Easy to Love (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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EVERY es Vee it’s easy to sell ‘Easy t to Love ee . because you’ re giving om : a ‘thee ‘something, different’ in romantic yarns that fits right in with what ee, they’ ve been looking for. as Us broad — —yes... . clever Hee certainly its uN p loitation \deas a on d every line ‘is aimed straight down the alley with entertainment : a for ever: ybody. you’ ve seen, the 5 picture you know it's: aces for Gussie, Yvette ¢ or Aunt Hattie. You know that | ‘everybody’ tag is important et -and ee ‘Then you ve got the star names mk marquee pislaekers in any es man’ Ss town! ‘Convention City’ gave hates a Warner send-off U ney re member and he’ S never been: as good as in tl oF is a aie with himi in the ‘always good’ class. Sey advance lobby : yor , je > ae a | 2 advertising can be han-— died in the comic Val | entine dress, copying the Bie greeting cards | on an enlarged . ‘seale. ee with — greeting Peak displays using blow-ups of the ad layouts in Valentine decorations. | LOVERS tag-line in the ads provides plenty of . angles: for Valentine giveGer Age and stunts, Newspaper contest” for faa? qf comedy lines: written | any a eae _ poetry or prose limerick oS Om . a using the title of the _ picture as part of the copy. Contestants talented in illus. | tration or cartooning may submit their “Easy to Love” Valentine ideas in that form. | » card dealers for special — ' window and counter — The NEW CODE FOR _ its ears! 3 picture are great for ° 5 Coimedy stills from the | » tie-in on the comic Valentine idea. _ Valentine ee ie : You've mever aves a more _ cor ot sure-fire ‘Valentine’s: Day at| traction than this one! Tt o your’ve got the show pencilled in around this period here’s _ the picture —_— and the campaign — to set your town on | It’s the sort of exploitation line-up that can ae _ stand plenty of advance play 25.1. — and if the Valentine Day | ree. interest isn’t around as yet, | : these stunts will start ie Get the still of Genevieve Tobin in the bathtub (EL 44); or Menjou with his hat pulled over his ears (EL 32); or Mary Astor smoking a cigar (EL 15). | Use these as throw-aways and — lobby blow-ups: to ieics the ) lobby attraction would be to promote a num ber of over-sized dolls. Use picture and put the dolls in : oe one with the name best a oe star. mes his one. Ther rest of the cast ce . yore Ge: inex pen visas J campaign | use Doge rer ae A cute idea for a good blow-ups of scenes from the eer a Be! place of the stars, tagging customers tine trade. ae pexerires wives a nd “sweet: ih set sae in the ads. Pern ap fa advance of ‘es hake SOR! ti; day tieup with Postal | | or Western Union for — | juss to be delivered to all J receiving wires. | a) his 4s) an: excellent distribufos tion method and well worth =| the cost of printing. Heralds = | should of course plug the nse: 4 of telegrams for RG oa Ee greetings — like this . rene a _ SEND HER A POSTAL vA ea _ENTINE WIRE AND YOULL =| | __ FIND HER EASY TO LOVE. ae et h Boe a nol ‘comedy rae 2 give-away hand out {| = small celluloid dolls to’ | | Which are tied your “Easy, to Love” Valentine Bag. f ie : Valentine ae oe & cream and cake tie_ ups. You'll findlocal . 10: eager for a live = || _ wire stunt to pep up Valen_ ie Get aboard with — your “Easy to Love” title and — eee Code For Lovers” line. | |AND DON’T FORGET...“SPECIAL SWEETHEARTS’ NIGHT”) | NIGHT DURING YOUR RUN OF “EASY TO LOVE”|