Earthworm Tractors (Warner Bros.) (1930)

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EARTHWORM TRACTORS EXPLOITATION TRACTORS FOR BIG BALLYING If you like to bally with BIG things, these tractor ideas may be right up your alley. Since the film's theme centers about tractors, what should be more natural than to use ‘em to tell folks you're playing the show. Ideas are yours for the reading—and it won't cost a small fortune to put them into practice. That is, if you can promote the tractor. Here’s How To Go About BALLYING WITH A BIG TRACTOR RACE For a novel idea on this angle, why not have a tractor race? With a little co-operation it could be one of the highlights of your campaign. Below you'll find a play-by-play description of how to go about it: PLANNING THE RACE Set the race for a day when you'll be sure of a big audience, and at a place as near where crowds are likely to collect as possible. See if you can promote prizes for winner, with ducats to runners up. REMEMBER THE PAPER Don't forget your newspaper on this one. If editor agrees that idea is novel, he might get behind you with all the publicity you could want. Of course he illustrates stories with comic scene cuts of Brown driving tractor. USHERS AS BOOKIES Have ushers from your theatre on hand at the time of the race to set up a betting exchange. Folks figure out the order entrants will finish in, with you offering ducats to those who guess right. | INVITE BIG SHOTS DOWN Don't forget the dignitaries who should be on hand to start it off and spectate. Perhaps your mayor will string along with your stunt and give it some authentic class. SLIDE PLUGS _IN THEATRE A slide on your screen to plug the race. Or if you feel like spending a little dough —order yourself a series outlining all the things you plan to do. MISSING TRACTOR CASE JOE YELLS ON TRACTOR If your bally tractor, which is parked in front of theatre, should disappear, do you think newspaper would give you a break on the freak story angle? TRACTOR PARKING SPACE Just for a gag, have your artist make up a sign advertising ‘Free Parking Space For Tractors''. Follow this up with appropriate copy plugging your picture. _DEMONSTRATE TRACTOR _ Plaster your tractor with plenty of copy and parade it around town with the guy in the driver's seat emitting the famous Brown yell. TEACH FOLKS TO DRIVE Tractor distributor might be willing to put his tractor to use in an empty lot showing interested folks how to drive tractor. If you can swing it... get hizzoner and other big shots to take free driving lessons. This should bring out the newshawks and photogs, which should net some good publicity for you and the political lads—with elections at hand. Another gag might be the one where you set up photog When your driver gets tired of running around in tractor, park it in front of theatre. Keep a demonstrator at hand and let him show curious patrons how machine works. rapher to snap those willing to climb up on driver's seat. Photos are handed to posers gratis, with co-operating photographer getting credit for his trouble. CRUISING TAXI TRACTOR HOP ON FOR A FREE RIDE tothe STRAND THEATRE to se JOE E. BROWN in “EARTHWORM TRACTORS’ Gx y, room a ii) =7 7 ye ~:~ Re andl i Cay Sa 7 Z ™ : —— Sau?) If you want to put your roving tractor to still further use, cruise it around town with sign offering to take anyone to theatre free. Attach banners bearing theatre and show credits. FREE TRACTOR RIDES It's a wild idea, but you might be able to work it. Plant your tractor in an empty lot as near the theatre as possible. Letting folks have free rides in your "Earthworm Tractor" just to tease ‘em along about your show. TRACTOR PULLS AUTOS Tractor distributor might go for a street bally to show off the pulling power of their machines. They have a tractor drag six or seven automobiles through the streets—with plenty of signs splattered around the tractor telling of the power it possesses and also plugging your show. Demonstrator might spiel on film. MOVING HOUSE GRATIS — semanas nO | 1; sl i : i yt ae Ld -— ——————' igi Via classified ad and word of mouth, offer to move a house gratis with your tractor. In all probability no one will take you up on it, but in the event someone does you have a swell street bally. A variation would be getting portable house and permish from city officials, using gag as pictured. Plaster the house with signs plugging your show. | Page Five