Earthworm Tractors (Warner Bros.) (1930)

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EARTHWORM TRACTORS EXPLOITATION Here Are Five Ways Of BALLYING WITH THE POST STORIES "Earthworm Tractors" stories have appeared in the Saturday Evening Post with coverage of more than ten million readers per week. Why not use this info to get readers in to see pic? We've a few ideas along this line which you might use to advantage. For instance: TIE-UP WITH NEWS DEALERS Get out a cheap ‘Earthworm Tractors" herald or throw-away. Concentrate heavily on fact that Joe E. Brown brings to the screen the character of Alexander Botts. Get news stands to insert ‘em in each copy of Saturday Evening Post and plaster ‘em in prominent spots around town, wherever mag is sold. HOUSE TO HOUSE CIRCULATION Get local contingent of POST boys in on same stunt. They peddle the mags weekly from house to house, so get ‘em to pass out heralds to all customers while making regular rounds. A ducat or two will do the trick. DECORATE NEWS BAGS You might also get boys to decorate POST newsbags with appropriate copy tying in with pic. Large caricature of Brown could back up copy reading "Alexander Botts comes to life at Blank Theatre. Be sure to see Joe Brown as Super Salesman," etc. GET BACK COPIES OF POST You can use back numbers of the POST containing "Tractor" stories for any number of purposes. Kid contest could be held, offering prizes for most back material collected—thus providing you with articles for display purposes. If not, your magazine dealer might have some you could use. Blow up magazine illustrations to 40° by 60 size for lobby display or frame display of sketches surrounding stills of Brown as "Alexander Botts". You'll find most of the Upson stories spotted with tractors so it'll be fairly easy to tie in with picture. MENTION BOTTS If you do regular radio exploitation, don't forget to tie in with a POST plug. Mention it, too, on as much of your lobby display copy as possible. BROWN CLICHE CONTEST Suggest that cooperating paper publish contest story below, asking entrants to send in the answers to the cliches published. Story explains everything. (Publicity Story) “Brown as a Berry” Starts Novel Simile Contest Idea Joe E. Brown who comes to the................. Theatre ERE SETS next in Warner Bros’. “Earthworm Tractors” on returning from a recent vacation was described by a friend as being “Brown as a berry!” That started the funniest man of the screen off on a list of the common similes which everybody uses. Fill in the missing word in the following list and if you are among the first twenty successful contestants you will be presented with guest tickets to “Earthworm Tractors”. Send all entries to Contest Editor of this paper. FREE RADIO SKETCH Twelve minutes of hilarious comedy and romance make this radio dramatization a helpful selling medium for this show. Three minutes at beginning and end are allowed for your plug. A note to the Campaign Plan Editor, 321 West 44th Street, New York City will bring you by return mail a mimeographed copy for each member of cast. ANIMATED FRONT DISPLAY De Biisy assert. ea (BEE) ZosDrunk= Q8 Qs <0 32k oe (LORD) 3. Poor as a (two words) ... .......CCHURCH MOUSE) Tele WS cee es Se, has ene (CROESUS) a oe ee eee ee ees (OX) Gx Slippery GS Nise 3 ook (EEL) = — aS CPASY LAS 6d hc (LOON) —— 8. Red ata. 6. geting. ea (BEET) ii Os Greene dss. 40s ee (GRASS) | LO Blues G8 65565. Ss ae (INDIGO) TAP PORY GEO he Bid FS en (PICTURE) TZ BROWN O82 5 68 Fons REE (BERRY) 13. Black as’... (3 words) ..........(THE ACE OF SPADES) 14. Crooked asa... (2 words) ...C(DOG’S TAIL) USs2 Dead aS @-.< hel: seeks. a (DOORNAIL) Animated display might be made up by your 37, Derk as ¢.+wnnnnnn(DUNGEON) artist to look like this. The miniature tractors i tnhktw a (FEATHER) can be bought in dime store and he'll have to VO SH CACY. G8 sss ee (LEAD) z ZOD Stubborst GS G-66.6.5 sik chests (MULE) place still blowups of heads of Joe and June cs ee |) Ne ee peters, cece ayer (MOUSE) on the tractors. Set up on revolving belt above Pipe CS ae Seger, Somer rete (BAT) marquee or ticket booth as illustrated and then 34° White as «=> = su nvcsncaes (SNOW) let the belt go ‘round and ‘round. ee (MOLASSES) Page Ten BEAUTY SHOP CO-OP AD JUNE TRAVIS, who appears opposite Joe E. Brown in the new Warner Bros. comedy hit “‘Earthworm Tractors’, now playing at the Strand Theatre. It’s Always A Happy Ending June Travis, lovely screen player, believes in permanent en curls for her coiffure. Pay a visit to our air-conditioned salons where our expert operators will frame this becoming hairdress to your personality. SALON BEAUTE’ If beauty shop manager likes above layout— just supply him with Still No. JT 73—10c from the Campaign Plan Editor, 321 West 44th Street, New York City. DISTRIB BUSINESS CARDS For an inexpensive teaser throwaway, you could distribute small business cards printed locally with following copy: "Alexander Botts, Natural-Born Salesman, now demonstrating at the Strand Theatre." TEASER GAG AS WANT AD Might be an angle to snipe teaser ad in Help or Situations wanted section of paper. Copy? "“Employers—lIf you have had difficulty closing that big deal, your troubles are over. |, Alexander Botts, natural-born salesman can sell anything. Get in touch with me at the Strand Theatre any time this week." YOUR AUTO CAMPAIGN [ THEATRE IMPRINT | TIRE COVER is made of durable cardboard, with rubberoid slip cover. In three brilliant colors. Prices: | to 9—45c each; 10 to 49— 40c each; 50 and over—35c each. Add $2.50 for imprinting to orders of less than 100; over 100, imprinting free. Order tire cover from: CLUFF FABRIC PRODUCTS 229 WEST 64th ST. NEW YORK CITY