Easy to Love (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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Posters & Accessories GENEVIEVETOBIN | ADOLPHE MENJOU. : MARY ASTO R ; — Lele es 1A BEIGHLEY: % % 2 4 S HH ‘a a T DESCRIPTION—Background is white with heads in natural colors. Title lettering in orange with a thin maroon line in the center. All other lettering is in blue. GEMEVIEVE TOBIN ADOLPHE MENUOY _MABY AVTOR GUY RIDREE PATRICIA ELL EDWARD EVERETT HORTON eli Khicuisy of WAGNER BROL AVITAPHONE PICTURE: THREE SHEET SIX SHEET Sliding Scale of Prices for Accessories 1-SHEETS | WINDOW CARDS INSERT CARD l to -< 30 130 Gach lto 50 Je each 51 to 100 6c each 51 100 13 h $e ae Over 100 5'%c each Over 100 He each | | INSERT CARDS | ] to #28 oo a BSc each: 3_SHEETS 26 to .50 __.._.. _.. 22e each 2 S110 100. _.. 20e-each 1 to 25 : i AB Pea gO Ce eT 19¢each Over 25 36c¢ each HERALDS EM to SM oe 5S $3.00 per M Over 5M __ $2.75 per M 6-SHEETS | 1 to 10 75e each | ~° PHOTOS ll to 20... 70c each | 11x14 Photos bee See: 75e a set (8 in set—colored) Over 20 65¢ each | 22x28 Photos 80e a set | (2 in set—colored) Slides 73ers 15e each 24-SHEETS | Stills ONC BUS AI ap Pa Pob Lg Beg wR EES 10¢ each | Midget Window Cards__4c each Up to 25 yao $2.00 cach | Merchandising Plans_______ Gratis Over 25 1.75 each | Music Cues ___————sSCG rats ONE SHEET AND These prices apply to U. S. only. WINDOW CARD PRINTED IN U.S.A.