Flaxy Martin (Warner Bros.) (1949)

Record Details:

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A GIRL WITH A HEART OF Tol THE CAST Flaxy Martin VIRGINIA MAYO Walter Colby ZACHARY SCOTT Nora Carson DOROTHY MALONE Sam Malko .... Tom D’Andrea WHEN HER BEST FRIEND POS OY sic sices Helen Westcott iS MURDERED! Hap Richie....Douglas Kennedy ROMOE scatsen, =< Elisha Cook, Jr. First Detective..Douglas Fowley Second Detective....Monte Blue Caesar ..u:...... Jack Overman PRODUCTION STAFF Produced by Saul Elkins. Directed by Richard Bare. Written by David Lang. Photographed by Carl Guthrie, A.S.C. Art Director, Ted Smith. Film Editor, Frank Magee. Sound by Everett A. Brown. Dialogue Director, John Maxwell. Special Effects by William McGann, Director: Edwin DuPar, A.S.C. Set Decorator, Lyle B. Reifsnider. Makeup Artist, Perc Westmore. Music by William Lava. Orchestrations, Charles Maxwell. Assistant Director, Elmer Decker. Unit Manager, Don Page. WHEN HER SWEETHEART GOES TO JAIL FOR HER CRIMES THE STORY (Not for Publication) Virginia Mayo, unscrupulous show girl, involves Zachary Scott, young lawyer, with mobster Douglas Kennedy. When a girl is murdered and evidence points to Virginia, Scott takes the rap and gets 20 years. Tom D‘Andrea gives Scott the clue to the real murderer. Enroute to prison, Scott escapes and is found by Dorothy Malone, who shelters him. Tracked down by one of mobster Kennedy’s gunmen, Scott and Dorothy are “taken for a ride,’ but manage: to escape to the city. Scott heads for Virginia’s apartment. She admits she double-crossed him. Kennedy arrives and Virginia turns on both men. In the melee Kennedy is killed, before Scott can disarm her. He then locks Virginia in her own apartment with the dead man and calls the police. Dorothy persuades Scott to tell his WARNER BROS: New Sensation! story to the police and he agrees, STARRING knowing that one day they will live j= ———_—__rosrrpcensempenate ZACHARY a happy life together. MAN’S KISSES STILL WARM ON HER LIPS! DOROTHY (Running time: 86 minutes) wri TOM D’ANDREA-HELEN WESTCOTT-DOUGLAS KENNEDY DIRECTED BY RICHARD BARE WRITTEN BY DAVID LANG Ad Mat 302—3 Col. x 14 5/8 inches (615 lines ) This ad also available in 2-Col. Size. See page 4.