3.—4.06.7; 4. Glenn Cunningham; 5. Edward; 6. H20; 7. Empire State; 8. Nathan Hale; 9. Yes; 10. No. (3rd Day) Valuable Prizes For Winners In New Quiz Contest DO YOU KNOW— Who invented the Cotton Gin? When did Lindbergh make his historic nonstop flight to France? What is the world’s record for the mile running race? Who is the record holder? What is the first name of the Prince of Wales? What is the chemical formula for water? What is the tallest building in the world? . What famous patriot said “I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country’? Was John Marshall one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence? Did General Grant fight in the War of 1812? If you know the answers to the questions published above, you stand a very good chance of winning two tickets to the ................ Theatre to see Paul Muni in his latest picture ‘‘Dr. Socrates’’ which opens there om ...............00.48 This is the third of a series of five sets of questions which were asked of Warner Bros. players. The questions shown today are those Paul Muni, the star, asked Barton MacLane, who has become Hollywood’s No. 1 Bad Man. Barton only got 80% correct, but you ought to do better since you can go to the library for anything you don’t know. The prizes will go to the first fifty contestants who send in the most nearly correct lists of replies to all five sets of questions to the Dr. Socrates Contest Editor of UNO SSS eetaelss ANSWERS FIRST DAY: 1. Egypt; 2. Booth; 3. Shakespeare; 4. 60; 5. Garbo; 6. June, 21; 7. Betsy Ross; 8. Jefferson Davis; 9. Balboa; 10. John Masefield. (4th Day) If You Know AIll The Answers You May Win A Prize When you hear some one say of another person that he ‘‘knows all the answers’’ you may be sure a real compliment is being implied. Se ee es (newspaper) readers who know all the answers in the ‘“intelligence quiz’’ contest, of which the 10 questions below were those answered by Helen Lowell will have real rewards. They are going to have one of the most exciting evenings of their lives seeing Paul Muni in ‘‘Dr. DO YOU KNOW— 1. Who was the 37th President of the U. S.? What English author said “Parting is such sweet sorrow’? In what play? . Where will the Olympic games for 1936 be held? Who is the husband of Ann Dvorak? What famous American author recently wrote a book about bull-fighting in Spain? What was the name of the first iron-clad battleship? What General said “War is hell’’? Who was President of the U. S. during the SpanishAmerican War? In what state was Ponce De Leon’s ‘Fountain of Youth’? Socrates,’’ the Warner Bros. picture which opens at the ................ WhentrosOls.ciceicsasccs ON Opesesi..c.csr (newspaper) readers who submit the first 50 most nearly correct replies to the entire series, to the Dr. Socrates Contest Hidator2ottheos-..-cccceas will each receive two tickets. FOURTH DAY: 1. There isn’t one yet; 2. Shakespeare; 3. Romeo and Juliet; 4. Berlin; 5. Leslie Fenton; 6. Hemingway; 7. Merrimac; 8. Sherman; 9. McKinley; 10. Florida. 6. Jazz Singer; 7. of hemlock; FIFTH DAY: 1. Lloyd Bacon; 2. Hoagy Carmiechael; 3. 24; 4. Zangara; 5. 24,889.5; 6. By drinking a cup 7. Henry Adams; 8. Dvorak; 9. Ann Dvorak; 10. Paul Muni. (Last Day) Last Chance To Win Tickets To See ‘Dr. Socrates’ DO YOU KNOW— 1. Who directed the film “42nd Street’? 2. What songwriter “Stardust” ? How old was John Keats when he died? Who attempted to assassinate Pres. Roosevelt and killed Mayor Cermak of Chicago by mistake? Within 500 miles, what is the circumference of the earth at the equator? How did the Greek philosopher Socrates die? Who wrote “The Education of Henry Adams’? Who composed the “New World Symphony’’? Who is the leading lady in the film “Dr. Socrates”? . Who is the star of “Dr. Socrates”? wrote Here’s your last chance, Movie Fans to make your knowledge win you two tickets to the ...........00..... Theatre to see Paul Muni in the Warner Bros. picture, ‘‘Dr. SoCTratess 2! “ON... sais It’s more than a game, however. It’s an intelligence test that shows the players’ knowledge of ordinary things and events. There are no trick questions, which would defeat the purpose of the game. SHG: Renee (newspaper), in adapting these questions to a contest, has taken away the time limit, but will award the prizes to the readers who submit the first 50 most accurate sets of replies to reach the Dr. Socrates Contest PICCOre Of thes. a coe The questions published today were submitted to Hobart Cavanaugh, who missed up on one answer. If you average 90% you’re doing well. If you get ’em all right, you’re marvelous. Out of town contestants also have an opportunity to win, because the date and time shown on the postmark will count. The first thing the judges will consider is the accuracy of the replies; the second factor in making the awards will be time the answers are received by, or mailed to, the paper. The names of the winners and the correct replies will be published on ................ (date). Page Five