Expensive Women (Warner Bros.) (1931)

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COSTELLO, WILLIA —_—. Pe —— \ M, WARNER, Three Leading Men Complicate Action In Costello Drama (Advance—Plant 3 Days Before) Three men—a comedy villain, a weak-kneed romantic lead and an imperfect hero vie for the love of the heroine in “Expensive Women” the picture which brings Dolores Costello back to the screen and which comes to the Theatre next. This unusual combination of characterizations adds much to the sensational character of the story which is a wide departure from anything in which Miss Costello has ever before starred. Joe Donahue, generally featured as a light comedy expert, plays the role of a half-drunken good fellow who suddenly turns menace. Anthony Bushell, popular young English actor, plays the part of the lovable but easily dominated romantic interest, while Warren William, a newcomer from the New York stage starts the picture by leading the heroine into indiscretion and ends it by leading her to the altar. H. B. Warner is cast as an ambitious and heartless father who ends as a sympathetic and badly beaten old man. With all of these widely divergent characters Miss Costello as Constance Newton is intimately involved. They account for an ultra modern and highly sophisticated story. Hobart Henley directed. BARRYMORES BRAVE ROUGH SEAS AND gee Dolores Costello Is CIRCLE WILD COUNTRY ON DARING HUNTING ADVENTURE Most Feminine Of Stars Proves Ardent Sportswoman; “My Wife Has A Brave And Venturous Spirit” Says J. B. (Intriguing Human Interest Story for Use in No. 1 Paper of Sunday Issue) Dolores Costello, who comes to the next in “Expensive Women” and who somehow has succeeded in being the most feminine of feminine stars of the screen, is in fact an ardent and expert sportswoman. Being the wife and companion of John Barrymore is never a dull business and it was the discovery that they enjoyed the same sports and were bored with the same people and things that paved the way to their romance and marriage. nent Costello Lead Hops To First of all Miss Costello shares with her husband a great love of the sea. It has become their common playground. She is anfye Hollywood From B’way| swimmer, an able and patie bas (Advance Reader) Warren William, Broadway stage favorite, who plays opposite Dolores Costello in “Expensive Women,” the Warner Brothers feature picture which comes to the Theatre next, was brought to Hollywood for the role from New York by airplane, making the trip in two days and one night. Twelve hours after his arrival he was on the set, working in a scene with Miss Costello. —_ WINTER GARDEN \ Poor Rich Woman | Iinpoverished by wealth, Enslaved by luxury, Fettered by freedom, Her naked soul cries out for things money can’t buy! XO) Ke) OS IC HB. Cut No. 4 Page Ten RES TELL (Y ANTHONY BUSr ELL JOE DONAHUE (-) WARNER WARNER BROS. & VITAPHONE PICTURE Cut 40c, Mat 10c man; she is an excellent sh d ‘stamins She can, when occdsfon demangs, cook bacon and eggs*over an open fire, sleep in a sleeping bag, ride forty miles a day on horseback. She relishes high seas and is never sea sick. She shares with her husband a fondness for pets, the enthusiasm of a real collector and a gdegire to visit and explore strange es and unfrequented seas. Miss Costello, the actress, she considers second in importance to Mrs. John Barrymore, the wife. Her career is important but it comes after the welfare of her child and the happiness of her home. She is as indifferent to social prestige and to Hollywood society as Barrymore himself. These are the things that made Dolores Costello the ideal wife for the strenuous John Barrymore. Their married life has been a series of ventures which they have shared equally. It began with the honeymoon trip to the Galapagos Islands aboard the stout-bottomed but rough riding schooner-yacht, ihe Mariner. Essentially a sailing vessel, with only auxiliary engines, designed to be used in emergency, with comfortable but limited quarters, the Mari ner offered strenuous sport for cour-| ] ageous hearts. asec “WORLD’S END The public was frankly @Gpfo about the happiness of the lovey Doiores aboard a wind-jammer on the treacherous Pacific. It seemed impossible that the fragile beauty and the luxurious feminine soitness of the star would fit successfully into the necessarily rough life aboard a sailing vessel and about the strange islands of the South Seas. What the public did not know and could not guess was that Dolores herself had had a hand in the plans for the trip and that her game guns were stacked beside those of her husband and that her fishing tackle was only a little less comdlete and scientific than his. The Galapagos Islands are famous for many things; the fact that the rescuers of “Robinson Crusoe” stopped there on the return trip to civilization is one; the fact it is known to scientists as “world’s snd” and the location