Find the Blackmailer (Warner Bros.) (1943)

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ITS CLVE-LESS BAFFLING: N grant JEROME COWAN FAYE EMERSON GENE LOCKHART Directed by D. Ross Lederman sete Sct rts 1: FlemngRovers WARNER BROS. FIRST canon, pees 2=F2FFiizz On Sale = BUY !3:2:2,2:2= In Lobby! Mat 103 71% inches (103 lines) — 15c JEROME COWAN: FAYE EMERSON: GENE eee Directed by D. Ross Lederman ia: CE Ranieeree A WARNER BROS. FIRST mand flees STAMPS Ey = “Fs? t23% pa 5: Ts) BUY !@afs brs O Lobby! Mat 104 6 inches (84 lines) — 15c Your Exploitation Campaign... FAYE EMERSON GENE LOCKHART A WARNER BROS. PICTURE | Beira | . . . Gued By This Startling Lobby Display Set-Piece This eye-catching, ear-catching display is also your basis for several easy-to-do bally stunts suggested on this page. To build the display, all you need is a blowup of the still of Faye Emerson and a drawing of a black and evil bird. Hook up your p.a. system to a loudspeaker behind the bird and arrange for an usher, at peak hours, to say repeatedly: “Find the Blackmailer . . . Find the Blackmailer.”’ Faye Emerson photo required for this set-piece is Still B 10 available at your Vitagraph Exchange. Your Follow-up ‘Talking Blackbird’ Bally: MYSTERY CAGE WITH REAL BLACKBIRDS Place a large curtained cage in lobby with sign above it reading: ONLY THIS TALKING BLACKBIRD KNOWS THE SECRET OF THE ‘BLACKMAILER MURDERS’ .. . But He Won’t Talk! LOOK INSIDE... SEE iF YOU CAN “FIND THE BLACKMAILER”! Patrons look through a peep hole inside which is a display of stills and posters plus sev eral live blackbirds. ‘PERSONAL’ AD REQUESTS TALKING BLACKBIRD Insert this ad in your local paper’s ‘‘Personal”? Column to help spread word-ofmouth about your showing: WANTED: A “‘talking blackbird’’ for dis play in the lobby of the Strand Theatre in connection with the showing of Warner Bros.’ ‘‘Find the Blackmailer,”” in which a “talking blackbird” reveals the secret of the “shakedown murders.”’ Bring your ‘talking blackbird’’ to the Strand Friday at 8 P.M. THE MANAGER Ask the newspaper to cover the arrival of any “talking birds,”’ such as parrots, for story and picture. TREASURE HUNT TO ‘FIND THE BLACKMAILER’ From the claws of the blackbird drawn on display shown above, hang a wire waste basket filled with folded heralds (see right). On a limited number of these heralds imprint the announcement, ‘You have found the Blackmailer .. . present this card at the box-office for free admission to see ‘Find the Black mailer’.”’ NEWSPAPER WANT AD CONTEST A ‘NATURAL’ Cut apart a drawing of the “talking blackbird” in the form of a jig-saw puzzle and arrange for local newspaper to spot one section in each of a number of want ads. Paper’s institutional ad announces the contest this way: “FIND THE BLACKMAILER ... By Find) ing The Talking Blackbird who knows the secret of the ‘blackmail murders.’ As you look for the talking blackbird you’ll also FIND THE BEST BUYS in the Daily News Want Ads. We have made a jig-saw puzzle of the talking blackbird and placed the various sections throughout our ads. Find the pieces and put together the talking blackbird. The first 25 complete answers received will win guest tickets to see ‘FIND THE BLACKMAILER’ at the Strand Theatre.”” Use ad mat for theatre credits. MAKE UP YOUR OWN HERALD THIS WAY... Using ad mat 202 as your key message, make up a 6” x 9” throwaway as illustrated below: THE SHAKEDOWN MURDERS! Clueless! Baffling! (Ad mat 202) STARTLING! YOU’LL MEET THE TALKING BLACKBIRD ... ONLY HE KNOWS THE SECRET OF THESE SHOCKING MURDER MYSTERIES! SEE IT! = STRAND THEATRE! NOW!