Ever Since Eve (Warner Bros.) (1937)

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4-Day “Funny Caption” Contest Contest is built around the title and the well known fact that women have at times a knack of making man look quite ridiculous. This has been going on ‘Ever Since Eve”’ and so contestants shouldn’t have any trouble in writing titles. Entrants complete captions to scene stills each day with title for picture shown. Winning contributions are published daily. Four scenes shown are available on one mat. Order Mat No. 501-B—40c. (1st Day) ). **kver Since Eve’’ Funny ° " Nesars Caption Contest Begins “‘Ever Since Eve’’— what? That’s up to you — if you ean think of something really clever to say to describe this scene from Marion Davies’ latest film, ‘‘Ever Since Eve,’’ you may be among the lucky five to win a pair of tickets to this picture. Marion Davies seems to be getting the attention of quite a number of frightened males in this scene from “Ever Since Eve” coming to the ........... Thea nctiis fee But what the scene lacks is a good laughprovoking caption which you are asked to write. The idea is that “Ever Since Eve” women have been making fools out of men — now, get going. Funny Picture Caption May Win Theatre Tickets Women have been making fools of men ‘‘ Ever Since Eve.’’ Complete the title to the above scene which shows Louise Fazenda making Bob Montgomery look slightly ridiculous and ' you stand a good chance of win ning a pair of guest tickets to the comedy-romance now at the Strand Theatre. Our picture editor got as far as the first three words of the caption and is counting on you to write in the rest. If you make the caption snappy and rib-tickling you may be the winner of a pair of guest tickets to see Marion Davies and Bob Montgomery in “Ever Since Eve” the sidesplitting comedy romance now at the Strand Theatre. (Advance Story) Prizes For Funny Lines Film Contest Starts Tomorrow “Ever Since Eve” women have’ been making fools out of men. The males still fall for a beautiful smile, and a wide-eyed innocent stare. Take a look at history’s most successful charmers: Cleopatra, Queen of Sheba, Mary of Scotland — and add the name of Marion Davies who as Marge Winton, in her latest Cosmopolitan production, “Ever Since Eve” coming to the Strand on Wednesday, does a very neat job of making Bob Montgomery look pretty ridiculous. Our picture editor had a stack of scene stills from this romanticeomedy “Ever Since Eve” on his desk. It was his job to write the titles for each scene, but he’s generally a very lazy fellow. And with the coming of summer he is particularly lackadasical. All he could write was “Ever Since ee Now we’re asking you to help him complete the titles. And each day for recompense the Strand Theatre in conjunction with this newspaper will give to the writer of each of the five best rib-tickling titles a pair of guest tickets to see “Ever Since Eve,” the romantic comedy-riot which has its local premiere at the Strand Theatre om 00.0.0... ccs With Marion Davies and Robert Montgomery as co-stars, and a supporting cast that includes such popular comedians as Frank McHugh, Patsy Kelly, Louise Fazenda and Allen Jenkins, it is described as the sprightliest piece of nonsense that either the lovely golden-haired Miss Davies or handsome Bob has ever played in. Here’s the information on this contest. Each day for four days we will show a scene from “Ever Since Eve” in which one of the female characters is shown in the act of making one of the male characters look ridiculous. The idea is for you to think up a good snappy, rib-tickling title, beginning with “Ever Since Eve.” Each day’s contest is exelusive of the others and don’t forget five pairs of guest tickets will be awarded for the best titles every day, for the duration of the contest. Think you have the knack? Can you write a few chosen words that will explain a situation and at the same time bring a smile to the reader’s face? If you think you have this ability, look for ‘the first of four scenes from “Ever Since Eve” which will appear in this paper tomorrow. Besides the two stars, Marion Davies and Robert Montgomery, “Ever Since Eve” features a sidesplitting supporting cast of comedians headed by Allen Jenkins, Frank McHugh and Patsy Kelly. (3rd Day) Create Captions, Capture Free Tickets In Contest There’s a pair of guest tickets to the Strand Theatre waiting for you if your caption to the above scene is judged one of the five best. Enter the funny caption contest sponsored by this newspaper and the Strand Theatre, by completing the above title, with a few well-chosen words. “Ever Since Eve” men look ridiculous. Patsy Kelly is shown in the act of ironing out women have made — Allen Jenkins’ objections to something or other. The scene would be complete if it had a snappy _ caption. That is your job. Each of the best five submitted today will be given a pair of guest ae tickets to the Strand Theatre to see “Ever Since Eve.” (4th Day) Last Chance To Win Free Strand Theatre Tickets Here’s your last chance to win a pair of guest tickets to see Marion Davies and Bob Montgomery in the Cosmopolitan production ‘‘Ever Since Eve.’’ Just write a clever rib-tickling caption beginning with the words “Ever Since Eve” — and send it to the contest editor of this newspaper. If your brain-child is one of the five best captions submitted, you will be awarded a pair of guest tickets to see “Ever Since Eve” said to be the funniest comedy ever filmed. You'll want to see it and there’s no better way than to win a pair of tickets. So get going on that title, You may be a winner. Page Nine