of more rare and interesting flora and fauna, not found anywhere else in the world, is another. Among the latter are the giant land and surf Iguanas, probably the most hideous creatures that exist. Huge and vicious lizards, giant tortoises, agly reptiles of all kinds abound, tempting to the hunter but appalling to any woman, not interested in adventure for adventure’s sake. Mounted specimens of these creatures now decorate the trophy house at the Barrymore estate. A fair share of the spectacular game bagged in those strange islands, is credited to Dolores Costello, the fragile, the feminine and the ethereal. KILLS CROCODILE Later on the Mariner touched Panama and Barrymore and his wife equipped for bigger game than available on the Galapagos Islands, journeyed overland to the Bayano river. Here Miss Costello killed her first crocodile, but not until the brute had given the entire party a real scare. Barrymore had already bagged his “croc” when the party came upon another of the ugly brutes. That time Dolores fired directly into the Gorgeously dressed but going nowhere! And wasting the best part of her life getting there! DOLORES LA COSTELLO in her greatest— El with WARREN WILLIAM a lover who’s taking the country by storm! H. B. WARNER ANTHONY BUSHELL JOE DONAHUE _ A WARNER BROS. & | VITAPHONE PICTURE Cut No. 1 Cut 20c, Mat Sc evil face and the crocodile flopped and lay. still, apparently lifeless. But as she stepped forward to examine her kill, the creature charged. Barrymore’s rifle barked sharply but not any sooner than that of his daring wife. The skin of that crocodile has three bullet holes through it, two of them fired from the dangerously close range. “Head Hunting” followed, with Barrymore intent on finding samples of the head mummies of ancient Central American tribes. These people knew the secret of shrinking the bony cranium of their dead to only a fraction of the original size. It was no easy task to find these specimans but they are now among the unusual items in the same trophy house. LANDS TARPON Deep sea fishing, for giant sail fish, tarpon, everything except swordfish angling, occupied long, leisurely days. The Marlin swordfish is game for a strong man, no woman dares attempt it. “It goes without saying,” Barrymore once told a radio audience, “that my wife has a venturous spirit.” The return from the long honeymoon found Dolores Costello’s golden beauty hidden deep under the tropical bronze. There was no longer any doubt but that the most feminine of screen stars was also the best of sports. DOLORES COSTELLO Operon! WA Ta EN WILLIAM H. B. WARNER REXY Cut No. 15, Cut 20c, Mat Sc True To Tradition Of Barrymores (Advance—Plant 2 Days Before) Dolores Costello, wife of John Barrymore, is carrying on the traditions of the Barrymore family as well as those of her own dramatic heritage, in her present return the talking screen. Barrymore women have neve: lowed family to interfere with eer. They have all been busy we men who successfully mixed family and professional life. When it was announced, almost two years ago, that Dolores Costello would retire from the screen, particular care was taken to add that she would return. “Expensive Women” which comes to the Theatre next, marks the return. It offers Miss Costello an entirely new kind of role, that of a sophisticated girl of the fast set. _ The cast of “Expensive Women” includes Warren William, H. B. Warner, Anthony Bushell, Joe Donahue, Polly Walters, Allan Lane, Morgan Wallace and others. Hobart Henley directed. Costello And Barrymore See Themselves In Hits (Current Reader) _Upon the completion of “Exr sive Women” the Warner Bros. duction now at the Their tiny daughter Dolores Ethel Mae Barrymore, accompanied her parents to New York. Last Two Performances Of “Expensive Women’” = (Current Reader) Expensive Women,” the Warner Bros. production starring Dolores Costello which has been drawing record crowds to the Theatre, will be seen for the last two times locally today. This startlingly different picture marks the return of Miss Costello to the screen, after a retirement of two years. She is even more beautiful than before has acquired a charm of dic which adds. greatly to the part portrays—that of an idle rich gin whose love-life is dominated by three men. Hobart Henley directed. DOLORES Dolores Costello Cut No. 16 Cut 15c, Mat Se Dolores Costello— The trumpets of fame, Again to the wide world Are wafting the name— Name of soft cadences Goldenly mellow; Name for the wild throat Of flute or of ’cello— Dolores—Dolores— Dolores Costello! Dolores Costello— The wind and the rain; Sunlight and shadow Of Erin and Spain; All mirth, all the pity Of man for his fellow— Soul of soft cadences Goldenly mellow— Dolores—Costello— Dolores Costello! Miss Costello is now at the............ Theatre in Warner Bros. “Expensive Women,” first starring vehicle since her return to the talking screen.