Dr. Socrates (Warner Bros.) (1935)

Record Details:

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eA CC t5 5 OR LES “Sy ‘BUDDY THE G@ MAN’ (Looney Tune Series). Cartoon fun witheBuddy min’ ¢-—F“irlesque of G-Men:" films. (7 minutes—No. 9710) ‘CURIOUS INDUSTRIES’ (Our United States Series). Pictorial review of unusual industries in America edited by E. M. Newman with commentary by Harry Von Zell, famous. radio announcer. (10. minutes—WNo. 1901) PHIL SPITALNY ORCHESTRA (Melody Master Series). Famous maestro and’ his syncopating girls show what they can do. (9 minutes—No. 1501) oeISOR Races 260% & SSH GRATIS . * 1-SHEET, WINDOW CARD, MIDGET WINDOW _.CARD 1 SAATS THE DEADLIEST WEADONS © MeO, DY SORRTE HE BRENT RE GUS OF 6ANBBGM ? For Vitaphone Shorts Dr. Socrates Advises ... as many as you need of the following selected subjects. 24-SHEET DESCRIPTION: Muni head in full color on white. background. Illustration in background is dark blue. ‘Paul Muni’ letters are orange with purple outline. Title is dark red with black shadows. SHEMP HOWARD and ROSCOE. 4XES-—nw ON THE” WACON {Big —Y— Comedy Series). Two ace comics dis play their side-splitting an tics. (19 minutes—No. 9220) RADIO RAMBLERS in ‘NUTVILLE’ (Pepper Pot Series). Well-known performers sing and mimic in ‘one reel of nonsense. (10 minutes—No. 1803) ‘DOORMAN’S OPERA’ (Broadway Brevity Series). Two. reel comedy with accent on laughs. (10 minutes—No. 1020) 3-SHEET PRICES 1-SHEETS We hOn ASes See. | Or ene ae . ...15¢ each ONE Givin ied fee kB bel se .13¢° each 1GUand over a0 i! oes abe ok lle each 3SHEETS MAD Aare kt, att 5 a tates ata 40c each 20 ONGRB VOR 85. ee ae 36c¢ each 6-SHEETS MOS eee ae A cna at See 75¢c each FOSS 19 ee ce nas oe Oats. 3 70c each 20nd OVER gs oS oe on ene 65c each 24-SHEETS Wit a et cic bee en $2.00 each COON COMBE rs 2 GANG sc eae 1.75 each WINDOW CARDS PROT AG eo Byte Ae sk puerta panto 7c each SO tO) OO car ee ey 6 ig De ee 6c each 100 and: Over: G2. ns Sic eae v2 os 5\/ec each INSERT CARDS Dts. 5, anes tae te ee ne ee 25¢ each VAS (oer |: Meee ah eae Sect se Oia eRe 22¢ each SOMO SS ke es Ree 7 ican 8 20c. each 1UG ‘dnd over a. Foor eae SSSR 18c each HERALDS LOU a Mie ie. Mort nes SIS RG as Ba $3.00 per M OM Girth: Over si. Pie Feo eRe 2.75 per M LOBBY DISPLAYS Tlisx, D4 Photog: icc oes Fe 75c a set (8 in set—colored) Oe 5.20. PUGLOR, oe ete ee. 80c a set (2 in set—colored) SHa68 863g ee Oe 15¢ each SHE oie irs Soe ee te .10c each Midget Window Cards ............... 4c each (These prices apply to the U. S. only) PRINTED IN U.S: A.