Easy to Love (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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BEST DRESSED MAN CONTEST Adolphe Menjou was just picked by London, New York and Hollywood tailors as one of the best-dressed men in the world. (See special news-story on page 14.) That’s your lead for a newspaper contest. Ask readers to cast their votes for the best-dressed man in town. The cooperating newspaper announces the voting contest using the prepared publicity story below which also contains further details. Follow this daily with a coupon addressed to your theatre. At the end of a set period, the ballot box, placed in a prominent lobby spot, is opened and the man with the most votes wins the title. Dealer Tie-u ps In the absence of newspaper cooperation this contest may be conducted with local stores selling men’s merchandise. The voting coupons are made available in the cooperating stores and announcements about the contest carried in the dealers’ advertisements. Other channels of cooperation may be carried out with the dealers in which they make window displays featuring stills of Adolphe Menjou and scenes from “Easy to Love” — using the selling line: “It’s ‘Easy To Love’ the Well Dressed Man.” ; Your end of the tie-up may be extended to announcements on the screen, in your lobby and programs, and possibly merchandise displays of men’s wearing apparel. After the winner is selected a news story and photo should be sent to your newspapers. Voted World’s Best-Dressed Man A close-up of Adolphe Menjou, voted by London tailors as the best dressed man in the world. Photo shows one of the outfits he wears in “Easy to Love.” It consists of a gray single breasted suit with double breasted wuaist-coat. The shirt is blue figured in white squares; white cuffs to match the neat white collar which features rounded corners. White rolled-edge pocket-handkerchief completes the outfit. Mat No. 16—10c. Prize Awards For The Local Best-Dressed Man The man singled out for that honor will be presented with an entire new outfit from head to foot by (name of dealers). He will also make a personal appearance at the Strand Theatre next. Friday, the opening night of “Kasy To Love,” First National’s comedy hit in which Adolphe Menjou is starred with Genevieve Tobin, Mary Astor and Edward Everett Horton, Patricia Ellis, Hugh Herbert and Guy Kibbee. The screen may have its trouble selecting its best-dressed woman but it is generally agreed that when it points to its best-dressed male, Adolphe Menjou is in the picture. Now we’re looking for the bestdressed man in Buffalo. Do you know who he is? If you think you do, clip the coupon below and deposit it in the ballot box at the Strand Theatre no later than (date). Exploitation | Ideas ‘PITCH MAN’ Here’s how to cash in on the familiar ‘high pitch’ man gag. If you have no one around the theatre who is competent to impersonate a fasttalking street vendor, then it will pay you to hire a_ professional. After getting a crowd around him, the speils about the “free information which I am going ‘pitch man’ to give away in sealed envelopes absolutely free.’ He goes on to say that he can secure no license to sell this valuable info, so has decided to do mankind and womankind a favor and pass out these envelopes gratis and suggests they do not open until they get home. Plain sealed envelopes are passed out, each containing the regular stock herald on picture. The ‘pitch man’ then folds up his little stand and balance of ‘stock’ and goes to another location where he repeats the operation. PATRON GAGS Ask patrons to submit wisecracks, apropos of “Easy To Love” for passes. Have the copy lettered on large individual cards and spotted around the lobby. The same signs can later be used on your front during the run of the picture. If advisable you can credit each funny line to the’ person submitting it. Hand out small cards and ask your patrons to write their lines and leave them with the cashier or any attendant in your theatre. LOVERS’ NIGHT Which is your night for the big sweetheart turnout? A _ title like ‘Easy To Love’ is a set-up for an extra-large crowd —and these will help things along: (1) Arrange with a confectioner or florist for free giveaways to all girls escorted by their boy friends. (2) Give a special prize (box of candy or bouquet) to the 100th couple to attend. (3) Have another gift for the oldest couple to attend. Human interest stories and photos for the papers will also repay for the extra time you give to this idea. EMBARRASSING MOMENTS The “Embarrassing Moment” idea fits perfectly with one of the funniest sequences of this picture. Announce through your cooperating newspaper that the following incident has prompted the invitation to readers to send in an account of their most embarrassing moment. Here is the situation that proved so embarrassing to Mary Astor in “Easy To Love.” “Charlotte (Mary Astor) has been carrying on a clandestine affair with the husband of her best friend. The wife (Genevieve Tobin) learns of their love-nest and pays a surprise visit. The erring husband manages to sneak to cover but leaves behind him a partly smoked cigar. “Both women note the cigar simultaneously and to save her neck, Charlotte picks up the cigar, takes a puff or two and says she has just taken up cigar smoking for her nerves. This was most certainly a MOST embarrassing moment, What has been your most embarrassing moment that had to do with yours or another’s love affair?” Offer awards of guest tickets for every “Embarrassing Moment” that is selected for publication. BALLY || How to Plug the New Lover’s Code I. An intriguing novelty sure to get plenty of circulation would be a card carrying the “New Code For Lovers”? gag incorporated in the ad copy. Enclose these cards in envelopes with the imprint: | A NEW CODE FOR LOVERS .... READ > THE NEW RULES INSIDE! 2. Newspapers on the look-out for snappy comedy material will find this good for a “‘freak’’ box. As a contest you can offer a pair of tickets to the show for the best additional suggestions on rules for the N.C.L. 3. Your lobby display can be tied into the Code idea with frames using blow-ups of the ads which play up this angle. LOVE-WIRE TIE-UP At least a week in advance of opening of picture, post a lobby eard offering prizes of guest tickets to the 10 best love messages written as a telegram of not over 10 words that include the expression “Easy To Love.” Arrange with either your Western Union or Postal Telegraph office to supply you with blanks to be distributed in lobby. Some blurb about the picture should be imprinted at top of blanks. A box for depositing the messages should be provided in lobby and the winning copies should be posted at entrance at close of contest. The cooperating telegraph company will give you a window display using suitable copy to tie in the stunt. POSTERS MAKE SWELL CUT-OUTS This three sheet cutout has plenty of flash as an upright panel for lobby or front display. The six sheet makes a striking cut-out for the marquee. It will also make a colorful lobby set-piece. The 24-sheet is ideally suited for mounting on the marquee or for use on a ballyhoo truck. The grouped heads and flashy title make this cut-out an attractive advertising display. LOBBY STAR POSING This stunt has been worked with great success recently and is an ideal advance ballyhoo. Have full length blowups (life size) made of Adolphe Menjou, Genevieve Tobin, Mary Astor and Patricia Ellis. Have them cut out and mounted with standee backing and place near entrance to lobby. Announce that all who come to your theatre during specified hours can be photographed with the stars of your coming show. An ordinary kodak will do the trick. Print up these snapshots and display on large signboard at entrance. You will be surprised how they will attract the crowds, as will the stunt itself. You may be able to tie in some enterprising camera dealer whereby he will supply the prints in return for your advertising and lobby eredit. Page Three