Flaxy Martin (Warner Bros.) (1949)

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PUBLICITY “"“FLAXY MARTIN” ‘FLAXY MARTIN’, Warner Bros.’ swiftly-paced melodrama of the big city with Virginia Mayo and Zachary Scott in starring roles. Dorothy Malone also shares stellar honors in the film, which opens Friday at the Strand Theatre. Still 702-15 Mat 702-2B Virginia Mayo Considers Comedy Experience Good The old custard-pie routine may have been, and undoubtedly was, hard on the mascara and the dignity of the actresses who suffered it, but getting a faceful of gooey pie is the best way Virginia Mayo can think of to train for serious dramatic acting. Although Miss M. has never actually experienced the pie-inthe-dial abuse, she has undergone similar, more modern in _dignities as the blonde foil of Danny Kaye in four pictures and of the irrepressible Bob Hope in one. She learned so well that now, with a new Warner Bros. contract tucked in her safe, Miss Mayo is appearing in her second dramatic role — the villainess, indeed, of “Flaxy Martin,” with Zachary Scott and Dorothy Malone, which opens tomorrow at the Strand. “It’s easier to make the switch from comedy to drama _ than vice-versa,” she says. About the only shoving around that she can expect now as a dramatic actress is a sharp slap or a twisted arm, delivered by the villain. And by this time she has learned to take physical affronts with serenity. ‘Flaxy Martin’ Opens Today Three stars, Virginia Mayo, Zachary Scott and Dorothy Malone top the cast of Warner Bros.’ swiftly-paced melodrama, “Flaxy Martin,’ which opens today at the Strand Theatre. From a story by David Lang, the drama reveals the operations of a shady gambling syndicate and it’s grip on the lives of three individuals. Miss Mayo is cast aS a cunning, unscrupulous VIRGINIA MAYO Still 696-502 6 Mat 702-1B show girl, named Flaxy Martin, who stops at little to attain her goal. Zachary Scott is a young lawyer who becomes involved in murder and gunplay. Miss Malone, the third starring member, plays the sympathetic part of Scott’s sweetheart. Others in the cast are: Tom D’Andrea, Helen Westcott and Douglas Kennedy. Richard Bare directed for Warner Bros. Douglas Kennedy Works Out Daily Husky, 6 ft., 3 in. Douglas Kennedy keeps his weight down to a fighting 205 lbs. by daily workouts in the Warner Bros. Studios gym with Mushy Callahan, ex-junior welterweight champion of the world. Currently Kennedy is getting his exercise between scenes of “Flaxy Martin,” starring Zachary Scott, Virginia Mayo and Dorothy Malone. Used To Role Tom D’Andrea didn’t need any special coaching for his part of the garage mechanic in Warner Bros.’ drama, ‘“Flaxy Martin,” which comes to the Strand soon. Tinkering with automobiles has long been his favorite hobby. In “Fighter Squadron,” another of Tom’s recent films, he drove a jeep for the most part. WARNER BROS.’ FLAXY MARTIN’ COMING FRIDAY Action and romance are closely welded in Warner Bros.’ strong drama, “Flaxy Martin,” which stars Virginia Mayo, Zachary Scott and Dorothy Malone. It opens Friday at the Strand Theatre. The plot revolves around the activities of a gambling syndicate, with Scott in the role of the young legal representative of the ring. Miss Mayo plays her second starring part for Warners in the key feminine role. Miss Malone, fast climbing the ladder to stardom, plays the girl who helps VIRGINIA MAYO, ZACHARY SCOTT, DOROTHY MALONE Still 702-624 Mat 702-1D Scott break away from his crooked associates. Also prominent in Martin” is Douglas Kennedy, who plays the part of the shrewd head of the New York gambling syndicate. “Rlaxy ZACHARY SCOTT Still 681 ZS-94 Mat 702-1A ‘I MEAN BUSINESS . . .’, declares Virginia Mayo, who plays the title role in Warner Bros.’ exciting drama, “Flaxy Martin,” which opens tomorrow at the Strand Theatre. Douglas Kennedy and Zachary Scott are the two who are being told off by the lady. Still 702-16 Mat 702-2A Zach Scott’s Texas Drawl Retarded English Career A trip to England as an able— bodied seaman aboard a freighter started Zachary Scott, starring in Warner Bros.’ drama, “Blaxy Martin,” opening Friday at the Strand, on a successfull acting career. The first few weeks in the English capital were discouraging ones for Zachary Scott. There just weren’t any parts for a lad with a Texas accent. Zach got around this obstacle by claiming to be an Australian. In any event the lad from Texas was given the leading juvenile role in an English Repertory Company’s production of “The Outsider,” his first professional -assignment. During the next 18 months Zachary Scott had appeared in some 20 films and had obtained experience valuable for his successful bid for cinema stardom some years later. Scott had become so attached to England, so fond of the British people who had given him his first acting opportunity that he nearly settled permanently in that country. However, with parents and a very special girl friend, Elaine Anderson, in the United States he decided to return shortly before his 21st birthday. A few months _later he married Elaine. Scott again ran into accent trouble in seeking a career on the New York stage. During his years in England he had acquired an English accent and now the American producers said he sounded too British Zachary and Elaine returned to Austin, Texas, where Zach obtained the job of director of the Austin Little Theatre while completing his college education. Zach’s second assault on Broadway after obtaining his B.A. degree was financially and artistically rewarding. Parts started to come his way culminating in the male lead in “Those Endearing Young Charms.” It was in this play that he was discovered and signed to a long term contract by Jack Warner. Virginia Mayo's Beauty Secret The secret of Virginia Mayo’s peaches and cream complexion may be that early-morning canter she and husband Michael O’Shea take regularly for about 4 miles in the morning on Valley trails along with the Zachary Scotts, with whom they’ve formed a “bridle and breakfast” club while Zachary and Virginia are starred in Warner Bros.’ vivid drama, “Flaxy Martin,” which opens Friday at the Strand Theatre for a run. Texas Born Stars Two Texas-born stars, Dorothy Malone and Zachary Scott appear in Warner Bros.’ new drama, “Flaxy Martin,” opening Friday at the Strand. Dorothy hails from Dallas, and Zach from Austin. Both are high on Warner’s roster of stellar personalities in the limelight. Dorothy is one of the busiest stars today. She was recently in “Two Guys From Texas” and “One Sunday Afternoon,” both of which displayed her talents well. Zach is also well on the way following his parts in “Nora Prentiss” and “Whip fash: In ‘Flaxy Martin’ Virginia Mayo plays a stunning ex-“Scandals” showgirl in Warner’ Bros.’ new drama, “Flaxy Martin,” coming soon to the Strand Theatre. Zachary Scott and Dorothy Malone are also starred in the vivid tale. DOROTHY MALONE Still 702-265 Mat 702-1€