Earthworm Tractors (Warner Bros.) (1930)

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THE CATERPILLAR TRACTOR C0........ this picture with a giant promotion set-up that can’t miss! A complete eS r @s & = 60 o ft e | r Ow n qi S bes : Shoring the honors with Joe &. Brawn in his newest, fu sf picture, “Earthworm Tractors,“ are the rugged Ntaterpiliar”’ Diesel Tractors that : ae title rote. Alwoys o stor performer on all kinds of tractor jobs, OQ € €& rn se n t to Gi : { a && Gi : ee rs § U Pp oa : : “Corerpillar!! Biese! Tractors today are first chotce in the xonstraction, 7 Ee : se : legging. oll, end mony ‘othor industries, becavse they stor in conting costs, conquering tough jobs, getting werk done quicker, better end Pp lyi n g thy ge iT with * era i ds without oe | Fererpitier Tractor Co., Peoria, tHlinois, U. $. A. posters, co-op ads, stories a | and wads of other __jewitht REDS rn ence A stunts plugging this QU " aro sae show. It’s one of those once-a-year breaks-so see your Cater pillar Tract FULL will appear in The Saturtoday! day Evening Post on July 28th. Which means that more tharr10,000,000 readers will see a swell plug for your show. \ AWARE ANOS, PRODUCTION FROM TH SATURN vas POST fy ite ) e MOVING Houses). Ae Sots, WHAM AZT SON STA NG ALSO y | * NEWSPAPER-SIZE Wana | 0 pata ils HERALD is a four page rotoWi Tae Works Ceca act | gravure, intended mainly for _ | dealer distribution. It is packed with scenes from film and copy plugging show, and leaves room on the back for dealer and theatre imprint. Yours FREE in limited quantities. & POSTER measures 28” x 42” and. is printed in two brilliant colors. Just the thing sug an ee for those dealer window tie-ups or for lobby use. He ] 3 4 IGLOR POSTE And they’re FREE in limited quantities to exhibitors. nS } DEALER ADS give film plenty of plugging. And while you’re persuading him to use ’em, remind him that the Earthworm Tractor Co. pays ' the cost of his ads. @ PUBLICITY STORIES are also being sent out to all dealers. With stills of Brown and copy about film, it'll be worth your while to help local dealer plant ’em by using your newspaper contacts. For any of the merchandise offered above, and a for additional information about tie-up, write: Sees)” Mr. G. M. WALKER, Jo CATERPILLAR TRACTOR CO., PEORIA, IL