Expensive Women (Warner Bros.) (1931)

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BUSHELL,--SOME SWELL CAST! Getting There Although “Expensive Women is only his second screen venture, Warren William *being touted as one of the most gifted bromising stars in the screen. Dolores lo is the star of “Expensive Women” ch opens at the... Cut No. 19 Cut 15c, Mat Sc Miss Costello Is Aided By Three Famous Leading Men There are actually three leading men playing opposite Dolores Costello in “Expensive Women,” the Warner Brothers. picture which comes to the Theatre next. They are Warren William, an importation from the New York stage for this part; Anthony Bushell, youthful English actor, remembered in “Disraeli,” “Chances” and other pictures and Joe Donahue of “Sunny” fame. Costello’s Leading Man Resembles Her Husband One of the things for which Warren William, who plays a leading role in support of Dolores Costello in Warner Brothers in “Expensive Women” which comes to the atre next, is famous is! ‘act that in many respects he} 3 much like the star’s husband, gunn Barrymore. His voice is simi| lar too, so much that New York critics, in reviewing William’s fine | work on the stage have often com-| mented upon it. Polly Walters Is A Hit In Miss Costello’s Play’ The most important role won by Polly Walters since she left New York stage work for Hollywood and the screen, is the important part she plays in support of Dolores Costello in “Expensive Women,” the Warner Brothers picture which Opens=.<3o=-. at the Theatre See ee next. Miss Walters has the spirited role of an_ irrepressible blonde vamp. EXPENSIVE but ever in with returns to the screen more beautiful than “EXPENSIVE WOMEN” |Good Gruber Guarded Costello Quarters Till Her Return (Advance—Plant 6 Days Before) Though Dolores Costello coming to the Theatre next in her new Warner Bros. starring vehicle, “Expensive Women” was away from the Warner Bros. studio almost two years, her dressing room —the first completed when the Sunset Boulevard studio was rebuilt— was never occupied. Mrs. Gruber, for many years matron of Warner Bros. studios took personal charge of the Costello quarters kept the only keys to them and steadfastly refused to let the rooms be used, even in the midst of capacity production. Mrs. Gruber, watched Miss Costello’s rise from an unfeatured bitplayer to stardom, was interested in the making of “Expensive Women.” She greeted the actress daily and spent her spare time watching the If Mrs. Gruber was surprised at the new kind of role played by Miss Costello in this picture she has never mentioned it, but she does insist that the Barrymore baby looks like its production in the making. mother. DOLORES COSTELLO —Her Pictures— “Bobbed Hair” “The Sea Beast” “Bride of the Storm” “Little Irish Girl” Cee eel “A Million Bid” “The Third Degree” (ceeehcemaienmeaaell “The College Widow” “When a Man Loves” “Old San Francisco” “Heart of Maryland” “Glorious Betsy” “Tenderloin” Seem renee “Noah’s Ark” “The Redeeming Sin” “The Glad Rag Doll” “Madonna of Avenue “A” “Hearts in Exile” “Second Choice” “Show of Shows” “Expensive Women” not EXCLUSIVE 4 arm slides down his shoulder, the “Expensive Women” Star Cruises A La Barrymore SCREENING A MOVIE KISS By Norman Krasna (Advance Reader) Dolores Costello, star of “Expensive Women,” Warner Bros. feature picture which comes to the. . : Theatre next, is an ardent sportswoman and loves deep sea fishing. As soon as she completed this picture, her first after a two year retirement, she went with her husband, John Barrymore, on their yacht, the Infanta, for a short fishing excursion to Mexican waters. (Amusing Feature for No. 1 Paper) Very tenderly the movie hero takes the heroine in his arms. The villain has been routed, the sheriff has been given the money for the mortgage, nothing remains but the love scene. Ever so slowly the hero presses his lips to the star’s forehead, then her cheek, then her lips. A million stenographers sigh. Director Hobart Henley sighs, too, thinking of all the trouble it was to get the darn shot right. A movie kiss, after all these years of practice, still remains one of the most difficult things to photograph in close-ups. During the filming of “Expensive Women” the Warner Bros. picture now at the Theatre, the story called for a rather ordinary love scene between Dolores Costello and Warren William—two ordinarily expert, it might be said, kissers. Director