Fashions of 1934 (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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wal PROFITPULLERS Sponsor an art-lettering contest for Grammar and High School students. Offer gifts to those turning in the best lettering on the title of the picture. As models, have them use samples of the lettering in the ads. Teachers will cooperate because the idea stimulates interest in drawing. Promote gifts from merchants selling school and artists’. supplhes. Singin’ Out Loud Sponsor a singing contest to get radio plugs as an advance stunt. The winning male and female singers are presented on the air in advance of your showing of ‘‘Fashions of 1934.’’ Listenersin send their votes by mail to pick the winners who appear in your theatre as a special attraction on your opening night. NAME YOUR & ANGLE.... TS HERE! Page Twenty-sia Broadcasting from your lobby kills two birds with one stone; it draws people to the theatre so that they too may speak over the radio, and its gets your presentation a lively plug among those not caught by regular advertising mediums. Critics, society, officials, and the general patrons should all be given an opportunity to state their reactions. Store Style Show Stage a shoe or hosiery style show in the window of a local dealer. Window shade is drawn to approximately 18 inches from the bottom revealing the legs knee high. Transparent quality of the window shade will show the silhouette figures of the models and draw plenty of attention to the exhibit. Get your advertising plug with a display of stills and cutouts. Yo The title is a perfect tie-in for a Mardi Gras or street pageant on your opening night. Broadsides, sereen and radio announcements should invite everyone to turn out in costume to compete for prizes. Awards are made on the basis of beauty, novelty and fashion. Photographs of the costumed people will get publicity breaks. It worked in ‘‘Footlight Parade.’’ For K Swell Dressers Who is the best dressed gal in your city? <A voting blank is carried in the paper to be filled out and deposited in theatre ballot box by patrons. Possibility also here for ‘‘Best dressed male.’’ Tie-up with local stores to outfit the winners. Contest can receive loads of publicity by including high schools and eolleges. Winners to appear on the stage opening night. A feature of the N. Y. Strand’s “*Rootlight Parade’’ opening was the bicycle riders and roller skaters parading to the theatre. Dealers in this line of merchandise can be induced to advertise the new fad. Members of roller skating rinks and bike clubs will go for the parade gag. Supply signs reading, ‘‘On the way to see ‘Fashions of 1934’ at fie Set .... 4enegtre. Lit Up A number of lassies are posted in the lobby or on the marquee decked out in dresses of a translucent material. Suspend a string of electric lights from their waists. Dry cell batteries should be hidden in some convenient part of the gown. The dress is dropped over the bulbs, the lights blink on and off and create an effect attracting much attention. Femme Slant The N. Y. Herald-Tribune has the staff fashion artist at shows and films to sketch outstanding styles in the performance, under the caption ‘‘Styles seen at the opening of ‘‘Fashions of 1934.’’ Sell the idea to your paper. Also have the fashion editor cover the opening for woman’s page feature on the latest styles shown in the picture. SA ea Ay \ Giant Fan Letter This stunt went over big with ‘“*Golddiggers’’ and ‘‘Footlight Parade.’’ Make a ten-foot blowup of a letter to the stars of ‘Fashions’ at Warner’s Burbank studio telling them how much your town enjoyed the show. Use two pretty girls to get everybody’s signatures. The Mayor and other officials can head the list. Cover the stunt for newspaper picture breaks. EVERY STUNT HOWMAN. ESTED... S pe 7 3 Say It With Music Plant a couple of good-lookers on a busy street-corner with a portable victrola, title and playdate placards and heralds. Victrola grinds out ‘‘Spin A Little Web of Dreams’’ while the gals hand out heralds. Get music dealer to share the expense in return for advertising sheet musie and records. When ‘‘Fashions’’ comes to town, it’s big news for the women. Here’s how to let ’em know over the ’phone. Have one of your female employees call numbers lifted from the telephone directory, and tell them in a chatty voice that the theatre is presenting a picture that week which she is certain to enjoy. A mention of the elaborate fashion show will add further interest. HOW MANY ARE YOU USING...?