Fifty Million Frenchmen (Warner Bros.) (1931)

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Olsen and Johnson Are Known To Millions Of Stage And Radio Fans. Bill Them Big! Now Playing To see Warner Bros. present FIFTY HE BELIEVED IN. SANTA CLAUS (Biography as of Jan. 15, 1931) Until he was old enough to know better, Lester Crawford’s parents told him that. Santa Claus brought him into the family, for the promiment player who has a leading part in “Fifty Million Frenchmen,” Warner Bros. Vitaphone Technicolor comeoy-special-at-the.0 2 oe. Theatre was born on one snowy December 25 in Norfolk, Massa chusetts. Even when a child Crawford expressed a desire to go on the stage. One day he took a train to New York and through the influence of Georgie Rush, obtained a theatrical job. His first part was that of a tramp with tattered clothes, bewhiskered face, and the inevitable cigar stub, in the play “Side Tracked.” His first important part came in George Ade’s “Just Out Of College” in which he scored successfully and later appeared in “Puzzles of 1925” with Elsie Janis, “Vogues and Vanities,” “Nifties of 1923,” with Irene Bordoni in “As You Were” and others. His last Broadway appearance was in “Fifty Million Frenchmen.” Crawford is five feet, seven inches tall, weighs one hundred and forty three pounds, and has brown hair and blue eyes. He is married to Helen Broderick, who also has a prominent role in the screen produetion “Fifty Million Frenchmen,” and played the same part in the stage version. TWO MONKEY BUSINESS CLOWNS IN TALKIES (Advance Story) Olsen and Johnson, the sereen’s maniacs of monkey business, appear in their first all natural color picture “Fifty Million Frenchman,” which BOMION TO tOr ond Theatre ee next. The=piece isa Karner Bros. Vitaphone comedy special adapted from the N. Y. stage hit of the same name, Page Ten MILLION FRENCHMEN “(With But a Single Though? = t= ON KUNSKY CIRCLE HY do Americans go to Paris? To taste the wine? To meet the girls? the shows? Perhaps! your big chance to see ALL of Paris and learn what it is that fifty million Frenchmen can’t be wrong about! OF GIANT FOR THE TALKIES (Current Story) The “heavyweight voice champion” has been discovered. He is Happy Weeks, four hundred and ninety-nine pound stage and screen comedian, who has a role in Warner Bros. and Vitaphone production, “Fifty Mullion Frenchmen,” the comedy special ROW = abthe=e a ee Theatre. Not only is Happy’s avoirdupois of unusual poundage, but his recording voice possesses a heretofore unheardof weight, according to film sound engineers. Where a screen whisper has to be amplified five or six times, Happy’s resonant tones were reduced four times in order to get a normal speaking quality. William Gaxton, Olsen and John: son, John Halliday, Helen Broderick, Claudia Dell, Lester Crawford, Vera Gordon, Nat Carr, Charles Judels and others complete the all-star cast of “Fifty Million Frenchmen” which is adapted from the Broadway stage hit. Lloyd Bacon directed this screen farce from the screen adaptation prepared by Joseph Jackson, Al Boasberg and Eddie Welch. Romance of Youth is Gay Parisian Comedy (Current Story) Paris at its gayest is background for “Fifty Million Frenchmen” the Warner Bros. comedy which comes to = these ee Theatre <2... =. foe next. This whirlwind romance is based on the play which took Broadway by storm last season. In it are Olsen and Johnson, the funnymen—wWilliam Gaxton, Claudia Dell, Helen Broderick, Vera Gordon, Nat Carr, John Halliday, Lester Crawford and others. It is filmed entirely in Technicolor. “Fifty Million Frenchmen” pictures the ludicrous love-chase of a young millionaire, who has wagered to woo and wed a certain young lady in a fortnight, | without a cent of money. | Dell, Helen Broderick, Nat Carr, Vera Gordon and Now Playing Here’s Bigger, Grander, Funnier Than The Show That Kept Broadway Howling For Two Solid Seasons! With Most of the original New York Cast including: OLSEN & JOHNSON William Gaxton, John Halliday, Claudia Dell, Helen Broderick, Vera rdon and Njf_pur._ Cut No.7 Cut 60c Mat Tso Maniselles Tench American Girls How To Treat “Em |! (Current Story) French girls have it all over their American sisters in the display of temper and temperament when _jilted. Girls on this side of the lig pond sue for breach of promise and force their trifling swains to dip deep into the old jeans. That daughters of France have a much more direct method and one that serves the purpose admirably is revealed now at the Theatre in “Fifty Million Frenchmen,” Warner Bros. Vitaphone Technicolor comedy of American innocents abroad is playing. William Gaxton who plays the ro|' mantic comedy lead, jilts his French girl friend, Marcelle, played by Carmelita Geraghty. Instead of a breach of promise suit or any other legal means of getting even, she bounces a champagne bottle over his headand thereby firmly impresses upon him the danger of trifling. The famous. clowns Olsen and Johnson are in the east with John | Halliday, Helen Broderick, Claudi: