Earthworm Tractors (Warner Bros.) (1930)

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EARTHWORM TRACTORS EXPLOITATION CONTESTANTS RUN RIOT IN 5-D Five-day contest asks entrants for silly exaggerations, built around the film charactor’s gift for salesmanship. Contestants have to make up screwy lines like, **He was such a good salesman, he could sell mammy songs to Mrs. Dionne.”’ Each day, Joe poses as a different character and all entries must be written in connection with that character. Winning contributions are published daily. Five illustrations available in one mat. Order mat No. 501—50c. (Lead Off Story) Write A Nifty Hyperbole And Win A Prize Joe E. Brown’s coming to town, Fans, and here’s your chance to see him in the funniest picture he’s had in years as guests of the.......... (newspaper). Somehow or other, the flannel mouthed comedian always inspires a unique contest for Movie Fans, and this is no exception. In “Earthworm Tractors” the First National picture in which Joe E. will open at the................. DHeatre. Osis -cjececase sess » he is “Alexander Botts”, the super-tractor salesman you have met in William Hazlett Upson’s stories in the “Saturday Evening Post”. He’s what he calls a “natural born” salesman, and he isn’t a bit afraid to sell himself, as well as whatever product he is peddling at the moment. In fact Joe E.'s self confidence and determination lands him in bushels of comical trouble, but all the time he keeps insisting that he’s such a good salesman he could “sell oil to John D. Rockefeller”. That, Fans, is what is known in literary circles as hyperbole, and that is what you are invited to write for the next five days and incidentally win two tickets to the seteeeer ete Theatre to see Joe E. and enjoy an evening of laughter and suspense. Starting tomorrow, and continuing daily for five days, the.............. (newspaper) will print a picture of Joe E. Brown, each one especially posed, and showing him in different costumes. Each day, Fans are asked to complete a hyperbole, and every day the writers of the ten best ones will each receive two tickets to see “Earthworm Tractors’. Now read the rules of the contest and get ready to tell in the form of a hyperbole just how good a salesman you think Joe E. is. RULES OF CONTEST 1. Hyperboles must be sent to the Joe E. Brown Contest Editor of the (newspaper) before o’clock of the day following the publication of the particular illustration. . Write the hyperbole on one side of a sheet of paper with your name and address printed on the upper left hand corner. . Hyperboles must stick to the subject matter indi cated each day by the illustration. . Winning hyperboles will be published as soon as possible after the judges hand down their decisions. . The (newspaper) will not enter into correspondence regarding the decision of the judges nor will any contributions be returned. . Awards will be made according to the originality, humor and point of the hyperbole. Page Six (1st Day Contest) Tell How Good Joe E. Is And Win Theatre Tickets Joe E. Brown is the country’s No. 1 baseball fan. He used to be a professional baseball player and now is backer of a team. He numbers hundreds of major and minor league players as some of his closest friends. On the set, there are always visits by star athletes. But he’s a salesman, too, in his latest starring vehicle “Earthworm Tractors’. In fact he’s such a good salesman he could sell.................. ines Access . The rest is up to you. Finish the hyperbole and win yourself two tickets to the.......... Theatre. Joe E. Brown is such a good salesman he could sell flivvers to Henry Ford. He could even sell “Mammy” songs to Mrs. Dionne, or the New Deal to Al Smith. But who could he sell baseballs to? Or bats? If the Contest Editor were trying for a prize, he’d write that “Joe E. Brown is such a good salesman he could sell the homeplate to a Greek “Restaurant”, which is his idea of a real nifty hyperbole. Now see what you can do, for the ten fans submitting the best nifty hyperboles to the Joe E. Brown contest editor of the............ (newspaper) before........ o’clock tomorrow, will each win two tickets to. thés seas Theatre where Joe E. and an all star cast will open in the new First National comedy “Karthworm Tractors” On... This is the first of a series of five tests of the power of description possessed Dy........000 (newspaper) readers. Naturally, what is wanted is a snappy, original and funny nifty hyperbole, based on some phase of Joe E. Brown’s baseball career. The more exaggerated it is the better, for the term “hyperbole” itself means an exaggeration. Winners are assured of an evening of hilarity, for “Earthworm Tractors”, which is based on the Saturday Evening Post stories of William Hazlett Upson, provides Joe E. Brown with the fun niest vehicle he has had in several seasons. The contest itself should produce unusual results, as most people have many of them tucked away in their memories. They need not be original with the contestant, for the award goes to the Fan who submits the winning hyperbole, regardless of where he heard it. Yow'll have a lot of fun writing them, but not nearly as much fun as you'll have when you see Joe E. Brown trying to sell a tractor to Guy Kibbee, who doesn’t want one, even though June Travis is boosting Joe E.’s game with intentions of matrimony. In fact, June is even a better salesman than Joe E. She’s so good she could sell Joe E. Brown a correspondence course in salesmanship. Now you write a nifty hyperbole and send it to the Joe E. Brown Contest Editor. (2nd Day Publicity) Your Niftiest Hyperbole Is Worth Valuable Prize In his own opinion, Joe E. Brown was such a good salesman he could sell nighties to a nudist colony. Even if he wasn’t as good as all that, it’s still a good “‘hyperbole” which simply means an exaggerated comparison. And that’s what hundreds of Movie Fans are writing now and having loads of fun doing it, in addition to having the chance of winning two tickets to the..............+ Theatre for the best ones. Joe E. Brown, the _ tunnel mouthed comedian who is America’s favorite screen comic will COMO=1O— thessaisccsccascesecgespsss Theatre Ol saestnaleoma ieee in the funniest picture he has had in several years. It’s First National’s “Earthworm Tractors”, which is based on William Hazlett Upson’s Saturday Evening Post Stories. In the film he’s a salesman, a natural born salesman, so good he could sell spaghetti to Haile Selassie, which is some selling. OBIS A cc acsessssisiasze (newspaper) shows Joe E. all dressed up like a gladiator or something. To win two tickets to see him in “Earthworm Tractors” send in a nifty hyperbole telling how good a salesman he is, but sticking to something you see in the picture. Of course everyone will think that he could sell feathers to Sally Rand, but that isn’t hyperbole, because Sally is probably in the market for feathers. So study the picture and then send in the best hyperbole you can originate to the Joe E. Brown Contest Editor of the......(mewspaper) before.......... o’clock tomorrow when today’s contest ends. The fans submitting the ten best hyperboles will each win two tickets 1 SP Siuisctsetanerce Theatre. (2nd Day Contest) He’s A Good Salesman Here’s Joe E. Brown, all dressed up like a gladiator, with feathers and everything. It’s just one of the many costumes favored by this world-famous comedian whose latest picture shows Joe E. as a great salesman—just how great a sales man is what yow’re supposed to tell. Fill in the following sentence: Joe E. Brown is such a good salesman he could sell...... APE et ee es sessseeAnd if your answer is among the ten best hyperboles submitted, you’ll win two tickets to Joe’s latest First National comedy, “Earthworm Tractors’’.