Earthworm Tractors (Warner Bros.) (1930)

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EARTHWORM TRACTORS ADVERTISING HI, FOLKS!!! blesanden both APPROACHING! Stepping right out of the uproarious ¢ Saturday Evening Post shake the screen with the delirious adventures of the world’s “supersalesman” (he admits it himself)! x 260 Lines—Mat No. 217—20c Stone Right Up. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, and examine the screen’s newest monster of mirth! See Joe, careening right out of the laughbattered pages of those famous Saturday Evening Post stories! EARTHWORM TRACTORS A First National Picture with JUNE TRAVIS GUY KIBBEE DICK FORAN e CAROL HUGHES e GENE LOCKHART e OLIN HOWLAND e JOSEPH CREHAN e Directed by Raymond Enright THEATRE 216 Lines—Mat No. 216—20c A NATURAL-BORN HIT . «+ About that natural-born salesman, Alexander Botts, the man who made tractorselling a pain-in-the -neck to his prospects, and the laughof-the-decade to the readers of the Saturdey Evening Post! THEATRE AND DATE 124 Lines—Mat No. 219—20c Page Thirteen