Expensive Women (Warner Bros.) (1931)

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SMART, ARTISTIC, DRAMATIC DOLORES ETHEL MAE IS SEA-GOIN’ BABY AT THE AGE OF SIX MONTHS (Human Interest Story for No. 1 Paper) Dolores Ethel Mae Barrymore was a year old during the time that her mother, Dolores Costello, was making “Expensive Women,” the Warner Bros. production which is her first starring vehicle, since her retirement two years ago. ‘the first year does not usually include much of adventure or travel for either. mother or child, but the Barrymore-Costellos are not usual people. When the royal infant was scarcely six months old, she was safely aboard the sharp-nosed Infanta, sailing South with her famous parents, bound for Central America and the capture of that strange and mystic bird, the uetzel, and other tropical specimens. The Infanta, second of the Barrymore boats, was partly planned by Miss Costello. It is a more commodious craft than the Mariner; the one on which they made their honeymoon and capable of longer and even more interesting voyages. On this Miss Costello accompanied Barrymore to Alaskan waters last summer and spent a week at salmon fishing. “THERE SHE BLOWS!” At her suggestion they visited a whaling vessel and watched, first hand, the business of hunting down the largest creatures that ever lived on the globe. She even dared what her husband once described as the “Homric stench” to wait for the opportunity to fire.a harpoon gun at a blowing monster. She went with him to Guatemala, but waited in Guatemala City while he and his native guides rode horseback into the jungle after the royal bird of the ancient Aztecs. It was a disastrous trip, for Barrymore came out of the jungle without the bird and with the fever, and it was necessary to abandon a part of the trip and return home. It was weeks before all traces of the fever left and before another excursion into the wilds could be attempted. Then, just before Dolores was about to return to the screen to make “Expensive Women” and just after Barrymore had finished “Svengali” they sailed South again into Mexican waters aboard their yacht and anchored in an unfrequented bay. From there they tramped inland with light baggage, after ducks. ‘They slept in sleeping bags and cooked their meals over an open fire and Barrymore had an unique opportunity to sample his wife’s culinary creations. It was a brief vacation in preparation for the strenuous weeks ahead of both of them. FOLDEROLS AGAIN! In “Expensive Women” Miss Costello is back in the soft finery of the feminine roles she seems to personify to the public, surrounded by cinema scenes of luxury. It is hard to picture her in rough clothes, heavy boots, corduroy’ trousers which in reality she likes to wear. It is difficult to imagine Dolores Costello, the lovely, protected and, eternally feminine woman, facing a] gaping crocodile or a hideous iguana or balancing herself in a rocking motor boat, paying out line to a maddened sail fish. Yet these are the things that Dolores, the venturous wife of John Barrymore and the madonna-like mother of Dolores Ethel Mae, really enjoys. “Expensive Women,” now at the a ie Theatre has a large cast including Warren William, Anthony Bushell, Joe Donahue, H. B. Warner, Allan Lane, Morgan Wallace, Mae Madison, Polly Walters, Adele Watson and Billy House. Hobart Henley directed. Long Golden Hair Of Dolores Is Her Own (Advance Reader) Dolores Costello, star of Warner Bros. picture, “Expensive Women,” which comes to the........ Theatre Cae next, has never bobbed her The famous golden Costello tresses are the star’s crowning glory. Studio employees who saw Miss Costello for the first time when she came back from a two year retirement to make this picture could not believe that her hair was not a wig. They soon learned, however, that there was no need for _her to use either wigs or pieces nor to bleach her hair. She is one of the screen’s few natural blondes. Page Six gi WARNER Costello’s Twentieth Film |Polly Walters Now “Expensive Women” Is Her Finest (Current Reader) Admirers of Dolores Costello everywhere concede that “Expensive Women,” the Warner Bros. picture in which she is now appearing at 3d 6 (cece a Theatre, is her supreme starring vehicle. Her brilliant career, which really began when John Barrymore chose her as his lead in “The Sea Beast” reaches its height in the role of Constance Newton, in “Expensive Women,” which is her twentieth film. Three leading men support her—Warren