Expensive Women (Warner Bros.) (1931)

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DON'T MISS A SINGLE STUNT! COLORTONE EFFECT AD STILLS THE. PERFECT ACCESSORY FOR THEAD MAWN'! EVERYBODY IS USING THEM! MISS COSTELLOMAKESTRIUMPHANT RETURN TO THE SCREEN AS DARING HEROINE OF SEMI-TRAGIC ROMANCE “Expensive Women” Warner Bros. Picture Now At The Strand, Greeted With High Approval By Crowd At Opening; Strong Supporting Cast (Review Featuring the Cast) “Expensive Women,” Warner Bros. first starring vehicie for Dolores Costello since her two year retirement from the screen —proved an altogether absorbing, if somewhat daring, romance of the fast set—a story with a semi-tragic twist, that sets right the distorted outlook of the lovely and wilful heroine, Con Make Your Screen Presentation Artistic and Colorful EFFECTIVE SLIDE, elaborately colored, created especially for “EXPENSIVE WOMEN” No. N105 PRICE 4x5—Colored positive only $2.00 —Set (positive and negative) 3.00 31%4x4—Colored positive only 1.50 —Set (positive and negative) 2.25 Order by number direct from NATIONAL STUDIOS, INC. 226 WEST 56th STREET, NEW YORK, N. Y. Be sure to specify size and send remittance with order, to avoid parcel post and C.O.D. charges. Gigantic Tie-Up That Covers Every Shop In Town! “Expensive Women” is one title that lends itself to good, commercial tie-ups in every line. Department stores, shoe stores, dress shops, beauty parlors, perfume stores, hand-bag shops, and every store catering to women. should be glad to tie-in with you on the exploitation of this picture. Here’s the way to put over this stunt and make it the talk of the town. Approach the advertising department of your local news “aper. Explain to him how practical it is for his paper to run ouble-spread cooperative ad that ties in directly with the : “Expensive Women.” By using the following catchlines every women’s store in town can be included in the two page ad: DON’T BE AN “EXPENSIVE WOMAN.” YOUR CLOTHES AT OUR = SHOES ARE EXCLUSIVE BUT NOT EXPENSIVE! YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE EXPENSIVE TO BE EXCLUSIVE! GOOD TASTE IS NOT A MATTER OF EXPENSE. SEE OUR $298 HAND BAGS FOR PROOF! BUY Other catchlines, equally as good can be used to tie-in other stores. Here’s The Big Catch! In order to make this double spread cooperative ad twice as effective as any other ad of its kind, arrange to offer prizes ta the person who finds most mistakes in same. Spelling mis ‘s, broken type faces, wrong type faces, errors in drawings, ,etc., can be worked into the ad. The prize gag will make .uem read the ad, provided such prizes are properly advertised in the columns of the newspaper, on the screen of your theatre and in the store windows of the dealers with whom you are cooperating. Everybody should share in the cost of the prizes. The newspaper should be the clearing house for this contest! Further Cooperation Once the cooperative ad is set with your local merchants, it should be comparatively simple, in fact it is natural for these local stores to put their windows, or part of their windows, at your disposal. Dress them with beautiful enlargements of Dolores Costello, scenes from the picture as well as cards and catchlines announcing your theatre name and playdate. Important The success of this stunt depends entirely upon the amount of energy you put behind to see that it is carried to the limit. There can be one store, a dozen stores, or a hundred stores in the tie-up. Go to it with a bang and make this stunt, the one “te gun of your campaign on “Expensive Women.” Set of 10—$1.00 -CATCHLINES Dolores Costello Comes Back In a Daring Drama! = & ® * * * Fashion Angle Shoot the works on that fashion angle. Never has any screen star had thé opportunity to wear such beautiful gowns as those displayed by Dolores Costello in “Expensive Women.” Women in all walks of life will be thrilled by the luxuriousness of these clothes. Here's how to get the most out of exploiting this angle. 1. All large department stores run their own fashion shows. Arrange with your local establishment to put on their show co-incident with the run of “Expensive Women.” Explain to the advertising and sales chief of the store that by introducing the exhibition on the stage of theatre as a prologue to the picture, he will be reaching many thousands of customers. No doubt any store agreeing to this tie-up will also advertise it heavily. Thus you get the equivalent of a stage show at no cost and in addition secure some valuable newspaper space. 2. Should there be no large department store in your vicinity, get all the small dealers together and have them stage a show, each store contributing a model to display the particular type of goods featured in that shop. If the models used are local girls, you can cop plenty of newspaper publicity. 