Expensive Women (Warner Bros.) (1931)

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WARNEIR BROS. LENGTH (Vitaphone) 5641 Feet RUNNING TIME Permission is granted licensed exhibitors to reproduce with proper notice of copyright all 63 Minutes 321 WEST 44th STREET my © Ly matter contained herein. NEW YORK CITY, US. A; DOLORES COSTELLO EXPENSIVE WOMEN WARREN WILLIAM—H. B. WARNER > ROUTINE STORY (This story contains all the important facts about “Expensive Women.” Release to all papers several days before engagement begins.) ” “Expensive Women,” the Warner Bros. picture which comes to the Theatre” next, is a notable production for many reasons not the least of which is the fact that it marks the return to the screen of Dolores Costello, from domestic retirement of almost two years. Miss Costello, always recognized as one of the most beautiful stars of the picture world, comes back to her chosen profession with an even more ethereal loveliness, a madonna-like quality which is so often the result of motherhood. Her perfect diction and the ever-changing animation of her countenance are other reasons for the triumph she attains in the creation of the wilful and -ernrotional Constance Newton, heroine of the absorbing romance. Miss Costello’s leading man is Warren Williams, a newcomer to the screen, but well known to the Broadway stage. This finished player has been referred to by Alexander Woollcott, the cutie, as having the Barrymore accent and tone of voice and the presence of the young John Drew. His performance as the musician who first storms the eager heart of the idle and emotional, rich girl of the story, is superb. Other fine performances are given by Anthony Bushell as the fair lady’s second infatuation—by H. B. Warner as the stern criminal attorney who is the father of Bushell—by Joe Donahue as the tippling lover who is shot by another admirer of the heroine by tantalizing Polly Walters as an irrepressible vamp—and by Allan Lane, Morgan Wallace, Mae Madison, Adele Watson, and Billy House. The adaptation is by Harvey Thew and Raymond Griffith. Hobart Henley directs with fine appreciation of the dramatic possibilities of the piece. But it is the characterization of Miss Costello which makes so understandable the mental plight of the girl who, having all the world can give, is still dissatisfied. Without meaning to do so she devastates lives she touches—until the transformation comes which makes her as willing to give as she has been to take. “Expensive Women” is a glamorous and provokative romance —quite different from all others—and it is the most perfect vehicle yet given to the exquisite Miss Costello. Don’t miss seeing her in “Expensive Women.” EEE CASI CONSTANCE NEWTON, Modern girl whose passionate emotional nature makes her surrender all to love DOLORES COSTELLO NEIL HARTLEY, Musical genius whose love makes Constance forget reason—and whose later understanding provides her a safe refuge WILLIAM WARREN ARTHUR RAYMOND, Second mad infatuation of Constance, who, through jealousy, shoots man who insults BAG a es a Se ANTHONY BUSHELL BOBBY BRANDON, Convivial friend of Constance, jealous of Arthur, who shoots him for insulting her. JOE DONAHUE MELVILLE RAYMOND, Criminal lawyer, father of Arthur —defends Constance, when she takes the blame for dedincorBrandon a ee H. B. WARNER YOUNG MAN, Pal of slain Bobby Brandon .... ALLAN LANE YOUNG MAN, Pal of Arthur Raymond... MORGAN WALLACE MOLLY LANE, Irrepressible blonde vamp POLLY WALTERS IRENE, Pretty girl-of-the-day,................ MAE MADISON MARTHA, Another blonde charmer......... ADELE WATSON GEORGE ALLISON, Hefty and amusing tippler WILLIAM HOUSE SN etessenssssssneenstennsicances _ The Golden Girl Returns ! Dolores Costello makes her triumphant return to the screen in “Expensive Cut No. 20 Cut 30c, Mat 10c Women,” the Warner picture at the.....cccccc.. Theatre= Nests aca cs..casc Warren William, new screen sensation, is her leading man. screen in “Disraeli,” “Flirting WHO'S WHO DOLORES COSTELLO-—Star of many pictures including “The Sea Beast,” “The College Widow,” “The Third Degree,’ “When a Man Loves,” “Hearts in Exile,” and “Second Choice.” Her first picture since her return to the screen is “Expensive Women.” Born in Pittsburgh. WARREN WILLIAM—Broadway | H. B. WARNER—Star of London stage “Expressing Willie,” “The Blue Peter,” “Twelve Miles Out,” “Let Us Be Gay,” “Those Who Love” and “The Vinegar Tree.” “Expensive Women” is his first picture. Born in Aitkin, Minnesota. ANTHONY BUSHELL—On London and New York stage. On Widow,” “Journey’s End,” “Lovin’ the Ladies,’ “Three Faces East,” “Show of Shows,” “Chances” and “Expensive Women.” Born in Westerham, Kent, England. JOE DONAHUE—Musical comedy stage in “Angel Face,” “Always You” and “Sunny.” Screen in “Sunny,” “Party Husband” and “Expensive Women.” Born in Boston, Mass. and New York stage. On the screen in many films among them “Silence,” “King of Kings,” ‘“Sorrel and Son?” “Liliom,?” —“The Reckless Hour,” “Five Star Final’ and “Expensive Women.” in London, England. Born ALLAN LANE—On stage and on the screen in “Pleasure Crazed,” SYNOPSIS (Not for Publication) Copyright 1931, Warner Bros. Pictures, Ine. All Rights Reserved Constance Newton, a modern girl of beauty and breeding, gives herself, in an_excess of emotional ecstacy to Neil Hartley, a musical genius who loves her; ; Two years after that one mad night, she falls in love with Arthur Raymond—son of Melville Raymond—son of Melville Raymond, the great criminal lawyer—who has been dominated by his father into marriage with a woman he cannot love. Constance and Arthur are madly happy for months, although they are not living together as everyone believes. Arthur’s wife leaves him and Melville Raymond steps in, pitting his cold steel against their flame. He forces Constance to promise to give up Arthur and persuades his daughter-in-law to return to ‘his son. On New Year’s eve, Constance accompanies Bobby Brandon, a young rowdy of the younger generation, to Melville Raymond’s party without knowing where Bobby is taking her. When Bobby, drunk, finds Constance and Arthur in an embrace, he is furiously jealous and insults Constance. Arthur shoots him dead. Constance forces Arthur and his father to let her take the blame— and Melville Raymond finds himself defending the girl he has always despised—lying and intimidating the state’s witnesses, calling on his friends to support his lies, mocking at justice for the first-time in his career—to save the girl who is saying his son. After the verdict of not guilty, Melville Raymond comes to Constance, asks her forgiveness and suggests that she and Arthur go away together. Constance refuses. She realizes now that she and Arthur would never have been happy since there is a streak of weakness in him and a streak of madness in her which would never mix. She marries Neil, who loves and understands her as no one else can. ————=___=_==_=_=_—_—_—_—___ “Madame Satan,” “The Forward Pass,” “Smart Money,” “The Star Witness” and “Expensive Wo men.” Born in Indiana. Edu cated at Notre Dame. MORGAN WALLACE—On Broadway and on screen in “Orphans of the Storm,” “Dream Street,” “Fighting Blade,” “Sandra,” “Tillie’s Punctured Ro mance,” “Up the River,” “Smart Money” and “Alexander Hamilton.” Born in Santa Barbara, California. POLLY WALTERS-—Star pupil of Warner Bros. First National School of Acting at Burbank, California. Seen recently in “Larceny Lane,” “Smart Money” and “Expensive Women.” Born in Columbus, Ohio. MAE MADISON—Screen discovery seen in “Bought,” “The Bargain,” “The Mad Genius,” and “Expensive Women.” Born in Los Angeles, California.