Dr. Socrates (Warner Bros.) (1935)

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PU TBO Ca T Y e Paul Muni Booked For The Strand In “Dr. Socrates” “Dr. Socrates,’ the Warner Bros. production in which Paul IME Dial yall yori Er UG) Goes -otonneeiate Cat Remco ee eercecenic dss setter: , 1s heralded.as one of the most powerful dramas in which that star has appeared on the screen. The picture is based on the popular novel by W. R. Burnett, author of “Little Caesar,” and carries not only the dramatic punch of the latter play, but an engrossing romance in,which a great surgeon succumbs" té“the: charms of a little hitch-hiking girl. Muni, in the role of a once famous physician whose nerves . have been shattered by the death of his fiancee, tries to bury himself in a small town. In this he is successful until one night a notorious bank bandit forces him at,the point of his revolver to dress a wound he had received in a battle with police. The bandit and his band terrorize the surrounding territory, rob the bank and’ shoot up the town. Among those injured is a girl who had leaped from the bandit’s car. Muni, who has been dubbed Dr. Socrates by a_ blustering country doctor, a part played by Robert Barrat, dresses the girl’s wounds and takes her.to his home. That same night Dr. Socrates is again held up and taken to the robber hide-out to dress wounds. He recognizes the place, ealls for government agents, and by a ruse throws the bandits off their guard, so that the secret service men and their posse are able to capture the stronghold without blowing it up and killing the kidnaped girl. Ann Dvorak plays the part of the little hitch-hiker with whom Muni falls in love. This is the first time Miss Dvorak has played with Muni since she made her first hit with him in “Scarface.” Barton MacLane, now acclaimed as the screen’s No. 1 bad man, is the ruthless killer who heads the bandits. Henry O’Neill is a government agent while others in the cast include Hobart Cavanaugh, Helen Lowell, Mayo Methot, Grace Stafford, Raymond Brown and Olin Howland. William Dieterle directed the picture from the screen play by Robert Lord. Scores Again Ann Dvorak was a hoofer with Rudy Vallee. in ‘‘Sweet Music’? ; a gangster’s moll with James Cag ney in ‘*G-Men’’; queen with Joe E. Brown in “*Bright Lights.’’ Now she’s a hitch hiker with Paul Muni in ‘Dr. Socrates “atthe see as Theatre. Mat No. 102—10c a_ burlesque Paul Muni Opens In “Dr. Socrates” At Strand Today Paul Muni will be seen on the SCTCCNEOLe thie mrt teen te Theatre today in his latest starring vehicle, “Dr. Socrates,” in what is said to be one of the most dramatic roles of his career. The picture which combines thrilling adventure and a glowing romance, is based on the best selling novel by W. R. Burnett, author of “Little Caesar.” The plot centers about Muni, portraying. a country doctor, once a great surgeon of the city, who has lést*shis nerve through the ~ death on*.the operating table of his fianceesA shattered,-nerveus wreck, “ironically dubbed Dr. Socrates, by a blustering, small town competing physician, he has little success until a band of bank bandits and killers terrorize the neighborhood. Kidnaped by the bandits and taken to their hide-out to dress the wounds of those shot in battles with police, he recognizes the place, and is instrumental in leading to their capture by placing the government agents on their trail. » Ann Dvorak plays opposite Muni as.a little,. innocent hitch...’ hiker the.bandits have captured,” °” and with whom Muni falls in love. Barton MacLane is the ruthless head of the bandit gang, while others in the cast include Robert Barrat, John Eldredge, Hobart Cavanaugh, Helen Lowell, Mayo Methot, Henry O’Neill and Grace Stafford. Mary C. McCall, Jr. wrote the adaptation while William Dieterle directed the picture from the screen play by Robert Lord. Muni Incite On Variety Of Roles In His Film Work Variety not only is the spice of life but also the backbone of art. This is Paul Muni’s creed as a man and an actor. “In my opinion, the greatest artist and genius of all times was Leonardo da Vinci because of his versatility,” he said. “He excelled in painting, sculpture, science, invention, engraving and anything else he attempted.” “Being only an actor and not a genius, I have to get my variety from a succession of entirely different characterizations.” His role of a small town doctor in “Dr. Socrates,’ the Warner Bros. picture now showing at the wasp) amemeassns Theatre, contrasts effectively with those he played previously. These included the ignorant coal miner of “Black Fury,” the ambitious and powerful Mexican of “Bordertown,” the newspaper reporter of “Hi Nellie,’ the young pioneer and old man of “The World Changes,” the hunted prisoner of “I Am a Fugitive,” and the arrogant gangster of “Scarface.” “Only by constant change such as this can you get the opportunity to study different personalities,” he explains. “I believe that a succession of carbon copy roles can stifle whatever artistic ability an actor’s performance contains.” -" Dr. Socrates’ isa. thrilling drama based on the novel by W. R. Burnett, author of “Little Caesar” and adapted by Mary C. MeCall, Jr. Ann Dvorak plays opposite Muni while others in the cast in-* clude Barton Barrat, John Cavanaugh, Helen Henry O’Neill. William Dieterle directed the picture from the sereen play by Robert Lord. MacLane, Robert Lowelland characterization of the Eldredge, Hobart. ~ Scarface Of Medicine Paul Muni, the ‘‘Scarface’’ of Ga ““Black Fury,’’ will come to the .:7:: ngland, who turned coal miner in Gee an er se TERCOUING, Ooi tet So ccasei oe ? in what is declared to be his most exciting role—that of a nerve-broken doctor who recovers his courage and routs an entire nest of desperadoes with the weapons of science. The picture, ‘‘Dr. Socrates,’’ was written by W. R. Burnett, author of ‘‘ Little Caesar.’’ Mat No. 204—20c¢ (Prepared Review) Paul Muni Has Another Smash Hit In ‘Dr. Socrates’ Huge Strand Audience Thrilled By Star’s Work In Powerful Role Paul Muni wove a spell about audiences at the theatre yesterday through the sheer power of his personality and his almost uncanny sense of projecting himself into the character he is portraying. Muni has the title role in the Warner Bros. production, ‘*Dr. Soerates,”’ a picture replete with thrills and excitement. There are daylight raids by ruthless bank robbers and killers, their battles with the police and their ultimate capture by govern ment agents after a fierce fight in the bandit stronghold. But the picture is far more than melodrama. The exciting episodes form the background for a remarkable character study and a most unusual romance. “*Dr. Socrates’? is the colorful: story of a famous surgeon whose nerve has been broken through the loss of his fiancee who dies: an operation he himself has performed. He buries himself in a small town, a failure, with all hope lost, not even caring to live.” His redemption comes through the love of an innocent young girl, whom le rescues from the bandit: gang that has kidnaped her, facing death alone in their ~ stronghold, after informing secret service men of their hide-out. Paul Muni, in this picture, is Dr. Socrates; dubbed so ironically by a sneering, bumptious small down competitive physician. Gone is the miner of ‘‘Black Fury.’’ There is no trace of the Mexican bravado of ‘‘Bordertown.’’ Muni throws himself into . his broken physician with all the utter abandon of self that has made him one of the screen’s greatest actors. Ann Dvorak, who plays opposite Muni, also has a_ splendid role, that of an innocent hitch-hiking girl, whom the bandit chief ~has marked as his own. Again she gives a superb performance, as she did in her first success, in which she died standing, riddled by bullets, by her crook lover, Muni, in ““Searface.’’ ; ' Inthe tense scene in the bandit: hide-out, surrounded by killers, with‘ the robber chief pawing over her, she rises to new heights in sereen artistry. Barton MacLane, who has been doing such brilliant work in pietures, wins for himself the title of Public Enemy No. 1 of the screen in his role as the bandit chief in ‘‘Dr. Socrates.?? Robert Barrat is splendid as the bumptious country doctor and political boss of the village, as is also Henry O’Neill, as the head of the government operatives. Others in the east who do noteworthy work include John Eldredge, Hobart Cavanaugh, Helen Lowell, Mayo Methot and Raymond Brown. William Dieterle, who directed, has made .a thrilling and exciting picture, into which an unusual romance is blended. The story is by W. R. Burnett, author of ‘‘Little Caesar,’’ and adapted by Mary C. McCall, Jr. The sereen play is by Robert Lord. Paul Muni Takes Hospital Lessons For Role In Film Injured patients at the Van Nuys emergency hospital were puzzled. As they were treated for their injuries, they saw a darkhaired young doctor with a closely clipped moustache stand ing around doing nothing. All the working, but this one didn’t raise other doctors were a hand. He just stood very close to the patient and observed the technique of dressing wounds. “Who’s that?” a woman wanted to know. “He’s new here,” a nurse laughed. “We're trying him out.” The “new” doctor was Paul Muni, star of the Warner Bros. production, “Dr. Socrates” which COMICS. CO GWOM Eee kere dees. TheaTRO u ON eetenahe stthan', pieces. He plays the part of a surgeon and in one scene he dresses a wound in Ann Dvorak’s shoulder. So Muni took a day’s course at the emergency hospital bandaging wounds. The picture, written by W. R. Burnett, author of “Little Caesar” is crammed full of exciting episodes and thrilling situations. In the cast besides Muni and Miss Dvorak are Barton MacLane, Robert Barrat, John Eldredge, Hobart Cavanaugh, Helen Lowell and Henry O’Neill. William Dieterle directed the picture from the sereen play by Robert Lord. The adaptation is by Mary C. McCall, Jr. MacLane’s Black Widow Cleans Up Deadly Spiders Cock fights, bull fights and dog fights hold no interest for Barton MacLane, Hollywood’s new “Public Enemy No. 1.” Yet this same Warner Bros. actor wouldn’t miss a black widow spider fight for any money. In fact he sponsored a spider fighting contest during the produetion of the Warner Bros. picture, “Dr. Socrates,” which comes to HGF eae eer eens Theatre on MacLane’s “protege” is “Murdering Minnie,’ a female black widow spider he captured in his garage. fe Se ‘Impressed ‘with the’ spunk of “Murdering Minnie,” MacLane, a “killer” in:“Dr. Socrates” took the spider over to:the T.-C. Gibson store in Encino, Calif., and announced that “Murdering Min: nie” would meet all comers. “Murdering Minnie” met and defeated 14 other black widows. “Dr. Socrates” is a powerful drama starring Paul Muni. BARTON MAC LANE with PAUL MUNI in ““Dr. Socrates’’ at the Strand Mat No. 105 106 Dvorak Ann Muni while others in the cast include MacLane, Robert Barrat, plays opposite John Eldredge, Hobart Cavanaugh, Helen Lowell, Mayo Methot and Henry O’Neill. The story is by W. R. Burnett, author of “Little Caesar” with adaptation by Mary C. McCall, Jr. William Dieterle directed the picture from the screen play by Robert Lord. Page Thirteen