William, Anthony Bushell and Joe Donahue. Hobart Henley directed. The Screen’sNew 7 Bird Of Paradise ! /] turn of Ladies A WARNER BROS. & VITAPHONE PICTURE with FOE Cut No. 10 Cut 60c, Mat 15c A new personality, and a new voice herald the triumphant re DOLORES <OSTELLO XPENSIVE WOMEN of leisure—lavished with luxury — gorged with gold — yet starving for love! WARREN WILLIAM Star of “Honor of the Family”— riding the crest of a popular wave to surging successes! H. B. WARNER ANTHONY BUSHELL DONAHUE Pretty Polly Amuses Crowds As Talkative Gold-Digging Blonde (Biography, Sept. 15, 1931) Carries Compass, Hollywood Hiking (Current Reader) Pretty Polly Walters who has a prominent role in support of Dolores Costello in Warner Bros. “Expensive Women” now at the....... Theatre says she carries a compass with her when she goes hiking in Hollywood, nowadays. Discovered in vaudeville at the Palace and sent by Warner Bros. to the film capital several months ago, she got lost and remained so for several days while frantic efforts were made to locate her—hence the compass. Miss Walters was recently seen in “Smart Money” with Edward G. Robinson. Polly Walters, who so enthusiastically plays the part of the irrepressible blonde vamp in support of Dolores Costello in Warner Brr picture “Expensive Women” now thes= 2: Theatre, was born in € lumbus, Ohio on January 5th, 191. of French-English parentage. After grammar and high school in her home town, she entered a dancing school and also took special work in voice and piano, preparing for the stage. Her first professional appearance was in Delmar’s Revels, followed by work in other shows until she was finally given the second lead in “Tattle Tales.” The success she scored in this role opened her way to Hollywood. _ Miss Walters’ present all-absorbing ambition is to succeed on the screen. Greta Garbo and George Arliss are her favorite movie stars. On the stage she likes Marilyn Miller and Richard Bennet. Her pet aversions are early rising and early retiring. She dances daily, for exercise and likes skating, golf, tennis, horseback riding and swimming. » She appeared in “Larceny Lane,” “Smart Money” and “Expensive Women.” _ Miss Walters is five feet th inches tall, weighs one hundred ai eight pounds and has brown eyes and blonde hair. XY © ce = Dolores Costello Gives Expert Yachting Advice (Current Reader) Dolores Costello, star of “Expensive Women,” the Warner Bros. picture which is the coming attraction at the........ Theatre, was also technical expert on the yacht sequences in the story. The actress, who has just returned to the screen under the Warner Bros. banner after a two year vacation, is an enthusiastic sailor and has cruised many thousands of miles aboard the Infanta, the large power craft belonging to her husband, John Barrymore, H. B. Warner Depicts Most Forceful Rol In ‘Expensive Women’ (Biography, Sept. 15, 1931) H. B. Warner who so ably plays the role of the stern father in “Expensive Women’”—the Warner Brothers picture starring Dolores Costello, now at the.......... Theatre, always wanted to be an actor, but for a time was sidetracked into the study of medicine. He rebelled in time, however, and entered his father’s company when the elder Warner was starring in “Drink,” a record-breaker in England. In 1905—after a number of years with his father on the London stage, H, B. Warner came to the United States. His first play was “Merely Mary Ann” with Eleanor Robson. He was later starred in his own right in a number of important productions, including “The Girl Who Has Everything;” “Susan in Search of a Husband,” “Salome Jane,” “T} Battle,” “Alias Jimmy Valentin “Danger,” “You and I,” and “s lence.” He made his first picture in 1914, and for a time worked alternately on stage and screen. Warner Bros. signed him for a number of important roles in Vitaphone pictures, including the “Green Goddess” in which he played Major Crespin in support of George Arliss. Mr. Warner is identified with the success of many pictures—Among which may be mentioned “Silence,” “King of Kings,” “Sorrel and Son,” “Divine Lady,” “Conquest,” “Stark Mad” and “The Argyle Case,” “Liliom,” “Reckless Hour,” “Five Star Final.” He is married has, three children and lives in Beverly Hills. Mr. Warner is an_ enthusiastic sportsman and gardener, and is one of the most widely travelled members of the motion picture colony. He is over six feet in height weighs one hundred and sixty-seven pounds and has fair hair and blue eyes.