Dell, Vera Gordon, Charles Judels and others. “Fifty Million Frenchmen” was adapted for the sereen from the Broadway stage hit. Lloyd Bacon directed. OLSEN AND FUNNY AS SLEUTHS (Advance Story) Olsen and Johnson, the funniest clowns of the sereen, are seen in “Hifty Million Frenchmen,” the Warner Bros. production in Technicolor, which comes to the : Theatre next. Others in the east are William Gaxton, Claudia Lester Crawford, hundreds of supporting players. Lloyd Bacon directed. Lester Crawford, Nat Carr, | JOHNSON | “FIFTY MILLION FRENCHMEN” AND ADVANCE STYLES Earl Luick of Warner Bros. Staff Designs Gowns For Players in Latest French Farce — Now at the a Theatre. (Advance Story) Advance feminine fashions which even Paris will not see for some months to come were worn in Hollywood at Warner Bros. studio where “Fifty Million Frenchmen, the Vitaphone Technicolor comedy special, BOW b= espe ee Theatre, was being filmed. Earl Luick, who designed the original creations, made a special study of fashion trends before originating the modes displayed in the picture. By making a careful survey of last season’s and this year’s styles, Luick calculated the future fashions for coming seasons which were ahead-ofdate upon release of “Fifty Million Frenchmen.” Feminine members of the all-star cast who wear these advance creations include Claudia Dell, Vera Gordon, Nat Carr, Helen Broderick and Daisy Belmore, while~ many mannikins, typical of French resorts, display additional styles. William Gaxton, Olsen and John | son, John Halliday, Charles Judels, Lester Crawford and others complete the list of players in “Fifty Million Frenchmen,” which Joseph Jackson adapted for the screen from the Broadway stage hit. Al Boasberg and Eddie Welch wrote the special dialogue. Lloyd Bacon is es. Yecterday? 7486 Brooklynites Said “It’s The Year’s Outstand ing Comedy Hit And 7486 Brooklynites Can’t Be Wrong Either! teenage }|in person with OLSEN & JOHNSON William Gaxton, Claudia Dell, Helen Broderick, John Halliday and most of the original Broadway stars. A Warner Bros. & Vitaphone All Technicolor Picture STRAND Cut No. I Cut 20c Mat 5C lis i; Warner Bros. and Vitaphone produei|tion in F| the |) next. Paris for CLOWNS PRESENT ODD KEEPSAKES TO ADMIRERS Funny Clowns Now at Theatre in Warner Bros. “Fifty Million Frenchmen” Give Strange Tokens to Admirers. (Current Story) Olsen and Johnson claim first prize for having the most novel method of showing apyfreciation for a favor. The screen’s maniacs of monkey business don’t give cigars, candy or theatre tickets to people who do them good turns. Instead they show their appreciation by giving crocheted one dollar bills! are crocheted by hand and by no less a personality than Mrs. Chie Johnson. And to get a crocheted dollar bill with their autographs inscribed thereon, being awarded the Medal or a Nobel Prize. It is a very special award and the good wishes and heartiest greetings of Olsen and Johnson go with them. These one-spots from Olsen and Johnson, is like Congressional Olsen and Johnson are featured in “Fifty Million Frenchmen,” Warner Bros. Vitaphone Technicolor comedy special the oy .s3 a Theatre. William Gaxton, John Halliday, Helen Broderick, Claudia Dell, Lester Crawford, Nat Carr, Vera Gordon, and others complete the east of this frisky, French farce. Lloyd Bacon directed. Can_You Imitate Chic’s High im ~ap_ (Current Story) Chie Johnson’s infectious high falsetto laugh is just as contagious as it is on either stage or sereen. Johnson of the hilarious comedy team of Olsen and Johnson, the ;|screen’s maniacs of monkey business who, head the all-star cast of “Fifty Million Frenchmen,” the Vitaphone comedy hit now at the Theatre, has had his famous laugh imitated by every audience that has seen him for the past fifteen years. Young and old alike have attempted sito strike the same strange note that ji he ‘| strained glee. reaches when registering unre At Warner Bros. Studio during f|the filming and recording of “Fifty Million Frenchmen,” the players and }|}entire production crew tried in vain to duplicate Johnson’s inevitable 1|/laugh and failed. The one and only belongs to Chic. Even Lloyd Bacon, director of this ||spicy farce adapted from the Broadi; way stage hit, was heard to give forth a. number of strange squeaks in a hopeless effort to get the Johnson giggle. The all-star cast of “Fifty Million Frenchmen” also includes William Gaxton, Helen Broderick, John Halliday, Claudia Dell, Charles Judels, Nat Carr, Vera Gordon, Lester Craw i|ford and others. The comedy is filmed entirely in natural colors. “Fifty Million Frenchmen” (Advanee Story) uproarious , and romantic Million Frenchmen,” -the Rio0tous, “Rifty Technicolor which comes to Theatre. t recounts the exciting change of a young American millionaire in a beautiful girl whom he has wagered to woo and marry, in fiside of two weeks, and without the aid of a sou. iithe lover, The famous clowns, Olsen and Johny {json are in the east. William Gaxton plays Claudia Dell, the lady. Lloyd Bacon directed.