Dr. Socrates (Warner Bros.) (1935)

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2.4: D VCEER PbS eee MUNI AS THE MEDICAL OUTCAST WHO PUT CRIME ON THE OPERATING TABLE A Warner Bros. Picture with ANN DVORA K BARTON MacLANE THEATRE 174 Lines Mat No. 208—20c Bit . The Story of the Medical Outcast _ who put Gangdom on the Operating Table! PAUL MIWINIT Zocraves A Warner Bros. Picture with ANN DVORAK © BARTON Mac’ NE 28 Lines Mat No. 106—10c MUNI as the : arner Bros. Picture AW with ANN DVORAK ¢ BARTON MacLANE MUNI .; tn. S.", Ap Linet ® Mer NOEL 11100 “Scarface” of Medicine! r. vocrates A Warner Bros. Picture with ANN DVORAK..° BARTON MacLANE 15 Lines Mat No. 109—10c Page Twelve “Scarface” of Medicine! Bm) S r. vocrates {re Maer: : CATCHLINES He Fought the Law’s Enemies to a Finish! ne re oe Armed With a Doctor’s Kit He Fought a Thousand Killers! *K *" *f Muni as the Medical Outcast Who Put Crime on the Operating Table! * ok o Muni as the “Scarface”’ of Medicine! oe ok ok With the Deadliest Weapons Known to Science He Fought a Thousand Killers! Xe ok oe One Man’s Skill Against the Might of a Thousand in the Most Amazing Duel Ever Fought! -...eMUNI AS | THE “SCARFACE OF MEDICINE Terrific in his unforgettable characterization of the outcast doctor who fought gangdom with the deadliest weapons known to science! PAUL ANN DVORAK BARTON MacLANE THEATRE 234 Lines Mat No. 214—20c