3. Have all fashion shops display stills of Miss Costello in their windows with a sign “See Dolores Costello’s Beautiful New Gowns in “Expensive Women” at the Strand, then Visit Our Women’s Wear Department Where The Latest Hollywood Styles Are On Display.” 4. Run a balloting contest for the best-dressed woman in town with the grand prize to be a complete wardrobe made up of individual contributions of all the stores. You can sell them this idea by offering screen credit and lobby display. Her Freedom From Inhibitions Finally Enslaved Her! * % It Took Three Men To Teach Her Love! | * * * 4% Love Among the Moderns! * * Sensational Drama of Love Among The Millionaires! * * Love Was Her Downfall And Her Salvation! * * Gorgeous Gowns—Jewels—Furs! Her Heart Hungry For Love! Newspaper =| Contest Arrange with your local newspaper to conduct a contest offering prizes for the best answer to the question “WHAT IS AN EXPENSIVE WOMAN?” This contest should be divided into four classifications to cover (1) married man, (2) single men, (3) married women and (4) single ladies. This contest lends itself exceptionally well to cooperation from every store in town that caters to women. They can all tie in with the contest in their windows and in their newspaper ads. A little ageressive solicitation should show marvelous results along these lines. Of course, the angle for the stores is the refutation of what people say about Expensive Women and why good clothes are never expensive. As a circulation builder, this stunt cannot be beaten. of auto Several manufacturers mobiles are conducting big advertising campaigns on the inexpensive operation and upkeep of their prod uct. Most of these campaigns have been directed to women buyers. Your local dealers of automobiles should welcome the opportunity of carrying this national campaign to the fullest extent in your locality. This can be done by displaying neatly painted cards in their windows or by a parade of properly bannered automobiles through the streets with the following captions: Quality Is Never Expensive Ask Any “Expensive Woman” Don’t Be An “Expensive Woman” Buy Now And Save Money. | piness. poise and naturalness. pensive sance Newton—pampered daughter of the idle rich. Constance Newton is an entirely different role than any before portrayed by Miss Costello. It is far from the madonna-like creations of her earlier days, though the actress’s ethereal beauty has been heightened and made more fragile and appealing by her recent motherhood. Another phase of the new Costello is the rarely mellifluous quality of her voice, the perfection of her diction and the animation of her countenance. _ Three leading men—Warren William of Broadway stage fame—Anthony Bushell the young English actor and Joe Donahue—play the parts of the three men who at different times make or mar her hapIf one them loses his life at the hand of another, it is to bring her back to the true appreciation of the first of her strange lovers. “Expensive Women” is a play by itself —different from all others—and yet glamorous and compelling. Others who appear in support of Miss Costello are H. B. Warner, Allan Lane, Morgan Wallace, Mae Madison, Polly Walters, Adele Watson and William House. Hobart Henley’s_ direction is a _ superb. achievement. : The settings of “Expensive Women” are of lavish splendour, showing the interiors of homes of members of so-called high society. Furs and gowns worn by the star and other ladies of the cast are gorgeous creations after the newest models. But it is Dolores herself who charms and amazes by her exquisite “Expensive Women” gives her a rare oppor tunity to demonstrate her versatility which she does by making of a character so foreign to herself. a person so sympathetic and under standable. Don’t fail to see Dolores Costello in “Expensive Women.” Novel Mailing Piece This novelty makes a perfect p.ay on the title “Expensive Women.” It is a mailing piece made up in the form of a bill to Mr. and Mrs Moviegoer for 5641 Feet of Solid Entertainment and 1 Hour of Maznificent Drama in Warner Bros. Picture, Dolores Costello in “ExWomen.” The _ heading reads: “HERE IS A BILL it will pay you to see.” Copy cleverly includes price scale, theatre address and the entire program. Size of the bill is 8 x 7 inches. Order direct from Advertising Novelty Co., 30 Irving Place, New York City. Price: $2.50 per thousand including your own copy. Write or wire for a sample. NOTE! Titles like “Expensive Women” do not present themselves every day in the week. It is a natural for exploitation, _ offering unlimited possibilities for. cooperative tieups, ‘contests, etc. etc. It is not only a good exploitation title, but is also intriguing and extremely box-office. Take full advantage of its merit. Give it a real play! Page Three