Fashions of 1934 (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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TIEUPS -TAKE "EM AWAY TODAY! 909 Cities Lined Up In Big ‘Halo Braid’ 'Tieup “FASHIONS OF 1934” STRAND THEATRE Starting (Dates) Verree Teasdale featured in the WARNER BROS. production “Fashions of 1934’ Why are America’s loveliest women going to the Halo Braids? exquisite to the face and personality. Because it does something new and (See the bewitching way Verree Teasdale carries it off.) Priced From $2.98 up These romantic hair pieces are accented in our Hair Goods Sale. Also included are brilliant Transforma tions, Bob Wigs, Curls and Switches. January Special ‘’ Frederic Vita-Tonic Permanent Waves, reg. $7.50 $9.00 DELETTREZ BEAUTY SALON Special Mat Available Listed here are the 55 dis tributive points for the popular “Halo Braid,” a distinetive product tied in directly with Verree Teasdale through a national cooperative plan seffected with The Glenby Company, 12 East 22nd St., New York City. The accompanying illustrations shows the special tieup mat available at all Glenby branches and which will be run with locally in conjunction your “Fashions of 1934” campaign. Another tieup accessory is a free attractive booklet with space provided for cooperative imprint. Get in touch with the Glenby branch closest to you and request them to start the ball rolling from their end, to supply you with name of local ‘Halo Braid’ dealers, and forward supply of accessories. If for any reason you do not get an immediate and satisfactory response, notify: Adam & Co., J. N., Buffalo, N. Y. Arnold Constable & Co., New York City Ayres & Co., L. S., Indianapolis, Ind. Bacon & Son J., Louisville, Ky. Barney & Co., H. S., Sschenectady, N. Y. Bowman & Co., Harrisburg, Pa. Burger-Phillips Co., Birmingham, Ala. Carson Pirie Scott & Co., Chicago, Ill. Dalton Co., Baton Rouge, La. Denver Dry Goods Co., Denver, Colo. Fox, G. & Co., Hartford, Conn. Frank & Seder Co., Detroit Franklin Simon & Co., Greenwich, Conn. Franklin Simon & Co., New York City Gimbel Bros., Pittsburgh, Pa. Golden Rule, St. Paul, Minn. Goldstein-Migel Co., Waco, Texas Hearn J. A. & Son, New York City Hess Bros., Allentown, Pa. Higbee Co., Cleveland, Ohio Hochschild, Kohn & Co., Baltimore, Md. Holmes Co., Ltd., D. H., New Orleans, La. Jones Dry Goods Co., Kansas City, Mo. Joske Bros. Co., San Antonio, Texas Lansburg & Bro., Washington, D. C. Levy Bros., D. G., Co., Houston, Tex. Linn & Scruggs, D. G. Co., Decatur, I. McCreery, J. & Co., New York City Meekins, Packard & Wheat, Ine., Springfield, Mass. Meyers Company Greensboro, N. C. Miller & Rhoads, Inc., Richmond, Va. Mitchell, Baker & Smith, Lexington, Ky. Montgomery Fair, Montgomery, Ala. Morehouse-Mattens Co., Columbus, Ohio Oppenheim Collins & Co., Brooklyn, N. Y. Oppenheim Collins & Co., Buffalo, N. Y. Oppenheim Collins & Co., New York City Pfeifer Bros., Little Rock, Ark. Pogue Co., The H. & S., Cincinnati, Ohio Popular D. G. Co., El Paso, Texas Quackenbush Co., Paterson, N. J. Robertson Bros. Co., South Bend, Ind. Sanger Bros., Dallas, Texas Seruggs V. Barney, St. Louis, Mo. Schuster’s, Milwaukee, Wis. Shepard Company, Providence, R. I. Shepard Stores, Boston, Mass. Snellenburg, N. & Co., Philadelphia, Pa. Stern Bros., New York City Stern Bros., Northampton, Mass. Stone & Thomas, Wheeling, W. VaV. Voorhees, H. M. & Bro., Trenton, N. J. Wurzburg, D. G. Co., Grand Rapids, Mich. Gross Strauss Co., Worcester, Mass. Marshall Matheson, Yonkers, N. Y. Mr. S. H. Shuek, THE GLENBY COMPANY 12 East 22nd St. New York, N. Y. PARIS GARTERS A. Stein and Co., manufacturers of the ‘Paris Garters’ have entered into an intensive tieup arrangement in the combined interests of “Fashions” and their new product known as “Hickory One Step” and “Hickory Two Step.” This is a nationally advertised girdle for women and handled by leading department stores and women’s shops from coast to coast. A. Stein and Co. are getting out an elaborate kit of c¢ooperative campaign material including