Flying Fortress (Warner Bros.) (1942)

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“FLYING FORTRESS” EXPLOITATION—CONTEST, NEWSPAPER IDEAS Theatre-Newspaper Action Drive to Purchase ‘Flying Fortress’ with War Bonds Here’s double-barrelled bally action, aimed to sell your show and to garner some $350,000 in war bond sales during run. The title, “Flying Fortress’, cramming the newspaper headlines daily with stories of glorious successes on all world war fronts, is topnotch for such a promotion. Here’s how to handle it! A suggested display for your town square is shown here. The stills indicated on booth at right are available (see ‘Film Clip Fotos’ on page 5). Rig up 24-sheet as shown for balance of display. Tie in newspaper and American Legion (Veterans of Foreign Wars, too!) to sponsor a campaign to sell enough war bonds locally to pay for a Flying Fortress. Cost of one of these battle behemoths is approximately $350,000, so that is the goal you shoot at. Be sure all publicity and MUTI THA COON UONT CCUM eNO CONN COAT CTCONNCONCe OP stunts originate at newspaper cr committee office, rather than theatre, and that all activities receive approval and cooperation of local Chairman of War Savings Staff of Treasury Department. “Kat Boy” Goering Aids Bond Sale Get some large balloons and paint on them caricatures of Hermann Goering, Germany’s Air Minister, as suggested at left. Inflate them part way, then : offer one good “blow” to each purchaser of a war ‘bond. The one whose lungful of air blows up “Handsome Hermann” wins free guest tickets to see “Flying Fortress.” You might also string up a number of these balloons on a wall of your lobby and then invite people purchasing War Bonds at the Plan of Action 1. Set up town square display as suggested in illustration above. 2. Arrange for a special booth in lobby manned by members of American Legion to spark plug bond sales. . Get cooperation of all war and defense agencies, such as .Air Warden Service, Women’s Auxiliaries, civic officials, merchants and labor unions. 4. Hold a special review of film for all officials running jee) drive. : , theatre to try puncturing 5. Hold a daily merning bond a balloon with pointed rally at main intersections; darts. also on the air, with pledges phoned in. TUTTE eee eee *STAMPSA\ g WAR BONDS | Local Tieia To Recruit Air Cadets Tie in the local Army Air Force Recruiting Office for a drive to win new air cadets for America’s Flying Fortresses. This can be handled in all or either of several ways. First, erect a large display panel in outer lobby honoring names of local boys who sign up during run of picture. Also set up recruiting office in lobby. Auxiliary promotions include screen slide, “A” boards and displays at main recruiting office, special throwaways and newspaper and radio interviews with recruiting officers in which they discuss part played by Fortresses in cur air war, alluding to your showing as a dramatic example of Flying Fortress might. For throwaway, imprint air cadet requirements on back of herald (see page 15). Local newspaper cooperation (special stories and photos about the recruiting drive) should also be secured. & Write Tomorrow's Mlyting Fortress” Headline... Prizes! Here’s a call to all you arm chair strategists and table cloth prognosticators. Starting today, and for the next five days, the Daily News, in cooperation with the Strand Theatre, where Warner Bros.’ stirring story of America’s “Flying Fortress” will be showing starting Friday, will offer two free guest tickets for ‘Flying Fortress” to any or all of you who write a headline predicting the exploits of our Flying Fortress on any of the world’s fighting fronts. It’s simple and exciting. All you have to do is write a “Flying Fortress” headline on contest blank below and send it to the Daily News Contest Editor. Will the Fortresses bomb Berlin? Just say FLYING FORTRESSES BOMB BERLIN ... Its a call to thrills ... and prizes! cial war communiques will determine the facts on which your predictions will be judged. With each headline send along a 25-word lettter telling “Why I want to see “Flying Fortress.” If no Flying Fortress war action is reported, winners will be selected from among the best letters. Watch Daily News for winrner’s names. “Flying Fortress” was filmed actually in the batttle-skies over | Britain, with Richard Greene on special leave from the Army of Great Britain to appear in the stellar role. Remember: A new contest every day through Friday. So keep trying ... and keep buy| ing War Bonds! or Tokio, or Rabaul, etc! Offi Can You Predict The “Flying Fortress” Target for Tomorrow... : WRITE HEADLINE BELOW: Sai Newspaper Contest * The story and illustration above clearly describe this exciting contest, keyed to the headlines as they happen! Newspaper publishes mat each day, with a selected number of winners daily. Order “Flying Fortress Contest Mat 201B”—30c—from Campaign Plan Editor, 321 W. 44 St., N. Y. C.