Dr. Socrates (Warner Bros.) (1935)

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@EXPLOLIAT HON A NEW SALES Ws DO}, am GO] 0851 NEW SEASON'S PRODUCT FROM WARNER BROS. INVITE POLICE HEADS You probably won’t need a reminder, but just in case: Don’t forget to invite police heads and crime experts to see your show. Their comments will give you additional copy for lobby blow-ups. FOLKS IDENTIFY DR. PIX For a lobby contest, take stills from pix concerning doctors and have patrons identify the films. ‘‘Dr. Moniea,’’ ‘‘Mary Stevens, M. D.,’’ ‘Dr. Soerates’’ and ‘‘Dr. X’’ are a few you might use. Page Siz This full page newspaper ad (illustrated in miniature) has been prepared at the request of a number of exhibitors who have found similar material helpful in the past. Some of them plan to use it as an individual page ad, while others intend to build a co-operative section around it. You can use it either way—besides having reprints made for a herald, and using it for lobby display. Ad size is 15” x 21”. Write or wire Warner Bros. Pictures, Adv. Dept., 321 West 44th Street, New York City, for FREE MATS. MUNI STILL DISPLAY For your lobby, stills of Muni, as ‘Searface’ and as ‘Dr. Socrates,’ could be used as a display. Caption can read ‘‘First as the enemy of the people, Muni is now fighting for the law.’’ SIREN ON YOUR MARQUEE If you go in for noise, why not mount a police siren on your marquee? A blast every 15 minutes or so will make passersby look around — and they’ll be bound to see your front. Tony Williams in Jersey recommends this one. WELCOME “DR. SOCRATES” By staging a big welcome for ‘Dr. Socrates’ in advance of film’s opening, you can get the patrons wondering about the mysterious doctor. Signs at entrances to town, floral decorations in lobby, tack cards on poles and fenees, all with copy welcoming Dr. Socrates to town, will put the name of the film on their lips — don’t you think ? ‘DR. SOCRATES ADVISES’ IS DAIRY CO-OP IDEA For co-ops with dairy stores, copy in window ean read ‘‘Dr. Socrates advises ‘Drink milk for better health’ or for a bakery store tie-up, ‘‘Dr. Socrates says: ‘Bread is your best food. Eat more of it’.’?’ Remember to get your stills and copy in the window, too. CATCH LENE FOR CARDS You ean give out eards in lobby reading: ‘‘ Well or sick, you’ll want to see ‘Dr. Socrates,’ Paul Muni’s latest triumph ete.’’ Maybe you’d even like to use a similar line for your heralds. RADIO TALK ON CRIME PLUGS ‘DR. SOCRATES’ With a little ingenuity, you can write up a short radio talk that’ll sound like the real MeCoy, yet will contain plenty of plugs for film. Stunt is to have man (supposedly a crime expert) speak on local crime conditions. For example, he could say that town needs vigilantes, who helped stamp out crime in the picture. And he could refer to co-operation between G-Men and police, saying that the combination was too much for the erooks in ‘Dr. Socrates’ and would be too much for the eriminals in town. RADIO ANNOUNCEMENTS en ee ae ey 1-MINUTE PLUG ANNOUNCER: And now we present a dramatic playlet, ‘‘A Gangster’s Last Stand.’’ The first scene takes place in a gangster’s hideout. (Music breaks in loudly and then softens) DUKE: How do you feel, Butch? BUTCH: (as if in pain) Gee, Duke, I can’t stand this pain much longer. If you don’t get a doce to cut this lead out of me, I[’ll croak. DUKE: But we can’t go to a doctor. The ‘GMen’ would spot us sure, and then where would we be? If we only had a doctor we could trust. BUTCH: I’ve got it. Let’s get Dr. Socrates. DUKE: Naw, we can’t get him. He’s busy at the Strand Theatre all this week. (Announcer breaks in with) And if you’d like to see a terrific drama of gangsters and gang doctors, don’t miss ‘‘Dr. Socrates’’ the Warner Bros. film starring Paul Muni, with Ann Dvorak, Barton MacLane, Robert Barrat, and an all-star Goat; Te at eg i. Theatre all this week. la4-MINUTE PLUG ANNOUNCER: Ladies and Gentlemen. At this time we bring you the news of the month about the picture of the month. Paul Muni is coming to the Strand Theatre tomorrow in the finest picture he has ever made, ‘‘Dr. Socrates.’’ This Warner Bros. smash front page hit is another ‘first picture of its kind,’ telling the inside story of gang doctors and their struggle against crime. Don’t miss Paul Muni, supported by Ann Dvorak, Barton MacLane and a east of 8 other stars in ‘‘Dr. Socrates,’’ at the Strand Theatre tomorrow. FREE RADIO SKETCH Twelve minutes of the dramatic action of film plus three minutes at beginning and end for picture plug. If you can use it, just write Campaign Plan Editor, 321 West 44th Street, N. Y. C., and we'll shoot back a mimegraphed copy for every member of the cast, by return mail.