Expensive Women (Warner Bros.) (1931)

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i “= = a Sennen = a ete ed ‘HERO, THRIL iy ~ ; = SE ene, — a S THE FEMMES! ‘EXPENSIVE WOMEN” PROVES FINE STARRING VEHICLE FOR DOLORES COSTELLO’S RETURN TO TALKIES Warner Bros. Srilliant Modern Romance Which Opened At Strand Last Night Acclaimed By Large Audiences (Review Featuring the Story) Che record audiences at the Theatre last evening en“thusiastically welcomed Miss Costello back to the screen in “Expensive Women,” a play quite different from others in which she has starred, but by consensus of opinion, her best. “Expensive Women” is the story of a beautiful daughter of the idle rich, whose world-weary heart is constantly in quest of something to satisfy the emptiness of her existence. Her emotional nature is completely abject before the young musician whose symphony he plays for her. This love ends in time when she leaves him for another infatuation—and for a third. It is only when one of her lovers loses his life at the hand of another, that she takes the blame for his crime—in the belief that the fact that she is a woman, will in all probability free both. Her supposition is correct and she goes back to the EXCLUSIVE TO \\Nse She left her heart with the man she loved— while she experimented with new love from Newport to Palm Beach! DOLORES first of the three—and—but that is the story. The three men who play. leads for Miss Costello are Warren William of Broadway fame—Anthony Bushell, the distinguished young Englis actor—and Joe Donahue. Others in the strong cast are H. B. Warner, Allan Lane, Morgan Wallace, Mae Madison, Polly Walters, Adele Wat and William House. The able stion is by Hobart Henley. he new type of role which Miss Costello plays so superbly is but one of the things which makes the play at the Theatre _remarkable. Miss Costello herself is more ethereally beautiful than ever, the madonnalike quality of her loveliness having been heightened by her motherhood. The charming diction, the mellifluous quality of her lowtoned voice, and the animation that marks her every mood—suggests long study—and the art which conceals art. She has never been so appealingly exquisite as in this character which is that of a girl intensely modern in her outlook, and quite irresponsible. Of a character so utterly different than her own, Miss Costello creates a role deeply sympathetic and understandable. Don’t fail to see “Expensive Women.” See Dolores Costello In “Expensive Women” (Current Reader) Dolores Costello is acclaimed by all who see her in “Expensive Women,” the Warner Bros. picture now at the Theatre as not only the most beautiful actress of the screen—but as demonstrating her unusual talents as never before in an emotional role of glamorous and provocative power. She is supported by three leading men Warren William, Anthony Bushell and Joe Donahue. Hobart Henley directed. Don’t fail to see Miss Costello as Constance Newton, the rich girl in quest of love, in “Expensive Women.” Nine sls Bath Tub Wearies Fair Star Of “Expensive Women’ (Current—Plant 2nd Day) he opening sequence of “Expen___¢ Women” now at the .... Theatre the new Warner Bros. picture in which Dolores Costello is starred— is told while the principal character holds a long and one-sided conver|, é sation over a telephone, while she is immersed in a hot bath. That scene took one whole d to film so that Miss Costello a little nervous over her w cause of her long absence fr screen, was in and out of that same tube for nine long hours. Occasionally the water was reheated and there long periods of rest while cameras were loaded and lights were changed. Film baths are numbered among the most trying scenes a player can make and Miss Costello’s first studio day was a bit strenuous. Warren William, H. B. Warner, Anthony Bushell, Joe Donahue, Polly Waters, Allan Lane, Morgan Wallace and many others are in‘aded in the cast of “Expensive “4.” Hobart Henley directed. | Dolores Costello Is Here Today In Here Finest Romance (Current—Plant 1st Day) Dolores Costello comes to the See ~~ Theatre today in “Expensive Women,” her first starring vehicle, since her two year domestic retirement from the screen. Miss Costello, recognized as one of the most beautiful women in pictures, is even more exquisite than before her motherhood. The added charm of her diction is evidence of the intensive study she has given to that branch of her profession— and the role she plays is