Expensive Women (Warner Bros.) (1931)

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¥ -.THAT’S THE BIG AD PUNCH! A NEW COSTELLO SENSATION..|DOLORES COSTELLO NOW FOLLOWS THE TRADITIONS OFBARRYMORE WOMEN BY oe 1S NEW SENSATIONAL COSTELLO | conpinin CRADLING WITH A CAREER Star Of Warner Bros. ‘Expensive Women,” Now At The Strand Theatre, Loves Art No Less, In Loving Her Baby More (Interesting Women’s Page Feature) Expensive but not Exclusive! Too much money. Too many parties. Too little love. A world of men at her feet. A world of loneliness in her heart! The exquisite, Dolores returns more beautiful, adored — more more radiant than ever in you EXPENSIVE WOMEN — with WARREN WILLIAM Direct from his triumphs in “Honor of the Family” H. B. WARNER Dolores Costello Poses For Celebrated Artists (Advance Reader) Dolores Costello, who is starred in the new Warner Brothers picture, “Expensive Women” which comes:to. the: ..:... a teatre: i... 2): next, after a two year’s absence from the screen, was once an artist’s model and posed for many celebrated artists. Among them James Montgomery Flagg. Her screen seess followed stage experience NI. soles in pictures. ANTHONY BUSHELL HOLLYWOOD A WARNER BROS. & VITAPHONE HIT Cut No. 9 Fortune in Furs Used | Hidden Containers Used Cut 60c, Mat 15c (Advance Reader) The picture “Expensive Women,” in which Dolores Costello is starred for Warner Brothers, sets up a new record in the value of furs displayed in one picture. Twenty thousand dollars in Russian sable alone is used on one costume for Miss Costello and thirty thousand dollars worth of fur wraps appear in one scene in a dressing room. Added to this are many beautiful fur wraps worn by other women in the picture. In “Expensive Women” Several new and novel methods of carrying liquor in hidden containers are shown in Warner Bros. picture, “Expensive Women” in which Dolores Costello is starred and which opens...... at the. xc ‘Eheatre. 5 next. There is no danger of these scenes being illegal in any place because in each instance the trick flask proves to be empty. ‘Same. Miss Costello’s next. screen Mrs. Barrymore said: here in my hilltop garden that I dislike the thought of leaving it, even for a few hours a day. We seldom go out. I have almost forgotten what the studio is like!” Now she says “One never gets entirely away from the thrill of it,” without managing to entirely contradict her earlier statement. “I know now that I can be completely happy away from the studio but I hope I will be able to do justice to both my family and my profession.” BARRYMORE WOMEN The Barrymore tradition puts no stumbling blocks in the way of Dolores Costello’s return to the screen. The Barrymore women have mixed family raising and curtain raising for at least three generations. Barrymore’s mother brought three children into the world during a comparatively short and very busy professional life. Her mother, John Barrymore’s grandmother, did the When Dolores Costello announced her retirement from the screen and admitted the approach of the birth of an heir, both she and her husband took care to add that she might, in due time, return to the profession. Barrymore has never urged his wife to give up her career entirely. For the first eleven months of her baby’s life Dolores Costello devoted more attention and time to her child than the average mother. There was a nurse, naturally, but she often found herself left to her own duties while the mother took personal charge of little Dolores Ethel Mae. | Two short trips away from the baby were made during that period but on the longer voyage south the child was taken along. It was after these short trips away from her baby that the mother agreed to listen to the insistance of studio executives who wanted her to return to the screen. No picture work would take her away from the child more than a few hours at a time and she was convinced that such absences would in no way be detrimental to the child. BABY VISITS THE SET As a matter of fact the little girl probably did not know that her mother had returned to her career. There was always an hour for play with her in the morning and the “tuck in” half hour every night and in between, the baby was taken, almost every day, for a ride to the studio where Miss Costello worked and where production halted temporarily while mother and child rehearsed the first steps and the first words. “Expensive Women” was made while Dolores Ethel Mae was learning to walk and to talk. The actress refused to be hurried in her return to the screen. It was necessary first to re-arrange the comfortable household schedule which had been built up over the year in which the baby had been the center of the Barrymore household. This was done gradually while impatient executives fumed and fussed. It was necessary also for Miss Costello to lose some twelve pounds of weight. This was undertaken under a physician’s observation. Exercise and diet which consisted principally of spinach and asparagus, proved effective. Dolores Costello returned to the screen after a two year’s absence at her former screen weight. Those who support Miss Costello in “Expensive Women” are Warren William, Anthony Bushell, Joe Donahue, H. B. Warner, Polly Walters, Morgan Wallace, Allan Lane, Mae Madison, Adele Watson, and Billie House. Hobart Henley directed. first picture, “Expensive Women” which comes to the “T have been so completely happy | ; since her retirement, is eee Theatre....... Dolores Ethel Mae was almost a year old when her mother returned to the studio to begin her picture. Only a few months before, when questioned as to her probable return to the | The New Dolores Cut No. Dolores Costello who returns to the screen with a new voice, and new personality in “Expensive Women,’ A Warner Bros. and Vitaphone Picture coming LO> EDC oe 18 Cut 40c, Mat 10c Joe Donahue Offers His Finest Work In “Expensive Women’’ (Biography, Sept. 15, 1931) Joe Donahue who has an unusual role as comedy heavy in Warner Bros. “Expensive Women” opposite Dolores Costello—now at the...... Dheatre <2) 2¢: , was born in Boston, Mass. Jan. 3rd, 1903 and graduated from the grammar schools there at the age of fifteen, immediately going into vaudeville. The late Jack Donahue, actor and author, was his older brother and at first he became Jack’s understudy, making his first bow in “Angel Face” as his brother’s substitute. He served in this capacity in “Always You” and then went out in vaudeville on his own and achieved success. But he was always at Jack’s call and during the run of the show “Sunny” in New York, Joe doubled for his brother for two weeks opposite Marilyn Miller and it was at Miss Miller’s suggestion that Joe was signed for the screen version of “Sunny.” Joe is primarily a dancer but he enacted light comedy roles in several First National pictures preceding this important part in “Expensive Women.” Joe is unmarried and lives in Hollywood. He has appeared in “Sunny” and “Party Husband.” Infant of Famous Stars Resembles Each Of Them (Advance Reader) Cast and crew working with Dolores Costello on her first return picture for Warner Brothers, “Ex:/ pensive Women,” which comes to thes. Theatre next, agreed that Dolores Ethel Mae, her year old baby, looked like her. Those working with John Barrymore, the proud father, however, insisted the child most resembled the Barrymores. The baby seemed impartial. Page Five