Fashions of 1934 (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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Exploitation \deas Special Stills For Dealer Displays © PERFUME “Davis Pub. A 314” MEN’S STORES \ Sport Clothes — ‘‘Powell 193”; Suspehders — ‘‘KF Pub. A 61”’; Evening Clothes —‘‘Powell 186’; Hats— “Powell Pub. A 110.’ SPORTING GOODS Punching bag — “Powell Pub. A 91’; Golf—‘‘Powell 181"; Tennis—Powell Pub. A 105”; Riding Habit— “Davis 504.” COCKTAIL SHAKER SKEIST? With stills like these, it's a cinch to line-up local merchants for special tie-ups. Show the stills on this page in contacting merchants for ite — ; : ul CARDS a 27 newspaper ads; window and “sss. OPERA GLASSES } , a bee “KF 81" counter displays and direct“7 5 ; TELEPHONE eet FOUNTAIN PENs by-mail material. Mipate hb A “Davis Pub, A> Get an early start on this valuable exploitation angle — it's an important part of “your campaign. Stills are available in regulation 8 x 10 size, black and white glossy prints. Price 10c each. Order by numbers Le MUSIC STORES _ LUGGAGE “DavisPub. A9” “KF PUB. A 56” indicated—direct from Editor, Merchandising Plan, Warner Bros., 321 West 44th Street, New York. BOOKS—LIBRARIES , PET SHops \ “Powell Pub. V Powell Pub, a gg» HAIR-DRESS AUBURN CAR A wide variety of distinc“Davis Pub. A 277” tive coiffures, as worn by Bette Davis, for display in BRIDAL GOWN LINGERIE beauty parlors. “KF Pub. A 83” “KF 31° Top row, (left to right) Davis 536; Davis 286; ~~ 317 (Circle) Davis ALL STILLS WILL BE SHIPPED IMMEDIATELY Page Thirty