Flaxy Martin (Warner Bros.) (1949)

Record Details:

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EXPLOITATION ““FLAXY MARTIN” Window Tie-Up Stills Available at your local exchange. Men's Rainwear Jewelry ZS-122 Malone-37| Men's Sportswear Dresses ZS-113 Malone-359 Pipes Beachwear ZS-115 VM-105 Haberdashery Calem Handbags ZS-57 VM-6 Blouses Coats Malone-418 VM-144 Knitted Accessories Millinery Malone-419 VM-174 Roving Reporter Query “Zachary Scott deliberately goes to jail for | ‘a erime committed by Flaxy Martin, the woman he loves, in the new Warner Bros. ‘film by that name. How would you act in ; similar circumstances?” ti Newspaper set-up like this... and how about your own reporter? CONTEST IDEA ‘‘Notorious Screen Heroines Contest” asks contestants to identify former film hits like “‘Mildred Pierce,”? ‘“‘Nora Prentiss” and “Johnny Belinda.”’ Scene stills from these pictures available at exchanges. LOBBY POLL Ballot box set-up features blow-ups of Virginia Mayo and Dorothy Malone. Accompanying display copy reads: “When Zachary Scott meets FLAXY MARTIN, he has to choose between Virginia Mayo and Dorothy Malone! Help him to decide — cast your vote here!” Set stunt for week preceding opening. Issue daily tallies — make it a close race, for opening day announcement with appropriate ad copy line sniped in across display. FLASH LOBBY Ad Mat 301 (see page 2) suggests lobby display featuring silhouetted blow-up figure of Virginia Mayo with copy line reading: “Would you take a chance on a girl like FLAXY MARTIN?” Balance of ad art and copy is spotted around Mayo figure. Use spotlight, too. ZACHARY SCOTT BOARD Display scenes from Scott’s past films— “The Mask of Dimitrios,” “Mildred Pierce,” “Stallion Road,” ‘’The Unfaithful”—with teaser copy asking patrons how many they can identify. Pass prizes for first ten persons who identify all correctly. Check National Screen for required stills. 4 j i : } é I I : I I I j t ; | i i I | { 4 f i : i i i i i t i y i i ‘ i FREE! RADIO AIDS Two informal radio interviews with Zachary Scott and Dorothy Malone! Each runs 5 minutes, including live-announcement time. Order direct from Warner Bros. Campaign Plan Editor, 321 W. 44th St., N. Y. 78. ‘FLAXY MARTIN’ STUNTS *” idea can be set up with lecal bell ‘*‘Page-ing Miss Flaxy Martin... captain a few days in advance of opening. Other variations on the same theme—‘‘Reserved for Flaxy Martin” signs for restaurant and night-elub tables, park benches, theatre seats. “Is there a Flaxy Martin in the house”? gag line plugged by radio and night club emcees. And the “Can You Spot Flaxy Martin’’ idea — worked with cooperating newspaper that publishes route and hour of blonde mystery woman’s appearance—with appropriate awards to first ten to identify her! THEATRE TIPS POLICE BLOTTER: Facsimile of police blotter in lobby. Write in “‘Flaxy Martin” and a local-sounding address where name and address are indicated. Where “Booked on What Charge”’ indicated, write in appropriate line from ad copy. Snipe line across display reads: “Watch out for FLAXY MARTIN! ... She’s dynamite!”’ LOBBY PHONE: Branch still No. 702-22 showing Zachary Scott on telephone is displayed alongside actual phone in lobby. Real phone is wired to inside office where girl answers on signal. Display card reads: “‘He’s connected with the most DANGEROUS number in town! Listen in! Pick up the phone!”’ When patron lifts receiver, girl at other end spiels appropriately about playdate. Classified Ad ROMANTIC? Enough to risk danger for a beautiful blonde? Call (theatre number) at once! | Ask for FLAXY MARTIN. | Gm Ask your Classified Ad man about Want-Ad Contest, too! Poster features head of Seott trailing FLAXY MARTIN!” ‘WANTED POSTER (from branch set), vital statistics and following copy, prominently spotted: “Last seen heading toward (theatre). Known to be