utterly different from others she has done. She is cast as an emotional, though sophisticated girl of what is called high society. The three men with whom her life becomes complicated are played by Warren William, Anthony Bushell and Joe Donahue. Others in the strong cast are H. B. Warner, Allan Lane, Morgan Wallace, Mae Madison, Polly Walters, Adele Watson and William House. Hobart Henley directed. Don’t fail to see the new Dolores Polly Walters’ Foot Classed As Perfect (Current Reader) Polly Walters, who left the New York stage to enter the movies and then took two days to find her studio when she arrived in Hollywood, has won a perfect foot award from the National Association of Chiropodists. She wears a size 3A shoe. The award was made on the smallness, shape, beauty and strength of Miss Walter’s foot. She is now to be seen at the........ Theatre in support of Dolores Costello in Warner Bros. “Expensive Women.” @ Beauty! Suprem Uy, WARREN WILLIAM H. B. WARREN Anthony Bushell A WARNER BROS. & VITAPHONE PICTURE Cut No. 14 Now APPOLLO Now Lovelier than ever, returns triumphantly to the screen in with WARREN WILLIAM H. B. WARNER ANTHONY BUSHELL JOE DONAHUE ZY Y oe fie ie A WARNER BROS. & ; // VITAPHONE PICTURE Cut No. 3 Cut 60c, Mat 15c Costello and Warten Williams were brought together because tional talents could handle love’s delicate complexes with such finesse! love-team always wanted A HIT! only their excep The kind of a you’ve Gorgeous Gowns Are Worn In “Expensive Women”’ Two Years Absence Has New Support (Current Reader) Dresses and wraps worn by Dolores Costello in “Expensive Women” the Warner Bros. feature playing now at the Theatre, were designed by Earl Luick, studio fashion expert. They are the most elaborate wardrobe productions of the year. This is Miss Costello’s first picture since her return to the screen. (Current—Plant 4th Day) The turnover of talent in motion igtone of the amazing things {When Dolores Lg ; a te’ pictures and r°Bros. studios after a two tting cast only one familiar name In that brief space of time the whole roster of supporting players popular with the studio and the public had undergone such a change that H. B. Warner was the only player who had ever before appeared in a Costello picture. Warren William, who plays the leading role opposite Miss Costello in “Expensive Women” now at the Theatre was brought directly from a Broadway stage production. Anthony Bushell, a young English actor of growing prominence and Joe Donahue, brother of the late J ack Donahue, are new to the screen since Miss Costello left it. Mae Madison and Polly Walters are also new since “Second Choice,” the last Costello picture Hefore the vacation, #/ himgy however, is not Re Agehinical production rom producer to script from property man to esigner almost the entire Trew is made up of men and women who worked with Miss Costello before retirement and while she was rising from bit roles to stardom. Superb Romance! DOLORES Expensive, but not ex clusive. Gay but not happy. Lovely but not loved. Pity the poor “Expensive Women.” Cut 40c, Mat 10c Miss Costello, After|Barrymore Visits Set While Dolores Acts In Royal Raiment (Current—Plant 3rd Day) Dolores Costello’s return to the screen at the Theatre has been surrounded with a richness of setting seldom equalled in pictures. The story of “Expensive Women” deals with the idle rich, the people with too little to do, and too much time and money to do with. As Constance Newton Miss Costello moves through settings more luxurious, and in clothes and wraps more elegant than even the wife of Barrymore may possess. Four mansions were built by Warner Brothers on various stages for use in “Expensive Women.” The result was that all of the studio’s supply of fine antiques and art pieces was exhausted and art rental agencies were called in to fill out the requirements. In clothing the climax was reached in a dress designed for Miss Costello by Earle Luick, studio fashion expert, which combined a magnificent yellow brocaded material with Russian sables. The sables alone were insured for $20,000 and were rented for the picture. Visiting the set while his wife wore the expensive costume Mr. Barrymore gave the gown the once over and said, “I hope, my dez., this doesn’t spoil you forever.” Seen in support of Miss Costello are Warren William, Anthony Bushell, Joe Donahue, H. B. Warner, Polly Walters, Mae Madison, Morgan Wallace, Allan Lane and others. Hobart Henley directed. Page Nine