Expensive Women (Warner Bros.) (1931)

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B yy ¢ WHATHAPPENED WHILE THESTAR OF : Royal Stage Families Are In Stars’ Union ive Expens ot Gorgeously gowned! Gloriously presented—as the woman whose soul is lost in a fake paradise! DOLORES COSTELLC returns triumphantly at her exquisite best Just the kind of a lover any woman would want; any man would want to be! JOE DONAHUE ANTHONY BUSHELL H .B. WARNER as ee es —— << @! om Cut No. 6 with WARREN WILLIAM Ps je ~CIR Exclusive! \ es & POPULAR PRICES sto Cut 40c, Mat 10c ROYAL HEIR LEARNS TO TODDLE WHILE PARENTS EMOTE During the filming of “Expensive Women,” the Warnrer Bros. starring vehicle for Dolores Costello, now showing at the... Theatre, tiny Dolores Ethel Mae Barrymore was unsteadily acquiring the gentle art of walking. Mr. Barrymore was at the same time making “The Mad Genius” and he and Miss Costello were compelled to leave home before eight o’clock to be at the studio in time to begin work. The baby, true to Lilliputian instinct wakes regularly at six so there was a time to get acquainted with dad and mother for an hour or more, and the rest of the day had to be left to the faithful nurse. Sundays were high feast days for the royal family of the screen—and no invitations were tempting enough to take them from the all absorbing occupation of watching the baby walk in the way which Eugene Field describes as All-Aloney! Page Four Billy House Creates Another Comical Role In“Expensive Women’ (Biography, Sept. 15, 1931) Big Billy House, wearing the smile that won’t come off, is now to be seen in Warner Bros. “Expensive Women,” starring Dolores Costello, now at the....... Theatre. Mankato, Minnesota was Billy’s birthplace, though Oklahoma and Texas were his stamping grounds till he ran off with a carnival and then took to the circus. He invaded Broadway in 1926 when he was in the early thirties. He was seen in vaudeville for several years and finally reached the Palace, mecca of all vaudevillians. Several musical shows were enlivened with his huge roly-poly comedy, his best work being done in the Shuberts’ “Lucky Girl.” As a laugh-maker Billy House is what Broadway calls a natural. He appeared in “God’s Gift to Women,” “Smart Money,” and others. a es eae apne ener eR ately “EXPENSIVEWOMEN” WAS UNDERGOING) “ed THE WASHING OF HER GOLDEN HAIR Mere Man Smiles Chivalrously On The Set While Dolores Costello Exercises Her Prerogative To Keep Him Waiting By Kenneth S. Whitmore (Human Interest Story for No. 1 Paper) All morning Dolores Costello (Mrs. John Barrymore in private life) had been working in the dust and sun at the Warner Ranch, making scenes for her new picture, “Expensive Women” now at the........ Theatre—so, when, in the afternoon, the company came in for interiors, there. were a number of things that had to be attended to. Maids, wardrobe mistresses, hairdressers, a masseuse and a manicurist were scurrying in and out of her dressing room. It took no effort of the imagi nation to picture the intimate and charming rites going on behind that door. While the bath was drawn, the hair irons heated, the unguents and lotions and powders made ready, some fifty persons waited on the set. Their wait was not time lost. A shrewd-thinking assistant director, wise in the ways of film stars and their habits and indulgences, had forseen that. He had postponed for half an hour or so the call for company lunch and had anticipated Miss Costello’s requirements by sending her to the studio ahead of the troupe. With luck, and providing the lady’s hairdresser was ordinarily skillful, the cameras should be turning again within a few minutes. THE SHOOTING HALTS In the meantime the company waited—but not the camera crew and electricians. Director Hobart Henley leaned back in his underslung canvas chair, reading the market page of a two-day-old newspaper. Iot expecting a literary respite he evidently had come unprepared. The cameraman and his assistants were lining up for their first shot. Miss Costello’s stand-in-girl stood patiently as lights were adjusted and lenses focussed. The electrical crew wrestled with lights as the gaffer—the boss electrician—gave his orders. Warren Williams, an actor with a striking resemblance to Barrymore, sat talking with a stunning little blonde with a babyish voice—Miss Polly Walters. The property boys were moving furniture. Henley read on. From time to time he glanced at his wrist watch. DIRECTOR GETS UNEASY The set was small and the company seemed lost in the vastness of the huge, barn-like stage. Although thirty or more powerful lights were flaring they seemed but a single candle in a cavern. Strewn about were all the appurtenances to film production. From an awkward, crane-like metal boom a lone microphone dangled. A camera truck, like a child’s wheeled toy, stood idle in a corner. The sound mixer, fiddling with the buttons and disks on the black panel before him, sat behind the plateglass