Father's Son (Warner Bros., 1941) (1941)

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This Is Your 6-Sheet — It’s made to order for a lobby cut-out. Figures of John Litel and Billy Dawson are trimmed and used as a centerpiece for display of scene stills. Cut out the picture title and use it to caption the entire display. Here’s How Vitogragh, ine EL: FRIEDA INESCORT A WSON CHRISTIAN RUB To Get Extra Attention for Your Showing Sell Booth Tarkington The screen play by Fred Niblo, Jr., is from a story by Booth Tarkington, who has authored many famous novels. This is readily adaptable to bookstore tieups, for: —window and counter displays; —notices in libraries and schools; —displays of Tarkington novels and stills from film; —special bookmark; —hunt for passes that are spotted in Tarkington books in local bookshops around town. —lobby stopper featuring titles of Tarkington’s past hits. Father-Son Sales Film title lines up for local merchant promotion. Special ‘Father And Son” sales offer to outfit the two members of the family with clothes, sporting equipment, shoes, etc. at a saving during your showing. Newspaper store ads and display cards for sale feature father and son scenes from the picture available at your Vitagraph exchange. Resemblance Contest ‘“Like Father, Like Son” is an old motto, but it’s a new contest idea. Public is asked to send in photos of their candidates with lists of their parallel activities. The father and son who look most like each other and act most like each other are the winners. Newspaper Material Arrange with your local paper for a series of feature articles on well known father and son business firms in your town. The tie-in comes when they at tend your showing as guests of honor. Tie-up Stills Local dealer tie-ups will put news of your showing in store windows and on counters throughout town. Here is a special set of six stills from the picture just right for your action. Order “FS Tie-up Stills”—set of six for 50c —from Campaign Plan Editor Stills: boys play clothes—FS 2; maps—FS 8; tableware—FS 9; model airplane—FS 28; model boat—FS 40; and lumber jacket ay Ge Human Interest Item Who is the father in your community with the most sons? Run it straight or as a gag, either way it’s good for human interest. Find out something about his problems, how he clothes them, what they do, and have him appear at your theatre with the “gang.” Get To Local Groups Your local Big Brother group and social service organizations will be especially interested in this picture. Call it to their attention with notices on bulletin boards, letters to all members, etc. ———$ $$» Photo Identification Your photographer will be able to provide pictures of well known localites and their sons. Mix ’em up, label the fathers by number and the sons by letter, and offer free tickets to people pairing them off correctly. Answers to be dropped in special lobby box. Contest can also run as a newspaper feature with a set of pictures, a father and a son, printed each day for five days. Readers arrange them in the proper relationship and mail answers in. Father-Son Night Turn one of your regular shows into a Father’s Sons night. Local dads and their sons are invited to attend. Father and son, famous in locality, act as hosts, send out letters, and generally help you to stage a big night. Inquiring Reporter Every kid has run away from home at some time. Get them to tell about their runaway experiences to an inquiring reporter or in an essay. Question: What happened when you ran away from home? Best stories are printed in local paper, and receive prizes. Boys Treat Dads Here’s a gag for special attention. Boys treat their dads to see this show. Inquiring reporter in lobby asks the boys how they got the money for the tickets —most novel method receives prize promoted from a local merchant. Ready-to-Use Advertising Mats Other Posters On Back Page