Flying Fortress (Warner Bros.) (1942)

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SPECTACULAR SEND-OFF OUT FR Here’s one show that definitely calls for a striking front... sensationalizing the timely, blazing story of America’s “Flying Fortress.” Illustrated at right is a suggested theatrefront display, utilizing exploitation ideas and display material described and illustrated on this page. For overhead, mount and cut out the Flying Fortress illustration, available on all poster paper, using size best suited to your needs. Attach red flashers to belly and tail guns for animation. Blow up special set of ‘“‘film clip fotos” for side panels; add catchlines or local review quotes in “bomb” cut-outs. Honor local boys flying in Fortresses with special display; also name newest air cadet recruits. News bulletins display at left. 5 More Ways to Bally ‘Fortress’ In Your Lobby! All workable and eaey 0-00 Becruiting Office Arrange with local Army Air Corps Recruiting Office to set up an “office” in lobby to sign up air cadets. For eye-catching interest have them display Link Trainer, eye tests and other paraphernalia. On special display board, honor enlistees with their names on Honor Sccroll (see illustrated display above). Headlines Still This one’s a handy-andy for your display needs .. . shows some of the more exciting recent Flying Fortress headlines. Available as 8x10 black-andwhite still. Order “Still Flying Fortress 500” — 10c each — from Warner Bros. Campaign Plan Editor, 321 W. 44th Street, New York City. Star Plaque The British Army considered the production of ‘Flying Fortress” so eminently important, they released Richard Greene from his duties to appear in the stellar role. This fact is obvicusly important and exciting . so tell your fans about it with a plaque prepared by a local artist in lobby or out front 9: . like this: Thanks to the Army a great of Great Britain eh star returns! FLYING. FORTRESS RICHARD GREENE A WARNER BROS. PICTURE Street Ballys Outside theatre and along main thoroughfares, stage a series of bally stunts as suggested here: “Hitler and Hirohito” picket theatre with signs reading: “Flying Fortress Unfair to Axis”... or “Please don’t buy bonds to build the “Flying Fortress”! * * * A little imagination and some local scrap will help rig up the resemblance of a flying fortress. Use old pots for motors, boiler for fuselage, old metal doors for wings. Basically, idea is to stress the amount of scrap needed to build “Flying Fortresses.” Use this makeshift scrap fortress. as a_ street bally to parade around town, stimulating interest in scrap drive. Use one sheet-poster (see back cover of pressbook) to plug your playdate. “FLYING FORTRESS” EXPLOITATION—LOBBY,. FRONT AND STREET BALLYS 5 TUTTE eee Kiying Fortress News Bulletins Borrow a news ticker or teletype machine from local newspaper and set up in lobby as illustrated at left. As bulletins come in relating actions of Flying Fortresses over the world’s fighting fronts, clip and post them on adjoining bulletin board. For added interest, frame bulletin board with map of world, indicating chief battlefields, actual news photos of Flying Fortresses in action; also stills from the picture. If you cannot arrange to borrow the teletype, you can still work this display idea by making copies of the teletype bulletins as they come into local newspaper and posting as suggested above. COTTE Special Set of ‘Film Clip Fotos’ for All Displays Action right from the screen ... reproduced in this special set of 7 stills (all 5x7) to meet your every display need. Captions included with stills. Shown below ... plus several ways to use ’em: Honor Local Boys Flying fortresses" In your lobby, and even on main street intersection or leading store window, set up display honoring local boys now known to be in Flying Fortress crews on America’s far-fiung battlefronts. Set up display as suggested below, using photos of local boys, obtainable from their families. If desired, tie in this display with war bond sale or recruiting drive. Starring #) RICHARD GREENE FLYING FORTRESS |} A WARNER BROS. PICTURE a7 Order “Flying Fortress Film Clip Fotos,’ plus captions —set of 7—50c— fromCampaignPlan Editor, 321 W. 44 St TVs FSC. Here’s How It Works As A Lobby Trailer Blow-up of “headlines” from press book cover, plus the display of these seven special “film clip fotos,” as illustrated below, gives you an exciting way to tell your patrons that “Flying Fortress” is on its way. In addition to this lobby idea, use the film clip blow-ups in theatre and around town in the following ways: 1. Mount stillson card for use as window streamer. Place as many of these in leading store windows as_ possible. Copy on each card: BERLIN BOMBED! See this thrilling action in Warner Bros.’ ‘Flying Fortress,’ starring Richard Greene, now at Strand Theatre. To Keep Plunging from the headlines the screen! RICHARD "Em Flying . . Buy Bonds!” G REEN = pour pected WARNER BROS. or lo Ss In “a these stills shite F LY i Al G actual photos (get these from newspaper or library) of bombings of Axis FORTRESS’ targets. Banner line: “Plunging =a from the headlines = ; onto the screen!” STARTS FRIDAY ...More High-Flying Stunts Here—>