Flying Fortress (Warner Bros.) (1942)

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Ire AT RE BUY U. S. WAR SAVINGS STAMPS VOL. | NO. 4 WARNER BROS. PICTURES, INC. aie ence a a a Ne ee re ee Roaring Home from the Flying Fronts Comes the Cannon-Crackling Story of America’s Flying Fortress! oof READY! Somewhere in England the crews of a Flying » Fortress Squadron synchronize their watches after the briefing, a last-minute session of orders and advice. In one minute they’ll be off. Target: Berlin! GET SET! Approaching the vital power plant objective =» near the heart of Berlin, a Fortress develops an engine fire. Richard Greene as Jim Spence, observer, climbs out on the wing (see circle) and successfully chokes off the blaze. Lights out for the Axis as block-busters bracket the target. This GO! same story, stirringly depicted in Warner’s “Flying Fortress’, is a repeating itself regularly in Europe’s battle-skies. WARNER BROS. Pictures, Presents ‘FLYING FORTRESS’ starring RICHARD GREENE .carta LEHMANN with Betty Stockfield © Donald Stewart ¢ Charles Heslop ¢ Sidney King ® Basil Radford pos Directed by WALTER FORDE PEOPLE! For them and by them ee an ys : 7 ha ‘ Screen Play by Brock Williams and Gordon Wellesley, Edward Dryhurst is this war being fought. Here Richard Greene, on leave, and Carla Lehmann, as a Woman Volunteer, gaze into the py saan py T H EAT R E IM P RI N T blazing skies as America’s Flying Fora great star returns! tresses roar into action! Art and Type Available. Order “Flying Fortress Mat 502B °° — 75¢—from Campaign Editor, 321 West 44 St., N. Y. C.