Fashions of 1934 (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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OF ORIMEN eR: ee Swank, class, ‘big show’ all over the Hollywood front. Close-up of lobby panel showing use of transparencies. (Above) Title on rubber mat leads ’em to box-office and (below) Philip Morris passes out the free smokes. Cutout figures with ostrich feather fans line the lobby with color. se Sponsored fashion designers in lobby show crowd how it’s done. (Right) Sponsored soap sculpture display makes lavish setting. Page Four 23 REASONS WHY FLOCKED TO THE NE SNIPE CAMPAIGN 5,000 special snipes were made up of three half-sheets to resemble a strip of film. Title was repeated on each half-sheet enabling one of the sheets to be posted where there wasn’t room for the entire strip. CUT-OUT ENLARGEMENTS Sepia and natural color enlargements of cast and of gals spotted in lobby. Figures from 5 to 7 feet high, and by special tie-up were outlined with white ostrich plumes. SPECIAL SCREENINGS Half a dozen special showings were held for fashion editors, designers and notables. Screenings were followed by special luncheons to the crowds who jammed the projection room each time. Result: fashion columns and magazines gave unusual space to mention of the film. COOPERATIVE AD Title possibilities realized with a double truck coop spread in the New York American. Mere fact that it was used in hard-to-crash Big Town should give impetus to page in other key spots. INVITATION AND PROGRAM Smart “high hat” shape of program combined with silver and black printing to give tone and class to the premiere. Illustrated here. RECIPE BOOK GIFTS Attractive 100-page booklet was distributed to delighted women. Program of picture printed inside with gown descriptions and favorite re-ipes of Warner stars and stills from picture. Jetails of proposition in exploitation section. CONFETTI SHOWERS It seemed like a blizzard as 200 pounds of confetti wafted from the roof of the Hollywood. With the big Kleigs spotted right, it makes any opening look like a Mardi Gras. STREET BANNERS Covering the fronts of both the Warner and Strand buildings, these red and gold banners shrieked “Fashions” to the customers. NOVEL FRONT Patterned after the smart windows ef SaksFifth Avenue Store, a modernistic, panelled front in apple-green, silver, chromium, and copper was devised. Swank and practical, the front received universally enthusiastic comments. Illustrated. LOBBY SKETCHERS Prominent fashion school furnished four designers for opening night. These gals sketched from handsome models posed in lobby. Stunt tied in perfectly and interested mobs had to be chased from easels after the show. I[Illustrated. SPECIAL STREET MAT Rubber mat of type used by cabarets and hotels was stretched from curb to box-office. Title was printed in white on black in two ways so that both north and south-bound pedestrians could read it. Illustrated. Program contributes to ‘high hat’ premiere. Type inside was handled with swank modern treatment.