window in his portable booth. He looked like the ticket seller in a circus wagon. Henley looked at his watch again. The assistant director anticipated him. He sent the second assistant to Miss Costello’s dressing room. “Ask her how much longer she'll be,” he urged. The second assistant left on the run. He returned almost at once. “She'll be right down,” he reported. “She'll be right down,” said the assistant to Henley. Henley looked at his watch again. Twenty minutes later Dolores Costello came on the set. A wardrobe. mistress, her hairdresser and her maid trailed her as she hurried in. It was a nice entrance. Even when the cameras are not turning these screen stars know their values. There was immediate activity. Light and camera crews took their places. Henley threw aside his paper and stood up to greet his star. The sound mixer twisted a dial and a sharp clicking sound emitted from the recording apparatus. It seemed a signal for picture making to begin. “Sorry to have been late,” said Miss Costello to her director. “We had trouble with my hair. It got so dusty at the ranch this morning I had to wash it. Its so long it takes a little time to dry, you know!” Henley smiled understandingly. Those who support Miss Costello in “Expensive Women” are Warren William, Anthony Bushell, Joe Donahue and H. B. Warner. lt Was W orth Waiting For! DOLORES STELLO At last she gives her best to the world in @ @ xpemont! Here’s a new dashing hero — Rapidly rising from success to triumph! WARREN WILLIAM Another screen favorite in a more powerful role than “Five Star Final.” H. B. WARNER And still another star who will delight you with his amazingly powerful characterization! ANTHONY BUSHELL A WARNER BROS. & VITAPHONE PICTURE "STATE SALE, Cut No. 8 Cut 20c, Mat Sc (Advance Reader) Dolores Costello is a member of one of America’s foremost theatrical families and has married into another such family, even more closely identified with the stage. She is the daughter of Maurice Costello, sister of Helene Costello, wife of John Barrymore, sister-in-law of Lowell Sherman and Ethel and * © onel Barrymore. Her latest Wa: Bros. picture, “Expensive Wor is. Comune 160..thé. oko The Pe heater next, Stars Steal From Movie Lot To Visit Their Pet (Advance Reader) During the filming of “Expensive Women” in which Dolores Costello is starred by Warner Brothers, her baby, Dolores Ethel Mae Barrymore celebrated her first birthday. It so happened that that particular day was one of the busiest in the whole schedule of filming but the star did steal time enough from the noon hour to drive to her Beverly Hills home and cut the cake which boasted two candles, one for its age and one to grow on—in company with her husband, John Barrymore. “Expensive Women” comes to the Rear ee Theatre. .......next. Dolores Costello Shoots Huge Galapagos Alligatc. (Current Reader) Dolores Costello, now at the..... Theatre in Warner Bros. “Expensive Women,” her first starring vehicle since her return from retirement, has become as ardent a deep sea fisherman and big game hunter as her husband, John Barrymore. One of many trophies displayed in the Beverly Hills home is a huge alligator which Miss Costello shot in the Galapagos. Included in the Barrymore-Costello aviary are more than two hundred live birds brought from the tropics. “Expensive Women” provides the beautiful star with her most brilliant emotional role. Society Girl Takes Blame For Crime Of Lover, Freeing Bo” (Current—Plant 6th Day) A beautiful woman, the more or less innocent cause of a murder, is willing to accept the blame for the crime which is not hers, because she knows that it will be difficult to secure a conviction against her. This, briefly, is the dramatic problem presented in “Expensive Women,” the first picture starring the lovely Dolores Costello the two years since her announced retirement, which is playing now at the se ee Theatre. A daring and sophisticated drama of high society offers Miss Costello an entire change of characterization Warren William, Anthony Bushell, H. B. Warner, Joe Donahue, Polly Walters and others form the impressive supporting cast. Hobart Henley directed. Miss Costello Plays Daring Modern SireIn‘““ExpensiveWome (Advance—Plant 1 Day Before) Forsaking, for the time at least, the madonna-like roles which made her famous on the silent screen and in early talking pictures, Dolores Costello is returning to the screen under the Warner Bros. banner in a sophisticated, modern characterization. As Constance Newton, spirited and adventurous society girl, in “Expensive Women,’ Miss Costello joins the rapidly increasing list of screen stars who are abandoning perfect roles for parts that are human and subject to human error. “Expensive Women” which comes tosthes ss S Theatre tomorrow is described as an ultra-modern story. The cast includes Warren William, H. B. Warner, Joe Donahue, Anthony Bushell,.Allan Lane, Morgan _ Wallace, Polly Waters and otheHobart Henley directed. —— el