Earthworm Tractors (Warner Bros.) (1930)

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EARTHWORM TRACTORS EXPLOITATION AY SILLY HYPERBC (3rd Day Contest) See If You Can Win Two Strand Theatre Tickets Joe E. Brown was a fireman when the above picture was taken, but he’s a salesman in his new picture “Earthworm Tractors”, which opens at the................600000cc0c0cees Theatre DP TERRE Pi a . How good a salesman he is, is what yowre supposed to tell if you want to win two tickets to see him in “Earthworm Tractors”, Joe’s funniest First National comedy to date. But you must stick to the above picture. You might say he was a good enough salesman to sell a saddle horse to a mermaid, or something. All the Movie Fans in this part of the country have turned into hyperbole writers, if the number of answers received daily by SO ree aeiee (newspaper) in this unique Joe E. Brown contest is the criterion. A hyperbole is simply a form of exaggerated statement, such as “Joe E. Brown is such a good salesman he could sell fire engines to a deep sea diver.” This is the third of a five-day contest based on hyperboles connected with Joe E. Brown’s ability as a salesman, and the results every city. There are many things in the illustration that could be sold. See what you can find for him to sell—it can be a horse, the are almost as funny as Joe E.’s pumper, harness or anything and new starring picture “Earthworm ‘ ; Tractors”, which opens at the........ 5 uci tamer d palit Salles bs SENCRERG~ O10s,<5 ceeseseveassucats Joe E.’s adventures in business and love evoke screams of laughter, and his conflicts with Guy Kibbee who doesn’t want to buy give lessons in what a fellow really can do when ambition is spurred on by love and a desire to hold a job. The rules of this contest are very simple. The __ illustration shown today was posed by Joe E. Brown with one of the old time fire engines that used to be seen in Two -tickets ‘to’ the.......... Theatre will be awarded to each of the ten fans submitting the best hyperbole to the Joe E. Brown Contest EdMLOE OF ENC ercccssevees (newspaper) beBOT Gricsasccisse » when entries for today’s contest close. “Karthworm Tractors” is the funniest picture in which Joe E. has appeared in several years. It is based on the Saturday Evening Post stories of William Hazlett Upson. IT’S THE SILLIEST CONTEST OF THE YEAR...BUT IT’S FUN! Get ready to enter the funniest contest of the year—which is being run in connection with the funniest picture of the year, ''Earthworm Tractors", starring Joe E. Brown. Can you make up a nifty Hyperbole in connection with Joe's ability as a super-salesman? Something like: He was such a good salesman, he could sell a Mammy song to Mrs. Dionne”. Start thinking about it today, and then look for the rules of the contest, which starts tomorrow in THE EVENING JOURNAL (4th Day Publicity) Contest Winners Get Tickets To Strand Theatre Ten nifty hyperboles brought a lot of thrill to ten readers of the soe trags atest (newspaper) yesterday, for the judges have announced the results of the first day’s contest for exaggerated descriptions of Joe E. Brown’s ability as a salesman. The winners of the first day are: (Insert names.) Additional winners — ten for each of the five days the contest will continue—will be announced as soon as the judges hand down their decisions. Now there is plenty of opportunity for others to win tickets to see Joe E. Brown when he comes in his new First National picture “Earthworm Tractors”, which is based on the Saturday Evening Post stories of William Hazlett Upson. Today we have a picture of Joe EK. Brown taken during his recent tour of China. Joe E. liked the Orient so well he adopted its customs as well as its costumes and even learned to eat rice with chopsticks. If you want to win two tickets to see him in his role of a super salesman of “Earthworm Tractors”, tell how good he is in reference to something shown in the illustration. As an example, you might say that Joe E. was so good a salesman he could sell chopsticks to an armless man. All replies, which are known as hyperboles, must be sent to the Joe E. Brown Editor of the.......... (newspaper) before........ o’clock tomorrow after which no entries will be considered. (4th Day Contest) Can He Sell "Em? Joe Es new film “Earthworm Tractors” should be a big success in China. But you can see it at the................ Theatre by sending in your niftiest hyperboles. LE CONTEST (Last Day Contest) Last Chance To Win Free Strand Theatre Tickets Joe E. Brown travelled for years with a circus when he was a boy member of an acrobatic troupe. He still can’t stay away from them and frequently dresses up as a clown and joins in the fun making. But he was never as funny as a clown as he is as a super salesman in “Earthworm Tractors”, his new film coming to the.....................000064. Theatre Here’syour last chance, Movie Fans, to win two tickets to see Joe E. Brown when he comes to the...............cccsseeeeeees Theatre OD Atsecsetertdabsesestteevsn » in his new First National comedy “Earthworm Tractors”. All you need do is look at the picture. shown here and write a hyperbole describing his selling ability. As you know, a hyperbole is simply an exaggerated description. Thus you might say that Joe E. Brown was such a good salesman he could sell a full dress suit to Mahatma Ghandi. That wouldn’t ‘win a prize because the hyperboles must be centered around something you would see-in a circus. If Joe E. were as a good a salesman as he thinks he is in “Earthworm Tractors” he could sell reducing pills to the living skeleton. For the past four days this newspaper has been giving its readers an~ opportunity to win tickets by writing these hyperboles. ‘The contest ends today, and all hyperboles must be sent to the Joe E. Brown Contest Editor of the ehtbecPessedod (newspaper )before.......... o’clock tomorrow, when the lists close. : Remember, the hyperbole must be based on something one sees in a circus and must start with the words “Joe E. Brown was such a good salesman he could Cll len ercrndaie 2. ges The ten readers submitting the best hyperboles will each win two TICKEESSEO LENG cesses racrsestoarss Theatre. “Earthworm Tractors” is the funniest vehicle Joe E. Brown has had in several seasons. It is based on the Saturday Evening Post stories of William Hazlett Upson, and in addition to the star, the cast includes Guy Kibbee, June Travis, Dick Foran, Carol Hughes, Gene Lockhart, Olin Howland and Joseph Crehan. | In the film, Joe EK. is a seller of _“gim cracks”, which offends his best girl. So Joe E. decides~to sell tractors and his amusing adventures and mishaps in this calling form the base of one of the funniest films he has ever made. You'll want to see “Earthworm Tractors” and there is no better way than by writing one of the ten best hyperboles sent to the Contest Editor. Page Seven