Easy to Love (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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Exploitation Ldeas CLASSIFIED : TEASER ADS FUNNY LAST LINES CONTEST These teasers should be planted In “Easy to Love,” the tag line of the picture is Guy Kibbee’s line in the classified section as ‘scatter | « and stuff like that.” Throughout the closing sequences, Kibbee keeps ads. At a little extra cost they Che. wad Beton eaantenet can be set in slightly bolder face Bag 2 : There’s no better guide to the value of a stunt type or boxed with a heavy top and From this can be arranged a peppy newspaper contest which will than past performance. In this column we reprint bottom. rule. catch the fancy of many of your patrons. Announce on your screen, in several exploitation ideus-that hive recently proved Here is your copy: the lobby, and in the papers, that guest tiekets will be awarded to the P lin th Fee | ‘ll WANTED — Man “Easy To twenty persons who submit the best collection of “Famous Last Lines.” success/u WS. fie 9 ig naan pd oe os hah find Love.” Am young, attractive The lists may be limited to five or ten, as you desire. the ideas adaptable to this picture. and have plenty of pep. Write ; Nes your qualifications to (Theatre pee that the prizes will be awarded on the pues of neatness, 5 originality, and humor. Sample “last lines” should be given, such as: wy street address) or phone (Thea lit d I Sample “last lines” should | h tre number). JANET “Put u ] yy p or shut up! ° 2 A variation of this can be used nae Good Huntin’ m Pass the bouquet to to ring in all three of the names “Not tonight, Josephine!” or any of the thousand and one possibilities. Jeweler Windows Larry Graver of by having copy reading as follows:| Be sure that you tie up the contest with Kibbee’s last line, “—and stuff Philly’s Stanley for WANTED—By three attractive | like that!” this ace. He saw all his Main Stem jewelers young .womep.(')) Husbands 09 sweethearts “Easy To Love.” pull in their wares nightly and leave those State full qualifications when big, beautiful windows with nothing to do. writing. Address Mary, GeneHE ART DETECTIVE STUNT They’ i . ; vieve and Patricia (Theatre ey’re doing things now, you betcha. Larry Sivent Abitber)ovipkive: ities, got the boys to put some star heads in stock tre number). ; : Sraiiex and keep the beht fter th ki This stunt ties in with the sequence where Genevieve Tobin as the a : p me 1g noe arter they pac neglected wife hires a Scotch detective to trail her husband to discover up for the night. There’s always a playdate ‘ADVICE’ QUESTION who his ‘heart interest’ really is. mention in the windows in the town’s top Your job printer has a die-cut in stock for turning out cardboard spots. Pass it along to your jewelers. lcitad lavkiuthat vill t hearts in various sizes. Have several thousand of these made up, one set } wt gee Rept a5 Fae with a cut of Adolphe Menjou on one side, and the other set bearing on one side a likeness of Mary Astor. Each set should be serially numbered title a free mention in your local —Vitaphone Has a Swell Trailer— ‘Lonely Hearts’ column. in duplicate. Dear (Name): q Caricature Contest Mort Levine, at WilI had been in love with a boy On reverse side of these hearts the following copy should be used: in Wilmington, Del. mington’s Opera for six months. Recently I met Here is the trifling husband (wife) in the case who found it “Easy House got plenty of sger. else meg Looe ites To Love” another. The neglected wife hired a detective to get the baa tia tap tuts Dy tga gs deus evidence for a diworce. A little detective work on your part will help attention with a caricature contest. He got Mauna ee aie eres you find the picture of the man (woman) in the case which bears a the leading paper in on the stunt and he’s my new friend I’m afraid people serial number corresponding to this. To the first 25 i wt _ ° ° . ° will “say? too. easy to love, of hearts thus matched, a pair of guest tickets to see “Hasy To ove still looking for one to top it Zor popmarty pee. _ Sate “) at the Strand will be the reward. Try matching this heart up with Your merchandising plan on ‘Convention : adios those which your friends and neighbors have received. If the nwmbers City’ has a mat on a caricature of Adolphe Petter shoullP Hemi Ga dee match, come to the Strand and claim your reward. Menjou by the famous Berman. With it nine stationery and written in long Hearts should be distributed for several days, covering a different * ° hand. Answer will make an ace of| section of town each day. po con Start a contest on ‘this ‘sito withie an attention-getter on your front. In announcing the stunt, still number 74 ties in as an illustration. daily prize for the best. Art supply dealers, ~-ean be called in for the prizes as a supple— * ment to your guest ticket awards. er es SPECIAL SET OF DEALER TIE-UP STILLS Bill Israel’s New He started down& x 10 Coverage town and didn’t stop : The title of this picture is perfect for many dealer tie-ups. The *till he was clear to the city line. Bill Israel of Lancaster did f that with this idea. He bought up a load of cooperative ads and for window displays. Order by number direct from 8 x 10 frames and contacted every desirable Warner Bros. Still Dept., 321 West 44th Street, New York. dealer spot for a display. Frames carried a ‘Now Playing’ slug and an usher made the rounds weekly with a still on the current show with the title lettered across the bottom. Bill added to his dealer list weekly and, at little cost, had one of the most effective institutional tie-ups we’ve heard of. Do we hear applause? variety of stills shown in miniature below are good for illustrations in —Did You See the Herald ?— PET SHOPS (Still Menjou Pub B) CHRYSLER AUTO Oklahoma Fell For H. G. Settmund of . (Still EL 76) Teaser Card Gag Oklahoma’s H & S Theatre pulled this teaser on ‘Female’ and it’s a natural for this show. Here’s how you do it: Have a couple of good lookers mingle with the main street crowds and distribute cards saying: HOSIERY (Still EL 36) I’m Easy to Love — meet me at (theatre address) or call before 9 tonight. Here’s my number (the te ohone ). BATHROOM FIXTURES Se nOUL, (Still EL 44) LUGGAGE (Still EL 2) Think Settmund got attention? Who wouldn’t? —Tell Us About YOUR Stunts— Howard Waugh’s Warner’s Memphis Stilt-Walker Ad got its plug at all local sport events with the stilt-walker gag. Howard Waugh, that ol’ southern live-wire, had the big man : carry signs announcing his current show. . FLORISTS LINGERIE CANDY SHOPS When possible, catchlines like this: Biggest oye tee? (Still EL 39) (Still EL 33) thing in town—gave a direct tie-up with the stunt. Why not take a crack at it? Page Five