Easy to Love (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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Exploitation Ideas This may look like a serious situation for Adolphe Menjou who is doing a bit of alibi-ing to friend wife, played by Genevieve Tobin in *““Easy to Love.” But it only serves as a cue for part of the film’s hilarity. Write a funny line to fit this scene —a pair of movie tickets offered for the best by the Strand Theatre. The elevator boy seems to know a thing or two about Adolphe Menjou, one of the six love experts in the tangled marital affairs in “Easy to Love,” coming to the Strand. Try for one of the ten pairs of movie tickets by supplying a witty line for this scene. Here’s another chance to try for a pair of the prize movie tickets by writing a funny line for this scene from “Easy to Love,” coming to the Strand. Edward Everett Horton knows something about Genevieve Tobin and he’s kidding her about it. What is he saying? Page Four Because of the many comedy incidents and smart dialogue in “Easy to Love,”’ a contest conducted along the same lines will be a popular advance newspaper feature. Readers are asked to supply a funny line for the scenes from the picture. Offer guest tickets for the ten best lines submitted daily. In this way the contest may be conducted over any number of days. After it’s planted, the contest should be plugged with every medium at your command — screen, programs, lobby, heralds, etc. The greater the interest in the contest, the bigger the turnout at your show. To sustain interest post the winning lines in your lobby with the accompanying scenes. Prepared publicity story will help get the contest started. Use daily follow up stories adding the names of the win-. ners and other local aspects. WwW (Contest Story) Free Movie Tickets For Best Comedy jialogue Lines The laughs have it! If you’ve got a laugh line for the comedy scenes in “Easy to Love,” send them to the contest editor. They may bring you free movie tickets to see the picture. hes. eis es Theatre is offering ten pairs of guest tickets daily to be distributed among the ten persons sending in the best lines fitting the scenes from “Easy to Love,” WHICH OPEMS = MOXG wee yoke sei : This contest starts today and a different scene will be printed daily for the next five days. All you have to do is supply a witty line. Make it short and the funnier the better. Lines for today’s scene must be sent to the contest editor no later than date). The winner will be announced in subsequent issues of this newspaper. And —if you miss out on the first | day’s awards try again. You have’! a brand new chance every day. Get your funny bone in action and try to win one of those lucky tickets! “Kasy to Love” is a hilarious com edy of marital mix-ups and love-nest tangles. Adolphe Menjou, Genevieve Tobin, Mary Astor, Edward Everett Horton and Patricia Ellis have the leading roles. CHOOSE YOUR OWN SEQUENCE OF SCENES FOR.” TES. COB IE 4. MATS ARE AVAILABLE IN ONE UNIT. Order Mat No. 12—50c. Mary Astor is trying to appear at ease by smoking a cigar when she gets the unexpected visit by her sweetheart’s wife. Send us a funny line to fit the situation —it may bring a pair of free tickets to see “Easy to Love” at the Strand. Genevieve Tobin is in such trouble. All because of Adolphe Menjou and Edward Everett Horton and that new lovers’ code in “Easy to Love,” the comedy hit coming to the Strand. Like to see the picture free? Then supply the witty words you think the gentlemen in the case are exchanging. Ten pairs of movie tickets will go to the best. This scene calls for a funny line. Can you supply it? It’s your last chance for the Strand’s free ticket offer to see *“‘Easy to Love,”’ star ring Genevieve Tobin, Edward Everett Horton and Adolphe Menjou, in action above.