Flying Fortress (Warner Bros.) (1942)

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6 “FLYING FORTRESS” EXPLOITATION—10 EASY-TO-DO STUNTS TOPS FOR TEASERS . . —— A Greaf Warner Bros. Show vo oNreng Your h The name of the Flying Fortress shown on this card is "G FOR a GREENE." If that name is listed in the lobby of the Strand Theatre Action Drama direct from the Action Fronts! you will be admitted FREE to see Bros. exciting drama, FORTRESS," © starring Warner “FLYING Richard Greene. So, save this card . it may win you free tickets! Was / FORTRESS the story written ‘in-eannon fire! j oo oe for FLYING FORTRESS “G FOR If that name is listed | GREENE." in the lobby of the Strand Theatre | you will be admitted FREE to see | Warner Bros.’ exciting drama, “FLYING FORTRESS," © starring a Richard Greene. So, save this card . it may win you free tickets! The name of the Flying Fortress shown on this card is "G FOR GREENE." If that name is listed in the lobby of the Strand Theatre you will be admitted FREE to see Warner Bros.’ exciting drama, “FLYING FORTRESS," starring & Richard Greene. So, save this card | | | . .. it may win you free tickets! | WARNER BROS: HIT DIRECT FROM THE BATTLE-SKIES! SE ee ee PI SELES WATCH! WAIT! FOR THE THEATRE DATE! | Here’s a novel way to use the three teaser ads illus| trated in ad section (pgs. 8 and 9). Print ads on colored cardboard well in advance of run and at the bottom of each card add copy shown on layouts illustrated here. Vary Fortress names as shown. But on a controlled number imprint “S for Strand” (use the initial of your theatre’s name) and award free admittance to those who receive these special lucky cards. Post winning name, such as “S for Strand,” in your theatre lobby on opening day of playdate. Contest for Best ‘Flying Fortress’ Service Song The Artillery, the Infantry, the Cavalry . . . all these services have their own songs. But the men who fly America’s Flying Fortresses are so new to our armed forces that no song written especially for them has yet been widely accepted. Flying Fortress Scoreboard Rig up a display in lobby or prominent spot outdoors showing a huge cut-out Flying Fortress. Across its fuselage, in the fashion of the gun notch on the old western six-shooter, show the tally of that day’s or week’s raids by Fortresses on all world air fronts. Use offi cial communiques for data. | material to plug your playdate, especially a blow-up of tabloid herald (see page 4). Library-School Fortress Display Many schools are now including aviation courses in their curricula. Work out a display with the head of the department in your local school for exhibition in auditorium or public library, showing how far a Flying Fortress can fly non-stop, its bomb capacity, and other interesting facts. Tie in your playdate by using “Film Clip Foto” set of stills on page 5 to show how a Flying Fortress raid is carried out. Captions are included with these stills to help you prepare exhibit. 5 | ) | ~ Start well in advance of run, at least two weeks, arranging with local station to devote a certain period each day to the broadeasting of the daily _ entries. Public or panel of judges can be assigned to vote for best song. Winning tune should be presented to represen| tative of Army Air Force Bombing Command with newspapers and radio covering presentation. Your big build-up bally for this contest should include an advance spot announcement campaign by the cooperating station, announcement of a worthwhile prize to be offered by a veterans organization or other patriotic group willing to sponsor this song-search, daily newspaper coverage and, if possible, a tie-up with a current bigtime variety program on which the singing star can broadcast the winning tune. * Showing for Air Wardens There is a tensely exciting Special Show For Experts If there is a group of airplane Title Natural For “Fortress” Model Contest The tremendous interest among scale model builders in the Flying Fortress, America’s and the world’s most famous fighting flying machine, assures the success of a local contest to find the best models of this craft made by amateur builders. Stage contest through theatre or with newspaper cooperation, offering suitable prizes, possibly a free instruction course in real flying via a tie-up with local flying school. | Needed by Army | Display all models entered in contest in a lobby display, asking patrons to vote for best model, if desired. An important angle in this bally, is the need by Army and Civilian Defense organizations for accurate plane models to be used for instruction and testing. It thus becomes a patriotic service besides for your fans to make as many models as_ possible. TUE ¢ ‘SEE’ Card There’s plenty to see in “Flying Fortress” . . . “SEE a blitz raid on London! ... Flying Fortresses over Berlin! . . . bombers ferried to England! ...a fight against fire on a Fortress 14,000 feet up!” Tell your fans about this on a | post card carrying ad mat plus copy carried in this paragraph. TOU Unique Novelty Not only a sell-talk for vour showing, but a real Flying Fortress charm is included on this giveaway card, experts in your area, whether from an air base, air plane plant, school or aviation organization, arrange a special showing of “Flying Fortress” for them. Follow through on this with a mass newspaper interview. discussing the part being played by the Flying Fortress in the war effort. Same may be tried for radio. Of course, if endorsement of your showing can be obtained, bally this in lobby and giveaways. Another angle would be to have a special recommendation only to students now studying pre-flight training aviation in your publie schools. sequence in “Flying Fortress” depicting a blitz raid on London which very clearly indicates the important role played in those dangerous days by air wardens and fire fighters. Make it a point to show this picture to all Air Warden and other Civilian Defense officials, that they might recommend the film to their respective organizations as part of their training, Supply window cards and heralds for posting in air warden headquarters and for distribution to members. If they have a newspaper of their own, be sure to get pictures and stories for reprinting. Special for the Ladies: “Flying Fortress” Flower Tie in local florist to prepare a number of red, white or blue flowers on cards carrying playdate credits and florist’s own imprint. Idea is to present one of these “Flying Fortress” flowers to all women attending a special matinee performance. Copy: “ ‘Flying Fortress’ Flower is presented with the compliments of the Strand Theatre and Abbe’s Flower Shop. May it remind you constantly that to keep ’em flying... . regularly! on buying War Bonds . we must keep ” TEE CEE EEE eee eee shown below in actual size. Give these away to kids at matinees and to such groups as Scouts, Air Warden Service messengers and scrap collectors. Price below includes your theatre imprint. Planes packaged separately; to be inserted locally. RICHARD GREENE Thru courtesy of the British Army THEATRE IMPRINT A WARNER BROS. PICTURE. Price: $9.50 per M (includes imprint plus planes). Order direct from: ECONOMY NOVELTY COMPANY 225 West 39th Street, New York City | | | | | | | | | | | |