Henley placed Miss Costello on a window bench, set William eight inches away, and retired to his place behind the camera. After all, there are some things even a director can’t show people how to do. There was the bell for silence, and the scene commenced. SHADOW OF HIS NOSE William put his right arm around Miss Costello’s waist, and gently drew the star to his manly bosom. “Stop,” said Director Henley, “you can’t shift Dolores over that much, there’s a shadow falling on her from the light above, I think it’s your nose.” So they adjusted their positions. Now it is agreed that William is to bend toward Miss Costello. Again his arm goes around her waist, he leans, he kisses her—perfectly. “No,” says Director Henley, “don’t print that (which refers to the cameraman, telling him not to send that bit of celluloid to the laboratory) you kissed her too high.” A little discussion brings out the fact that while the kiss may have been artistically perfect, it wasn’t a good screen kiss. You will notice that whenever two players kiss on the screen, and the man inclines his head toward the camera, that he kisses her below—not on—the mouth. It all goes back to perspective, or something. Anyway, it’s been proven that a kiss on the lips, where ordinary folks place it, comes out on the screen like a kiss on the girl’s nose. You have no idea how many newsreel shots are spoiled by ambassadors not knowing the simplest screen rules. TELLTALE POWDER Dolores and Warren now go thru two more rehearsals, and decide to imptove conditions by having Dolores place her arm on Warren’s shoulder and letting it slide down. As~ Warren is wearing a black dinner jacket it is necessary that Miss Costello remove the powder from her arm and apply bleach. F>member, this is all preparation for a single kiss. but for the TENS of Millions who have been waitingforthe return of DOLORES That accomplished, rehearsal begins again. Miss Costello, if you have noticed it, has a particularly fetching camera angle, one that is semi-profile, her right side. Warren William, you will notice when you see him on the screen, also has a particularly fetching camera angle. also semi-profile, also on his right side. This leads to some figuring but Henley finally compromises on having them both face the camer: flatly and then turning their head: to be kissed. They rehearse once, and it goes off perfectly. The cameras are moved up for close-up shots, the bell rings for silence again, and away they click. Slowly, Warren and Do. lores lean toward each other, he: with WARREN WILLIAM hail the conquering hero— j looking for new hearts to break! H. B. WARNER ANTHONY BUSHELL JOE. DONAHUE = A WARNER BROS. & VITAPHONE PICT kiss—marvelously. Henley turns to his cameraman. “What about it?” he asks. TOO MUCH NECK “Well, [’ll tell you,” begins the cameraman, “the composition was spoiled.” It seems that the close-up was adjusted before Henley decidec that Dolores was not to move to URE Cut.No. 11 Cut 40c, Mat 10c icy has an idea. William will kiss Dolores Costello Wears wards William. So when she doesn’t move, the camera continues to focus on her. The camera takes in Miss Costello’s head, and also, here’s the sad part, her neck. This isn’t composition, it looks as though Miss Costello’s neck continues for miles. WARREN’ WILLIAM H. B WARNER Anthony Bushell You'll love Dolores more than ever. New voice, new personality, new charm. Strand : Begins while it should have been cut off In a story that fits her like her gorgeous a the Grin chee ea gowns. Supported by a cast of your Thursday |f}1low her chin. favorites! So far the thing has taken three : quarters of an hour. Finally HenEs Cut No. 13 Cut 40c, Mat 10c sae rg 5 Zoi tee Dolores suddenly, thus any slip will be part of the action. The bell rings for silence, the cameras begin to grind—and fine. The shot is recorded. That’s how they kiss in the movies. The cast of “Expensive Women” includes Warren William, Anthony Bushell, Joe Donahue, H. B. Warner, Allan Lane, Morgan Wallace. Mae Madison, Polly Walters, Adele Watson and William House. Hobart Henley directed. S Fortune In New Gowns Dolores Costello, now at the Soe Theatre in Warner Bros. “Expensive Women” wears a fortune in the latest creations of fashion in the thrilling sequences of the picture. Miss Costello is even more exquisite than in the days before she became Mrs. John Barrymore and the mother of Dolores Ethel Mae. Page Eleven