Easy to Love (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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Exploitation Va SPECIAL STAR-HEAD ENLARGEMENTS || STUDIO STYLE DRESS TIE-UP . Showmen. know the value of the fashion tie-up with Studio Styles who reproduce the gowns designed by OrryKelly for Warner Bros. and First National stars. Approximately one hundred leading stores from coast to coast are ready to cooperate with exhibitors in their respective cities. Only one retail store is appointed in each city to sell Studio Styles exclusively. Each store has been supplied with the following advertising and display material: Newspaper Advertising Mats; 11x14 and 28x42 star photos. Contact your local MARY ADOLPHE PATRICIA GENEVIEVE Studio Styles store to ef ASTOR MENJOU ELLIS TOBIN fect a tie-up along the following suggestions: Arrange for style show of living models wearing Here are a series of special display accessories you can start using now and continue to use every time the star plays your Studio Styles; Distribute house. The photographic enlargements are separate, 24 inches in dealer’s circulars to your height, in full natural colors and varnished for outdoor use. They women patrons; Supply are adaptable to lobby and front display. store with scene stills from picture for window Specially priced at $1.65 each displays; Arrange to a have dealer earry your Order directly from: PHOTOCOLOR STUDIOS theatre name and play220 West 42nd St. in SER a at dates in newspaper copy advertising Studio Styles. TO DRESS YOUR FRONT LOBBY BLOW-UPS ADOLPH MENUJOU GENEVIEVE TOBIN Y EDW. EVERETT HORTON MARY ASTOR 1 GENEVIEVE TOBIN wears this sophisticated dinner dress in “Easy to Love.” This model is made of Peblo crepe in smart lines. Originally designed by OrryThis mat for dealer advertising and Kelly and reproduced by newspaper fashion page. Order Mat Studio Styles. No. 12—5c. Still also available in still No. GE 6 from Warner Bros. Still Dept., 321 W. 44th St., New York. For Name of Studio Styles Store In Your City Write: STUDIO STYLES, INC., 525 SEVENTH AVE., N. Y. C. BANNER — for marquee ends or in place of swinging sign underneath : ’ ADOLPH MENJOU marquee. Made of canvas with sten GENEVIEVE TOBIN cilled lettering. 6 feet long. $2.40 EDW.EVERETT HORTON each. On real satin, $3.35 each. MARY ASTOR BURGEE — in two colors on fine duck, with eyelets ready for hanging. 20 x 30 inches. 40 cents each. VALANCE — to fit your marquee. Three colors with sewn lettering on fine Order from M. MAGEE duck. $1.20 per yard. Two colors on & SON, 140 Fulton silkolene or China silk, $1.70 per yard. Street, N.Y.C. Punch Dialogue Lines And Action Stills For Displays Shs ee ae ae peach or green, mounted and Both the stills and punchy dialogue lines from ‘‘Easy to é ar ck ‘ backed with easels if desired. Im” stage c Love’’ do justice to the general comedy throughout the pic Order by Number N-735 ) Ripa ie Souniod ‘Lak mediate C.O.D. shipment guaran-| tyre, Make the most of this material for use as blow-ups for : teed. Priced reasonably at $1.25 lobby and front display. COLORTONE EFFECT 28 x 42 inches to fit in the stock baeeales <eagers ste a only. $2.00 | one-sheet frame. Available in buff, —Set (pos. and neg.) -..--.. 3.00 226 West 56th Street, New York Ae its an te ee | GENEVIEVE TOBIN: “John, do stop, you’re tickling tance with aes ea avoid parcel post STUDIOS, 160 West 46th Street, me.” (Still No. 47) at 6 Ora N.Y.C. MARY ASTOR: “Oh yes, so many of my er... friends smoke cigars. It’s quite the thing, you know.” (Still No. 17) GENEVIEVE TOBIN: “Your wife? For the past few it’ hi b hnicality — but I h CLASSIFIED ‘APARTMENTS’ AD TIE-UP ee ie Ne ee ee GUY KIBBEE: “I’ve heard of shot-gun weddings but The Syracuse Journal is only one of the many never fire-ax weddings.” (Still No. 85) PATRICIA ELLIS: “We love each other too much to be front-line papers that welcome movie tie-up stills for pore ae married.” (Still No. 73) their ads boosting their classified section. These two wegebii ADOLPHE MENJOU: “Well, I love her as a husband scenes from the picture with the suggested copy, fit the idea perfectly. Show the stills to your paper and grab the extra free space. Still No. 34 Edward Everett Horton, one of the stars of ‘Easy to Love,’ current Strand comedy hit, seems to be interested in the mansion in the case. Whether it’s a mansion or ‘room-and-bath,’ the Journal ‘For Rent’ columns offer the ideal solution to your problems. Still No. 34 ‘ve found just the place,’ announces Adolphe Menjou to screen wife Genevieve Tobin in ‘Easy to Love,’ current Strand comedy hit. And, if we may be so bold, we venture to suggest that if it’s the ideal apartment he’s found, the Journal ‘For Rent’ column must have been the source, etc. loves his wife. And you as er... er... as a man loves a woman.” (Still No. 204) GENEVIEVE TOBIN: “Isn’t he sweet the way he acts? Most men are so utterly brazen.” (Still No. 25) GENEVIEVE TOBIN: “I want to engage someone to follow my husband. I suspect him of not playing polo.” (Still No. 74) MARY ASTOR: “No wonder you’re suspicious — I always say when a man starts sending his wife flowers — it’s a case for a private detective agency.” (Still, No. 50) CENEVIEVE TOBIN: ‘“You’ve never really known me. In fact, until this happened, I’ve never even known myself.” (Still No. 54) EDW. EVERETT HORTON: ‘Carol — I hope you’re not about to do something you'll regret. Perhaps I’ve been too bold, swept you off your feet. Have you considered.’ (Still No. 31) MARY ASTOR: “I don’t object to your smoking cigars, but they do get in the way.” (Still No. 37) SONG TIE-UP Witmark’s has published a song titled ‘‘Easy to Love.” Though not connected with the picture, exhibitors can capitalize on it (with playdate mentions when played) for music store and radio tie-ups. For title pages and orchestrations wire: SAM SERWER, M. WITMARK, 1657 Broadway, New York