Fashions of 1934 (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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Production \n OM LLL Be ae Se ee SW ham Powell Sherwood Nash SF RRR ARS Stas, Shee Penn ee ope es Sie OE Re Bette Davis IID ia ee ee Soe ae Frank McHugh DAR TWON Ge Soa ee ee Verree Teasdale BGrOQUC! cane a: pectte e. eo iat Reginald Owen PPUPY OG Boar oe ee a ive hp ae 3 ne eared aia Henry O’Neill S06 W ONG ge sa eee eetes Hugh Herbert PIT: er ie se ee .....Phillip Reed Harry oe Bee iccvec: Ges ogee eee ..... Gordon Westeott Glenda. snc Bae ee ee Dorothy Burgess Giuasé 3. ae ee eee Etienne Girardot Pelduutti. eo oi ea a eee William Burress Stes. Vigee 2 eee ee ae Nella Walker Velopiee MG. er Bees es Spencer Charters CG i oe Ee ae, ....George Humbert Pee oe ea es Frank Darien Harry Beresford Helen Freeman Ore FY i ac William Dieterle PO UEUR OE UY. ee a ta, gto William Rees Sereen play by |........2..... KF’. Hugh Herbert and Carl Erickson Adaptation by .............0... Gene Markey and Kathryn Scola Mat No. Ploy OY. Sane Be Harry Collins and Warren Duff Numbers created and directed by .................. Busby Berkeley Music and Lyrics by ............ . Sammy Fain and Irving Kahal PIMBE ODER OCL ON os er ac. Stanley Logan Me ee ea a. Jack Killifer Petr ee ee, Banas Jack Okey i tS gg LONE Ee Ig Pe Orry-Kelly Vitaphone Orchestra conducted by ................ Leo F. Forbstein Sherwood Nash, a promoter, bribes truck drivers for exclusive modistes, who handle Parisian gowns, to let him see the new models before they are delivered. Lynn, an artist, copies them and he sells the patterns to the cheaper class of houses. The importers finally discover the leak and put a stop to it. Nash then boldly goes to these same importers and offers to copy Kirst National Pictures, Ine. my. Re ee ane) & The Vitaphone Corp. 107% the Paris designs for them. They present reject the scheme as dishonorable, WILLIAM POWELL 100% as a body, but each one secretly , ae to a ee ee a oe = ten Aaa Nash goes to Paris but is un“FASHIONS OF 1934 19% able to obtain any designs. Fiwith nally, however, he sees Baroque, Bette Davis 50% a famous designer, in a book Shank Metie sae shop, and learns from a clerk Frank MeHugh 907 that Baroque gets his ideas for Hugh Herbert 40% new models from old prints, figaaa > Wilh. pe 4 uring that fashions go by cycles. Directed by William Dieter! 207 Nash adopts the Bee methods. A First National and Vitaphone Picture 40% lynn makes the designs and Nash signs them Baroque, or some other equally famous artist and sends them to New York. At Ciro’s, Nash sees Baroque with a beautiful woman, who has taken Paris by storm. She is masquerading as the Grand Duchess Alix, a Russian Emigree, but he recognizes her as an old Hoboken friend. Nash has met an American in Paris by the name of Ward who has an ostrich farm but is unable to sell the feathers because they are not in style. The promoter gets an option on all of Ward’s supplies and determines to make ostrich feathers the fashion. To do this he forces the Duchess, on threat of exposing her, to sign a contract with him to play in a revue. He also -gets her to persuade Baroque, who is in love with her, to finance the show. The revue is a hit and Nash announces from the stage that he is opening an exclusive woman’s shop. Ostrich feathers have been put over by the Duchess, who wears them in the revue, and as Nash has a corner on the market he gets all the business while other merchants are on the verge of ruin. Lynn is in love with Nash but when he makes eyes at the