display blowups, package inserts, dealer advertising mats, superimposed photo accessories etc. All tie in the “Fashion” show and the beautiful Warner Bros. showgirls. They also furnish dealers with a folio on the tieup urging a cooperative campaign in a big way and explaining how to do it. In some instances the tieup can be arranged for an attractive lobby display and _ the possibility of entertainment for WOMEN ONLY through displaying the product on live models on mezzanine or ladies lounge. This angle is a natural in conjunction with any department store fashion revue in which you are involved. Illustrations of the special tieup accessories were not available at press-time but they are ready for orders right now. The moment your playdates are set notify A. Stein and Co. You will be informed immediately as to names of “Hickory One and Two Step” dealers who will also receive full instructions. Address: MR. A. S. SACHS, A. Stein and Co. 330 West 34th Street New York, N. Y. POSTAL TELLY Since cables carry considerable fashion news particularly in the spring from Paris and other style centers, the POSTAL TELEGRAPH CABLE Company makes available this tieup with “FASHIONS OF 1934.” The following plan is authorized by W. P. Brown, general sales manager at Postal’s New York headquarters: Local Postal Telegraph managers will prepare on standard blanks copies of fashion cables received by local department stores for paste-up on cards for joint window display in department store windows, Postal windows and theatre lobbies. If original cables are not available typical examples of fashion cables may be prepared by department store and copies will be made on standard blanks for display by the telegraph managers. Such copies will be slugged in the check by the telegraph managers: “SAMPLE.” It is suggested that the window ecards on which style cables are posted be worded as follows: (Name of Department store) BRINGS LATEST FASHION NEWS BY POSTAL TELEGRAPH DIRECT TO (NAME OF CITY) WARNER BROTHERS BRINGS “FASHIONS OF 1934” to (Name of Theatre) (Date) Postal’s New York headquarters is sending all superintendents a memo authorizing the above. Smaller cities not staffed by superintendents need only query their supervising superintendent for approval as outlined. Easy Displays Available In Fan Magazine Tieup Here is a national tieup involving 1800 stores of seven different chain organizations. Tying in with representatives of the Kresge, Kress, Grant, McLellan, Murphy, and Grand-Silvers lines will prove a boon in arranging for window displays and other publicity explained below. In the April issue of Screen Romances Magazie, on sale at nowsstands March 1, a fietionization of ‘‘Fashions of 1934,’’ is featured. In the issue of Modern Screen Magazine of the same date, a photographie spread and a detailed story of some of the gowns worn in the picture, is also given prominence. Local distributor of these magazines, upon notification by you, will cooperate in arranging displays similar to the ones illustrated here. Display ecards for trucks, boards of stills, window and lobby ecards such as those used suecessfully on ‘‘Gold Diggers,’’ and ‘‘Footlight Parade,’’ and other arrangements may be made. For additional information not available . locally, address Miss Pearl Honig, Circulation Department, Dell Publications, 149 Madison Avenue, N. Y. C. Here’s The Season’s Biggest Tieup With ‘Studio Styles’ These are the ‘Studio Styles’ gowns shown in the picture. A tie-up with ‘Studio Styles’ for ‘‘ Fashions of 1934!’ A magic phrase which spells money for you. . Contacting your local representative will aid you in establishing the basis for a bang-up fashion campaign. Dealers have been supplied with newspaper ad mats, star and 11 x 14 photos. With these for use In windows, on counters, and in newspapers, the rest is easy sledding. The exact program must be worked out by the local dealer and the theatre. For information as to the dealers in your city, write: STUDIO STYLES, INC. 525 Seventh Avenue New York Page Twenty-nine