Dr. Socrates (Warner Bros.) (1935)

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MISCELLANEOUS ACCESSORIES e Step Up=-—And Into The Dealer Windows! TRIGAL STORE se suisewahv Susan ianinnns's smamnnnrannnanannccoaveoydecscessenswescnseenss? REFRIGERATOR OV. PUB.AI3 Weaicanrnnnrndnis sulcav stds bv su uaa adanmmuamanrerveveyewenladeey gueeteosewasannnnredevevbotterenvopedenecee soe __MEN’S SHOP BURGEE WALL BANNER Sunfast and weather proof material is used. Eyelets for hooking to buildings. 9’ by 12’—$12.50; 9’ by 15’—$15. ART FLAG, Ine. colored duck. _ LIPSTICK & COMPACT DV.844 Planned for lobby and under marquee use. In two sizes on 2B BY SOEs, See BAL BM Ob igh 449 West 42nd Street, New York City Specially posed stills of the players — 12 in all — carefully selected to make window and ad tie-ups easy. Entire lot for $1, or 10c each if ordered separately. Stills can NOT be used for merchandise endorsements in ads or window displays. Order by still number from Campaign Plan Editor, 321 West 44th St., New York City. a AA cn CIGA LOBBY BANNER Made of velour in two colors. Will add c: flash to your lobby display. Size 54” by 81”, BG |1CE GREAM PARLOR ARN RYORAK ‘Banton RastaARe ROVERT VARBAT HELEN AGWELL A REARS BROS. VeETWOX TIRE COVER Made of durable cardboard with rubberoid slip cover. Prices: Singly —4Sc each; 10. to 49—40c each; 50 or over—35c each. Add $2.50 for imprinting to orders of less than 100. Over 100 imprinting free. Oe sa Muni th SCANTES m7 BUMPER STRIP Designed to fit any’ bumper. Prices: Singly—18c each; 10 to 49—17c each; 50 or over 15c each. Order direct from: CLUFF FABRIC PRODUCTS 229 West 64th St. | New York City Price $6. Page Nineteen