Earthworm Tractors (Warner Bros.) (1930)

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EARTHWORM TRACTORS EXPLOITATION SELL SHOW WITH SALESMAN SLANTS Picture, as you know, deals with Alexander Botts, "natural born salesman’, which suggests following ballys playing up the salesman slant. Here’s How To Conduct Your SEARCH FOR NATURAL BORN SALESMAN How's about a contest, purpose being to find town's "Natural Born Salesman" or Alexander Botts? We've worked out a play-by-play account for your campaign. Here's how it should work: aN GETTING CONTESTANTS Have stores represented individually by member of sales department. Let 'em be appointed by store exec, or get ‘em to stage own contest for preliminary nomination. CONDUCTING CONTEST Pick your own time—place, of course, is stage of theatre. Line up contestants on stage and give to each one a slip of paper with subject noted about which they are to spiel. One article could be "'Cleanwhite Soap", another, ''Goody Dog Biscuit'', etc. Give the boys two to five minutes to line up their talk. Then, after an introductory speech with mention of "Earthworm Tractors’, play date, etc., let 'em go. If you can plant a coupla stooges for laughs and a "gong" or two—go right ahead. JUDGING YOUR CONTEST ‘Twould give your contest a sound foundation if prominent sales execs would act as judges. See if they'll line your stage for you on night of contest to make it look more important. Judges will know what elements to look for—clarity, facility and coherence of speaker. WY NEWSPAPER ANGLES If you can convince merchants represented to go for a coop ad page, be sure to get mention of "super salesman contest". Your paper might give you some extra publicity plugs as contest progresses. Who is entered by which firm and why, should make good copy for ‘em. BALLYING THE WINNER |. Once your winner is picked, use him for good newspaper copy as “champ” salesman and for human interest stuff. 2. Have news-photographers on hand at the contest to get picture of town's Alexander Botts. Pose him with judges and any sales execs who happen to be on hand. 3. Stage a “personal appearance" for your super-salesman at some night club, if you can. Get m. c. to break show, introducing the best salesman in town. 4. Leading department stores might like to have winner on hand in different departments as salesman. You might spot him all over the store selling merchandise. 5. Asa freak photo news plant, you could snap the champ beside a life-size blow-up of Brown. Thus, the two super-salesmen meet. MOST POPULAR SALESMAN Why not let your merchants in on a means of balloting for town's most popular "natural born salesman?" Tie this in, of course, with super salesman created by Joe Brown in pic. Newspaper might co-operate by printing entry blanks, along with copy telling folks what stores are in the contest and how they go about voting. Patrons are given ballots with every purchase. Your job, if you plant contest, is to spur up local interest and get everyone trying to garner votes for their favorite salesman. FUNNY TALES WIN DUCATS Salesmen usually have a world of funny stories at their command. Hop down to see newspaper editor about running contest of humorous salesmen's stories. If he likes idea... . you offer to present writer of each published joke with free admish to show. Page Eight SELLERS-OLD & YOUNG _ Finding town's oldest and youngest salesman shouldn't be too hard. Publicity stories sent to newspapers announce that ducats and prizes will be awarded to lucky ones. Anyone actively affiliated with selling is eligible to enter. Entrants can range from kids who sell soda pop at ball fields to bia firms' veteran pluaaers. Newspaper might be interested enough to send photog down to snap winners and get yarn out of ‘em. SALES EXEC INTERVIEWED If you suagest it, daily editor might send newshawk and photog to interview sales exec of one of his big advertisers. His comments on selling and Joe's sales-pluqging activities (he's previewed film) should make an interesting feature for readers as well as swell plug for show. SELLER SPIELS ON SHOW ; tits LTP .ift 4 LN Py s> aa J HF ane ARs ma L ae RAL BY yy —— oe oe os oe a am am ae 2 ae oas Can you lay your hands on a guy with Joe's mannerisms? If so, set him up on street corners with simple pitchman's outfit to spiel on his wares and show. He tells crowds that might gather ‘round that he's natural born salesman and has sold everything. HIT TRAVELING SALESMEN You might order some of the novelty booklets on ''How to be a Salesman’ available as illustrated on page 27. Get these around to hotels —particularly those where commercial and traveling men can be reached. LOBBY USED FOR AGENCY During run, part of lobby could be used as salesmen's employment bureau. Try tying up with paper for stories inviting employers and © employees to register jobs. EXEC GIVES RADIO TALK = Local radio station's special features department might be interested in having prominent sales executive spiel on ''SELLING AS A CAREER"'. He tells about the problems that good salesmen have to overcome, the romance and humor in selling and the ultimate goals that one could reach. Since it's customary for speakers to start off with humorous incident, it might be wise to invite him to screening of film so that he can get humorous slant on selling game as exemplified by Joe.