Duchess, she decides to go to Berlin with Jimmy, a young chap who wants to marry her, In the meantime Baroque discovers that Nash has been selling designs in New York with his The Suave Mr. Powell Suave is the only word which can express that smoothness of bear ing and conversation which characterizes William Powell. He is starring, now, you know, in “Fashions of 1934,” First National’s hit extravaganza of styles and smiles at the Strand. Bette Davis plays opposite him. Mat No. 16—10¢ | Symphony of Living Harps This is one of the spectacles which are seen in “Fashions of 1934,” First National’s new smash hit, which is now playing at the Strand. Other highlights of the picture are 200 Busby Berkeley fan dancers and a mammoth parade of new Orry-Kelly fashions. WILLIAM POWELL — Kennel Murder Case,” “Private Detective 62,” “Lawyer Man,” “The “One Way Passage,” “Jewel tobbery,” “High Pressure.” BETTE DAVIS — “The Big Shakedown,” “The Working Man,” “Parachute Jumper,” “Bureau of Missing Persons,” “Ex-Lady,” “So Big.” FRANK McHUGH — “Convention City,” “Footlight Parade,” “The House on 56th Street,” “Son of a Sailor,” “Lilly Turner.” VERREE TEASDALE — “Roman Seandals,” “Goodbye Love,” “Payment Deferred,’ “Luxury Liner,” “Skyseraper Souls.” REGINALD OWEN — “Mandalay,” “Voltaire,” “The Narrow Corner,” “The Searlet Ring,” “Sherlock Holmes,’ “Robber’s Roost.” HENRY O’NEILL — “Bedside,” “The Big Shakedown,” “Lady Killer,” “From Headquarters,” “I Loved a Woman,” “The World Changes.” HUGH HERBERT — “Convention City,” “Bureau of Missing Persons,” “From Headquarters,” “Footlight Parade,” “Goodbye Again.” PHILLIP REED — “Bedside,” “The House on 56th Street,” “Female,” “College Coach.” GORDON WESTCOTT — “The World Changes,” “Convention City,” “The Affairs of Voltaire,” “Dark Hazard,” “Footlight Parade.” DOROTHY BURGESS — “From Headquarters,” “Ladies They Talk About,” “Play-Girl,” “Beyond Victory,” “Lasea of the Rio,” “Swing High.” ETIENNE GIRARDOT — “Man 32—10¢e name forged to them. He swears out a complaint against Nash for fraud. Nash is placed under arrest the night Baroque and the Duchess are married. He tells the police it is all a mistake and says dalay,” “The Kennel Murder he will prove it if they will take Case.” Bie. Tor ar aque: WILLIAM BURRESS — “The This is done and Nash exposes the Duchess to Baroque and tells him he will broadcast who she is unless Baroque drops the charges and also buys out his gown shop. World Changes,” “Convention City,” “You Said a Mouthful,” “Blonde Crazy,” “The Strange Love of Molly Louvain.” = FRANK DARIEN — ‘‘From Nash has learned that governPeat accetane! “Olay. Amer ment officials have confiscated gy as te PY ee ica,” “Lady and Gent,” “Prosperity,” “Big Shot,” “The Miracle Man,” “Cimarron.” HARRY BERESFORD — lege Coach,” “Ever in My Heart,’ “Bureau of Missing Persons,” “Mind Reader,” “The Match King,” “Doctor X.” WILLIAM DIETERLE — director — “From Headquarters,” “Female,” “The Crash,” “Grand Slam,” “Lawyer Man.” the feathers because they were diseased, and consequently his business is dead. Upon getting his check from Baroque, he rushes to lJLynn’s hotel and catches her just as she is going to the train to meet Jimmy. He persuades her to return to America with him, telling her he is going to quit the racket. She believes him, and _ happily leave for the states. “Col ON THE NEXT PAGE e COMPLETE 6-DAY SERIALIZATION OF YOUR SHOW WRITTEN AND ILLUSTRATED TO GIVE YOU A POWER FUL NEWSPAPER BREAK Shipped immediately on request from the Merchandising Plan Editor. Mats and Proofs .... $1 postpaid Page Seven