Fashions of 1934 (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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By HARRY LEE author of ‘High Companions’ and ‘The Little Poor Man’ ASHIONS—in 1934—may be front page news. But in the far-away days of the fig-leaf ensemble, all contributions on the subject would have found their way to the editorial waste basket. The Eden Tattler sported no fashion columns. Negligee was a negligible quantity and millinery had made no _ headway. Hosiery was sheer nonsense and models, if any, predated Trilby by modeling in the altogether. Style pirates had not yet muscled-in on Mother Nature who held the monoply on what fashion business there was by providing all the fabrics and designs necessary. It all began with Lady Eve, who probably had no idea of what she started when she had old Adam gather that bunch of fig Sex from Dawn of Time to Present Day ent complicated procedure of designer-tomanufacturer to retailer-to-consumer. Furs in Fashions Women weren’t always as exacting about their clothes as they are now. The very first ladies wore rough, uneured and very smelly animal skins which were a far cry from the beautifully finished furs of Milady 1934. But you may be sure that the ladies of the caves were as much interested in their fur coats as any house FEMININE FADS THROUGH THE AGES FROM FIG LEAVES TO FEATHER FANS Frills, Folderols, Furs, Flowers, Flounces, Fandangles, and Filigree, Featured by Fair Bette Davis displays an ultramodern coiffure. Sess af cae ai ead William Powell sets the standard for the welldressed man. pressed feet and consider it improper to mention them to another woman! In Sumatra. and. Celebes the wild tribes consider the exposure of the knee immodest; in central Asia, the finger tips, and in Samoa, the navel, are similarly regarded. In Tahiti and Tonga, clothing might be discarded entirely without offense, provided the individual were tattooed, and among the Caribs a woman may leave the hut without her girdle, but not unpainted. Amone the Cauea