Earthworm Tractors (Warner Bros.) (1930)

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EARTHWORM TRACTORS EXPLOITATION 19 IDEAS THAT SELL THE KIDDIES Here's a page of kid ideas for you—some of 'em new and some slightly used. Anyway, plenty of youngsters will be interested in a new Brown pic—so be sure to let 'em know... and there is no better way of doing it than by glanc ing over the ideas on this page and then putting ‘em to work. Youngsters Sell Ducats In KIDDIES’ SUPER SALESMAN CONTEST Theme of pic is concerned with selling experiences of Alexander Botts, super salesman. This suggests a salesman stunt for kids which oughtn't to cost too much. And although we're not in the habit of advertising our press book ideas as SURE-FIRE MONEY MAKING SCHEMES, if handled properly this one has a good chance of bringing in some extra do-re-mi. Here ‘tis: ROUNDING UP ENTRANTS You'll find the going much smoother if you get some boys' organization to work with you. Any or all of the following would prove very helpful: |. Local Boy Scout Chapters 2. Newspaper Delivery Boys 3. Summer Boys Camp | 4. DeMolay or similar organizations The more interested, the better. Award group prizes as well as individual awards, and it might encourage the lads if you toss 'em a small percentage. PROCEDURE Start about a week before opening. Give each kid as many tickets as he can take and let him run wild. You might suggest that they concentrate on the following groups: |. Family and relatives 2. Boys and girls 3. House to house selling JUDGING THE WINNER The lad who sells the most tickets, of course. BALLYING THE WINNER See if you can't get your newspaper to take a few pictures of the best kid salesman in town. Nick-name him ‘Alexander Botts, Jr., super-salesman"', tying in character Brown portrays in ‘Earthworm Tractors". If newsboy cops top honors, this should be a cinch. KID SALESMAN CONTEST STOOGE AIRS BROWN YELL Kiddie amateur hours still popular? If so, might be an idea to plant a stooge on it whose claim to fame is imitation of Brown's famous yell. Should be able to tie in ‘Earthworm Tractors'' and your theatre—great—but this isn't necessary. : RACING TOY TRACTORS How about a mechanical toy tractor race somewhere near the theatre? Kiddie section of newspaper might sponsor and toy stores should be willing to offer prizes. Why not conduct a ''super salesman" contest from your stage? Line up kid contestants and have each one in turn talk for couple minutes about some subject—all extempore. Following MORNING KID MATINEE? the amateur hour trend, it might not be a bad idea to rehearse a couple of the kids, so you'll be sure of a few laughs. Be sure to get in plugs before and after about pic. Of course, the kid with the glib tongue gets prize. Ducats to runners-up. If you'd rather use it as a radio stunt, that's O. K., too. If there's a charity affair going on at time picture plays, you can tie up by offering ducats to young ''salesman"’ who sells most tickets for affair. Don't forget that there will be a lot of kids planted in camps for the summer. They might be interested in a Saturday morning matinee, since organized camp schedules prevent their seeing it at any other time. Anyway, it's a thought . . . And idea is workable for a general kiddie matinee, since they'll probably be out of school during your showing. And if you can do a little promoting, maybe you can offer breakfast to your young quests. __KIDS FAKE TRACTORS _ How about a "best dressed tractor'' contest, having kids disguise their toy autos (the kind they can drive) as tractors. Let 'em parade through town to theatre where awards are to be made. Ideal for a Saturday matinee show when you'll attract more kid attention than at any other time. KIDS' MODEL TRACTORS How about tractor model building contest for the miniature maker enthusiasts? Prize might be awarded on basis of similarity to tractor used by Brown in picture. A few stills of same should help boys along with their models. Of course, you display entrants in your lobby, where patrons and friends can view ‘em. And possibly you can choose winners by having patrons vote. USE FAMOUS BROWN YELL Sure, we've used it before. But have you? The Joe Brown yell is more popular than ever. A million variations on this—gag it up any way you like and see what happens. JOE BROWN "HANDIES" Taking advantage of a current craze, you might offer kids prizes for most original "HANDY" suggesting Joe E. Brown. If newspaper nixes, stunt can be handled from lobby with ushers handling mechanics and answering questions of the curious. Page Nine